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Gossip Girl-The Kid Stays In The Picture

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Written by : published Wednesday 27th April 2011

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Lily (Kelly Rutherford) has turned herself in. Tabloid reporters greet Serena (Blake Lively) at the lobby. Lily's  mug shot is on TMZ. Rhoads and Rufus are wrangling over Lily. But her mother says she wants all her girls in the modern royalty book. Serena comes home to the penthouse in time to see her father (Billy Baldwin) prodding her mother about taking care of the kids while she fights in court.

Lily's mother CeCe asked Carol her sister over. This is the sister from Florida they have all estranged. When the phone rings nobody wants to pick it up. This is the wagons circling Rhoads was talking about. Carol starts insulting them all the minute she gets there. But Serena says that the book portrait has been canceled because of the scandal. Cece is not pleased.

Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgeley) kissed Blair Waldorf(Leighton Meester) . Blair gave no indication whether she liked the kiss. Crushing on Blair was not in the plan. But the kiss has kept Blair in bed for a week. She wanted to be powerful on her own before she put the moves on anyone. Meanwhile Chucks sees Reyna has moved on with Nate (Chace Crawford) , staying overnight after the party.

But another man is also arranging Blair's life. He calls Serena to get the 911 on why she hasn't called back. Eberly wants to hire Blair for the Taschen Modern Royalty book. Vanessa greets Blair at the photo shoot, working at a photographer. Then Eberly hangs up and turns to thank Blair's new Romeo (Chuck). Chuck gets the text from Eberly that Blair had a life changing kiss experience. He hunts down Humphrey to get details.

Serena comes through the lobby and meets her cousin Charlotte. Lily and Caroline avoid each other like the plague. Serena says she will show her Manhattan. But Charlotte says her mother put an innocent man into prison just to get her back into private school. When the girls go shopping Charlotte can't expect an expensive dress. Serena gives her a locket heirloom instead. They run into Caroline and Lily at Barneys'.

Husband Number Five of Lily's knows Taschen personally and wants to call to get them back in the book. Meanwhile Caroline discovers Charlotte is in New York. Caroline is incensed and asks Charlotte to return everything she bought and meet her back at the hotel. Caroline throws a fit because she doesn't want her daughter to have a superficial lifestyle. She says she has never lied to her.

Caroline comes to the penthouse lobby. But her mother reminds Caroline she sends a check every month. Caroline says posing or the photo wasn't part of the deal. Caroline says she and her daughter are catching the first flight out.

Dan Humphrey (Serena's boyfriend) discovers that Blair has used her new status at W to get Humphrey at the photo shoot. Eric Van Der Woodsen tells Humphrey to be careful if Blair is involved. But Blair confesses to her maid that her transformative kiss made her think about how much she wanted Chuck. Blair has her maid bring La Perla lingerie because she's ready to make a move. She is glad Chuck is past the games.

When Serena sees Charlotte returning the clothes she says her mother made sacrifices for her but Serena says not the ones she thinks. Serena is confronted by Caroline at the Royal shoot. Charlotte is missing. Then Serena confides that she told Charlotte the truth about the money. CeCe tries to smooth things over. Lily despairs of forgetting the looming charges.

Then at the Royals photo shoot Blair realizes Chuck has arranged for Humphrey to show up as a joke. Blair realizes this and tells Chuck off. Rufus shows up and calls Will Van der Woodsen on organizing the Rhodes photo shoot instead, excluding the stepfather Rufus. The revised photo concept does not include Rufus or Lily. An irritated Eberly asks if anyone wants to even be in the photo and Charlotte shows up in a designer dress.

Chuck finds Blair and tells her he bought the dress worn by Princess Diana for her to wear. Blair says after Eva and Prague and Russell she thought he was older. Blair says Chuck is years from being capable of a real relationship. As he takes his picture she turns away. She tells Humphrey his princess is out there somewhere and he tells her so is her prince.  Chuck watches from where his Royal picture is being taken.

Charlotte has a fight with Caroline and says she isn't 8 but 18 and shouldn't be told to be ashamed of her relatives. Rhodes and Lily have a moment  before Rufus comes in with the truth about Taschen traveling. William did not change the plan. They all decide to leave. Blair comes running when she hears the word "gelato". Charlotte stays with Serena sleeping on the floor in platinum silk sheets.

Reyna decides her relationship with her father needs to change because he is the only one she has.

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