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Body of Proof- Society Hill- recap

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Written by : published Thursday 28th April 2011

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Dr. Megan is the medical examiner, she recognizes the body of Daphne, floating in the swimming pool, the editor of Society Fashion magazine. Her body has been dead at least two days. Worms and lacerations are found on the body. They find a loop of dark hair floating in the pool. Curtis is asked to test the bugs found crawling out of Daphne's ears.

The society magazine is full of suspects. Timmy Akers, an assistant, says that Daphne is in a meeting. Megan notices a huge birthmark on his neck. The entire staff seem more worried about their jobs than grieving. Megan's mother calls about attending a party but she says that no time with her mother is quality time.

Philadelphia country medical examiner Megan sees a  reason to be at the party. The surgeon's mother calls asking her what she knows. She says she can't tell her and then gets used to  country club dinner. Her mother urgently begs her to attend but the doctor turns her mother down. She says to Peter she wants to be shown off now the scandal is off.

 Kate  puts pressure on the lab to get results from the DNA hair sample found in the pool. It has opium and laudanum in it and breaks up fast. Kate makes a number of personal calls and is extraordinarily nice to the staff. (She has a personal involvement).
The assistant of Daphne is caught on hidden video shoving stuff off her desk. He says he went to Chicago to get a scarf for her. Her favorite designer Audre Avery. He had to get a scarf on a Saturday night. He is arrested for being the murderer when the timelines don't add up.

Megan finds evidence of an assault on Daphne after the magazine ran a incriminating article on Colin Lloyd. She must have had a private doctor for recovery. But the timing of the scars healing mean it was done months ago when Daphne's magazine did a story on Colin Lloyd, whose had a huge $50 million divorce after the expose in the magazine. The police have the assault perp in the case files, but the court record shows a man who worked for Lloyd was responsible.
Megan Hunt decides to She tells Peter to get a tuxedo. They go to the party.


Megan's mother Joan introduces her to Colin Lloyd. Megan asks for their picture to be taken and then accuses him of having Luke Tillman murder Daphne. Lloyd is angry and embarrassed and Megan's mother Joan is humiliated. Joan confronts Megan the next day and says that Daphne was her friend but Megan wouldn't understand. Megan says that after her scandal of the surgery death all her mother's society friends snubbed her.

Daphne's body mnerals after death don't add up. Hunt discovers the kidney damage after the assault caused additional health problems such as chills and thirst. The assistant who is Lloyd's son says he gave her the story on lloyd and ran errands for her getting space heaters and bottled water. The police examiners look for outlets in and near the pool and find an old outlet that conducts a shock hidden in the bushes. Residue from a recent burn is drawn from the outlet.

Hunt says that the potassium spike was a condition but not the cause of death. The kidney issues from the assault elevated her potassium and the aspirin found on the bugs showed that Daphne was being given aspirin, which spiked her kidney condition badly and caused mood swings and temper tantrums. The police are happy to charge Akers.

The assistant was giving her aspirin to make her headaches go away. He had no idea she had a kidney condition, he said he gave her aspirin and pills so he could write with her away from the office; he had no motive to kill her. But the square shaped acrylic nails of the nail-biting female assistant at the magazine fit the marks on the body. And the hair the lab can't make sense of has been inside the Victorian locket for a hundred years. That's why trace elements of dated materials were found in high amounts.

Hunt noticed the jewelry on the assistant the day they visited the magazine, a heavy gold pendant locket. The female assistant was wearing this when she confronted Daphne at the pool. Megan says she threw Daphne into the pool and threw the space heater in and electrocuted her. The hair fell in the pool, unnoticed. Hunt sees a burn on her wrist with her bracet pattern on it, and comes into the interogation room.

She says that the electrocution must have happened and then the murderer realized what she had done and tried to unplug the space heater but got burned. Rose gold conducts copper electricity. The bracelet of the suspect gave her an electromagnetic burn. The femae assistant cnfesses that she was fired because she was livid about having to enter the writing contest with interns.

Dr. Megan Hunt goes to dinner with her mother as a peace offering while the men go to the J-bar, and Kate takes a personal call.


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