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Grey's Anatomy-The Long Way back- recap

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Written by : published Friday 29th April 2011

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Callie recovers in her own room from the accident. She has to learn how to move her fingers all over again. April comes in and blurts out how pretty the baby is and Callie starts crying. Callie has not yet seen her baby. The premature birth has left her afraid Sophia will die before she can see her. Stark says the baby is too vulnerable and too preemie to stand the bacteria and germs Callie might bring. The tiny baby is watched over by Arizona and Mark constantly.
Callie tries to heal aggressively after that, even causing a hemorrage. Cristina asks Avery's help.

The staff sneak the Callie hospital bed with her in it down the hall at night late, taking Callie to see the baby. Bailey comes walking down the hall and they all jerk the bed into a side room while Avery distracts Bailey with pointless questions. While Bailey tirades at Avery, the bed with Callie, Yang, April, Lexie, Meredith and Alex, sneaks across the hall behind her back with countless equipment wires and attachments. They then bring the baby over on the other side of the glass so the baby can look at Callie and vice versa.

Callie's crisis with the baby recurs when  Sophia needs heart surgery. Stark can't let Arizona do the surgery but relents that she isn't technically a relative and she can be in the operating room. April tells Stark people are saying good things about him and that people are finally getting to know the Richard she knew, but Stark tells her to call him Dr. Stark. Robbins has her hands full.
Shepherd says the FDA won't allow Adele to be used in the study because her Alzheimer's isn't advanced enough. They operate on another clinical trial patient who has a heart attack in the OR at the critical injection point. Meredith and Derek find out that the patient's wife and family hid a heart problem from them in the application process. Derek orders all the applications rechecked screening for similiar problems.

Meredith sees the Chief come in and asks after Adele (Mrs. Weber). Avery is handling Weber's clinical trial. Chief Weber seems distracted and when he leaves she picks up a post-it he dropped. it says "This is Richard, This is your husband". It was on his sweater. The Alzheimer's has been progressing much faster than they thought and Meredith shows the post-it to Shepherd to get Adele into the trial.

Hunt and Karev treat a fatal lung cancer patient who flings obscenities at Karev. Mrs. Poulcher calls Grace Mercy West a third rate "crap" factory. She says to Hunt that she'll sue his balls off if she doesn't let her out of there. She insists on smoking in front of them. She is wealthy and her surgery went awry because her infection spread. She says everything is a negotiation. Karev says to Hunt he will pay him to discharge Mrs. Poulcher. Hunt says Mrs. Poulcher is dying and alone.
Arizona reviews slides of sick patients in Africa. Alex comes in and asks to be in the surgery, and Arizona says yes if he can beam them to Africa. Because baby Torres isn't well she isn't in Africa doing the surgeries. Arizona tells Karev she tried to bring them to the United States but the red tape is unimaginable. Callie enrages the physical trainers because they don't push her hard enough. Arizona says it's a traumatic brain injury but Callie says she wants to walk down the aisle.
Mrs. Poulcher hates on Karev some more. Karev calls her a bitch after one too many sessions of abuse. Hunt asks Karev what kind of career plan for Chief Resident he is putting together, besides abusing patients. Karev punts and says he'll be bringing a half dozen African children over for surgeries. Hunt says that sounds good but it sounds like pulled it out of his butt. Lexie echoes this. Karev (who is living in the trailer in the parking lot) scrambles. He dives in a pile of papers organizing the African surgeries.

Karev tries to get his ideas presented to Dr. Stark but the lack of organization and resources makes Stark reject the idea. Karev says it's a project the hospital should fund. Alex says he should have known Stark would turn him down but Stark says the plan is half-assed and that some people can pull off such a project Alex isn't one of them. Karev stops badgering the lung cancer patient to tell her about the African children. Alex asks Poulcher for $100,000 and she says "get out of my face Sally Struthers". The woman starts screaming for Karev to get out of her room.


Altman visits her "husband" Scott, when he has a cold spell and chills. Then she gets in the habit of coming over after horrible dates and they have a fun time. But finally he answers the door when she is having a good date but brings him the pasta from this restaurant he likes. She says it is somebody back in town from before. He closes the door after she leaves, realizing his false hopes had started up again. Altman gets in the car with the man and jumps him, kissing him and says to go to his place.


Meredith sees Adele in the waiting room. After a few words of conversation she starts crying asking Meredith to leave Richard. Meredith realizes Adele thinks she is Ellis Gray, from 20 years ago. "Give me back my husband" Adele says. Meredith wants to give Adele the medicine on the side but Derek says that would ruin the trial. Adele is sliding fast. Weber thanks Meredith for catching the Alzheimer's first but says finally that when he and Adele are in the right place it's going all wrong.

Callie is operated on by Bailey and Yang. Dr. Robbins is in the baby's surgery and Mark is in Callie's surgery keeping each other updated by cellphone. Alex Karev shows pictures of the African children, one by one,  to Mrs. Poulcher in bed with a oxygen mask on. "Help me Mrs. Poulcher", he says. He says it like the pictures are talking. The pictures are of bedridden black children with bandages and smiles. The woman screams and tells him to leave. She calls him a ham-fisted twit. Lexie reads him the riot act for hitting up a patient for money.

In the surgery, the emotional strain becomes too much for Arizona nd she has to step out. Mark comes running because she isn't talking anymore. Then after checking out the surgery on the baby Mark says for her to come in. Stark reassures Arizona everythign is fine. Later when the protocol says the baby can't go home with Callie, Dr. Stark says she can because she'll have three doctors taking care of her.

Then later Mrs. Poulcher calls Alex Karev back to turn her for bed sores. Lexie says she was asking for him. Alex refuses to do it unless he pays him $100,000. Lexie is appalled. Mrs. Poulcher counters, saying 50 large. He says no. (Lexie cringes).  She says he doesn't know how to negotiate and he says this is not a negotiation and she says everything is a negotiation. Then she assents to the $100,000 and he comes in and turns her over.

Callie's recovery coach is now Yang, Cristina is upset she isn't getting any surgeries with Altman. Callie pushes a gurney with Yang on it around the floor four laps. Meredith walks alongside the cart Callie is pushing and then they walk through Lexie and Alex arguing. Lexie can't believe Karev asked a patient for money. Alex tells Meredith he'll be chief resident because he broke the rules. Arizona tells Callie about the baby surgery and Callie collapses.

Alex Karev gets a page to find Mrs. Poulcher has died. He shows Lexie piles of paperwork to get the African patients to the hospital for surgery, but he has no money. lexie is astounded at the costs and the complications. Alex says he just talked his way around most of the money requirements making promises for later. Now Mrs. Poulcher is dead. Lexie is left with a mountain of bills and documents.

Meredith sees the clinical trial administrator for the Alzheimer's and gives her back the injection records for the heart attack patient. The woman then goes to file the paperwork from the failed trial surgery, Patient 122 needs to be refiled. But Meredith sees the numerical punch code used to get into the pharmacy file room. She laters goes into the file room using the punch code and smuggles out the envelope of Patient 122, using the x-ray machine in the next room to see if it's real treatment. Nobody sees her.

Karev gets his trailer impounded for unpaid parking tickets. Karev told all the people to arrange the shipment of the African patients and he would reimburse them later or pay. He maxed out his credit cards to get the surgery patients to Seattle. He says to Lexie that right now the patients and their families are eating $8 airport burgers he can't pay for.

Callie is told she can go home but when the baby is put in the car seat she panics and throws a fit. She says it isn't safe for the baby to be in the car seat, the car isn't safe the last time the baby was in the car she almost got killed. Bailey says this is natural for a parent. She says some of the fear never goes away. Mark and Callie and Arizona and the baby leave the hospital.

Meredith sees on the X-ray scanner that materials for Patient 122 are another placebo. Knowing the next patient in the trial will be Adele Weber, the Chief's wife, she steals the materials out of the next file, Patient 123, and holds them up to the x-ray machine as well. This is the real treatment. As Meredith leaves the file room, Alex blunders into her and she spills the files on the floor. He says "What are you doing?"

But then Lexie runs up with an envelope from  a lawyer. Alex starts to rip it in two but Lexie prevents him. It's a check for $200,000. This is from Mrs Poulcher's estate. Alex says wonderingly "That bitch". The vans start arriving from the airport and children start coming into the hospital for surgery. Karev carries one child in himself.
Meredith puts the real treatment into the 122 envelope and the placebo paperwork in th Patient 123, and files them both back in the locked room. During surgery with Adele, Shepherd and Meredith look on the paper which says the medicine is real. Derek says what a piece of luck. Later that night Derek says he wishes he could tell Chief Weber, and Meredith looks at him.


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