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Gossip Girl-The Kid Stays In The Picture Part 2 recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 27th April 2011

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Reyna decides her relationship with her father needs to change because he is the only one she has. But after a sleepless night she decides her father might have been lying when he said she never tried to contact them. Nate says she can look for her mother and find out.

The Van Der Woodsen home sees Rhoads fixing waffles and Caroline and Lily discussing their past. Caroline says she accepted the money from CeCe for Charlotte's sake. Charlotte decides to stay in New York at the penthouse. Caroline almost blurts out why Charlotte had to leave college and says for Lily to keep a close eye on her. When Dan Humphrey says hello to Charlotte, Caroline looks anxious. But Rufus shows up with a famous photographer to take their family picture. Lily is delighted.

Chuck looks at the proofs from the Royalty shoot, as he looks unhappy without Blair. Blair meanwhile says to Dorota that she has bshinier hair than Kate Middleton and she should have a happy ending too. Just then a young man gets out of a stretch limo with a black velvet shoe (like Cinderella and the Prince).


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