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Law & Order -Los Angeles - Benedict Canyon recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 27th April 2011

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Lily the fashion stylist is driving her car talking to her mother.  Then a man on a bike drives up and points a gun and shoots six times. Lily Walker has a new baby and a young husband. They find fingerprints on the car of a man named Harry Rice. When Rice sees the detectives he runs and pulls a gun and gets shot. But a cut on the hand means he couldn't have fired the gun because he was getting stitches.
The area where Harry hangs out has been dusted for prints. It loos like a frame-up. The detectives find out Lily was a fashion stylist who had a feud with a designer, Jill Jennings. Liy put all her money in trust for her baby daughter, Katy. The gun was a .38 just like one found in Harry's motel room. Morales says it was a professonal hit. Murder for hire is a death penalty case.
Lily's husband Douglas was babysitting. Her publicist and her assistant would have known where she was going. The publicist says Lily was having a problem with a client. Lily styled Khloe Kardashian in an outfit by a designer other than Jill Jennings. So Kardashian fired Lily because Jennings' clothes were no longer available because they were on the outs. The assistant was taking kickbacks from designers because she thought Lily was going out of business. The business manager says that the husband waived all rights to Lily's money.
Douglas and the nanny had an affair six months ago but then they find Lily got her a job with a neighbor. Who was the affair with? Morales thinks Douglas was kept away from the business parties because the affair was with someone in the business. Lily's rejection of Jill Jennings' fashion. Jennings was bad-mouthed by Lily and she had to move her store from Beverly Hills to Los Feliz. The detectives see Jennings get a call from a limo service and check out the place.
Miss Jennings always requested Briggs. Morales recognizes Terry Briggs as a former office on the goon squad. Morales says Briggs always had a weakness for the ladies. Morales meets Briggs (Jeff Fahey) at a bar. They know each other from years on the force. Briggs retired two years ago. He was doing undercover work in Venice Beach. Morales finds out that Rice was Briggs' confidential informant. Briggs is the professional capable of the hit and they find the fingerprint powder in his apartment.

Morales brings in Briggs for questioning. He says when he first started driving Lily's dirtbag husband kept hitting on her. They had a thing. But when Lily found out about the Douglas/Jill affair, Jill Jennings got blackballed all over town. The blogs are full of how Jill Jennings and stylist Lily were tight until this time. Briggs says he had to do something.

Briggs invites Jill to breakfast. He orders her favorite, chocolate chip pancakes. He tries to make her say she asked him to kill Lily and the detectives show up. They arrest her and bring her in for questioning. Morales says she must have figured he was wired. But TJ says maybe Briggs played Morales. Jill Jennings is arrested. Jennings' lawyer says the wire job was a deal between old buddies. Jennings claims Briggs acted on his own when their own relationship went sour. Dekker says there will be a preliminary hearing.

The defense lawyer says Briggs was organized into the frame-up by Morales over a pub crawl. The judge is leery. Morales' drinks tab with Briggs ruins the credibility of Briggs as a witness. Dekker is incensed because Morales knows better and used to work across the hall. Morales asks why didn't Dekker call Morales to the stand to repudiate this, and Dekker says "Would you have called you to the stand?"
Douglas says Lily walked into a restaurant and saw Jennings and her husband having lunch. Rubirosa wonders how Jennings knew Lily was coming to that restaurant. Douglas says Jennings was thrilled her client was wearing her sweater. Rubirosa wonders how Jill knew all the doings of the in-crowd. Dekker and Rubirosa comb the finances of Jennings and the dead woman.

Barry Baitos the masseur says Lily has a spinal defect. Jill Jennings had a similar problem from a car accident as a child. Barry says that the marriage was supposed to be in good shape. Lily's mother says she would have been babysitting Katy the night Lily died driving home alone. But she got a VIP invite from Van Cleef & Arpels for a private showing. Rubirosa finds out that Jill Jennings begged for an invite for Lily's mother on the night of the murder for the jewelry show.
Briggs, the former cop, confesses to Morales that they are sending him to Pelican Bay with the animals. Morales says he left a kid without a mother, and put five bullets into an unarmed woman, and Morales says he's ashamed he ever knew him. He says "It's time to cowboy up, pal." Briggs is a former cop facing prison. In Jennings' trial Briggs falls apart on the stand. He starts a fight in jail the next day and doesn't defend himself.

The defense attorney Steinberg questions Lily's mother. He asks "Isn't it true she had an arrangement with Briggs to shoot Lily and then split the granddaughter's trust with her son-in-law". Lily's mother says on the stand she'd never hurt her daughter. But Steinberg refers to a bad past that Lily's mother had decades ago. She locked Lily in a closet to party but she has been clean for 28 years. Dekker and Rubirosa look at each other, they know nothing about this.

When Briggs suicides the jury might be due for a mistrial. (Morales remembers his crushing last words to the man).

Rubirosa questions Jill Jennings' foster parents. They say they don't consider Jennings their daughter and her real name was Gwen Colter. She was trouble from day 1. They say they found Gwen as a child stabbing her doll's eyes out with knitting needles. The name of the doll was "sister". The foster father says that whatever was done to Gwen as a little girl they couldn't fix.

Steinberg tries to cause a mistrial. Dekker can't figure out how Steinberg knew about Lily's mother's history. Rubirosa brings Lily's mother into the plea negotiation meeting. They bring up the spinal back defect both Lily and Jill had. Dekker says that Jill wanted to wreck Lily's perfect life. Dekker outlines how Jill (Gwen) had an affair on purpose and then when Lily's marriage survived she got Briggs to kill her.

Lily's mother is shocked but Jennings/Gwen shouts at her. How could she leave her in foster care? The day the mother was supposed to pick up both kids lives on forever in her memory. The foster mother made them chocolate chip pancakes specially for them because they were going home with Mommy. Lily's mother left Gwen in foster care. She says she's sorry.

Gwen gets fifteen to life after telling how at the orphanage Lily would cry every night to Gwen. Then the day their mother got out of court-ordered crack rehab a year later the mother only took Lily away. Gwen grew up bitter and unloved, and hated Lily because she took her mother from her.


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