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The Office says "Goodbye, Michael"

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Written by : published Friday 29th April 2011

     Last night, Michael Scott (Steve Carell) did his final episode of NBC's The Office, appropriately titled "Goodbye, Michael." Michael tells everyone his last day is a day after his real one, to avoid drama and tears. He subtely make sure he spends a moment with each member of the staff so they have a goodbye they can remember, and gives many gifts. Jim (John Krasinski) is the only one who picks up on the deception, as Michael keeps asking for Pam (Jenna Fischer), who is out of the office during his last afternoon, but Jim plays along with a scene that has both men in tears. At the end of the day, Michael slips out, and the staff doesn't realize until the next day, as they wait at a goodbye party they have planned, that Michael is not coming back. Pam does find Michael, though, and get her own goodbye at the airport.

     The Office will not be the same without Steve Carell, and no one will ever replace him. Sure, the company will get a new manager, and someone else will sit behind Michael's desk, but the series will change in ways both big and small without its main man. Current replacement, Deangelo Vickers (Will Ferrell) has a mere one episode left, and Dwight (Rainn Wilson) is still lobbying for the position. Plus, The Office is bringing in a ton of guest stars to interview for the job in their season finale in three weeks, including Jim Carrey, Ray Romono, James Spader, Will Arnett, and series creator Ricky Gervais, but none are likely to stick.

     The thing about Michael is, despite his many mistakes and uncooth approach, he got the job done. Apparently he is a heck of a salesman, though that competence rarely translated on screen. His employees would grow frustrated with him for insulting and politically incorrect things he said. But in the end, they all realize that he realy cares about them. The job has never just been about paper to Michael. It's always been about the people. Jim sums it up best when he tells Michael that he is the best boss Jim has ever had, a pay off, considering how often Jim disagreed with the way Michael runs things.

     Perhaps most likely to take over the manager position, if the job stays in house, as it should, with the large and talented cast is Dwight. Dwight has had a chip on his shoulder ever since finding out Michael did not recommend him as a replacement. In Michael's opinion, he never felt like he had the authority to choose his successor. As he tells Dwight in his final episode, he doesn't own the company. Yet, Michael does leave Dwight with a glowing, to put it mildly, letter of recommendation, and the two make up over paintball. It is a necessayr resolution, considering they were once so close, and it would be painful to part ways on such bitter terms.
     Personally, I believe that Darryl (Craig Robinson) should be the new boss. Despite not being one of the original cast, Darrell has risen through the ranks from the warehouse, and now has an office up on the business floor. While Dwight is combatative, Darrell is universally liked, and seems to have good business sense. The owener of the company has already placed a great deal of faith and trust in him. It seems logical to expect that if anyone currently working at the paper company were to be promoted, it would be Darrell.

     This could be a longer article, but like Michael believes, goodbyes work better when they are short and don't dwell too much on the loss. No matter how things shake down, The Office will continue. The Office airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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