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The Event- Strain -Recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 26th April 2011

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The scientists get the ice age man on the Russian boat and start the autopsy. The captain says the men are nervous about the added risk.


In a clean room environment with plastic, the man in the chemical HAZMAT suit starts the procedure. During the process the boat lurches and he cut

s his hand through the plastic glove. He then  runs frantically to the locked door but  the boat crewman won't let him out. Finally he turns the door open.
In France, Vicki and Sean take the train. Sean isn't sure Victoria is still coming with him. Sean finds the shi in Murmansk carrying the weapon. They arrive to find all the crew dead. They all died with blood and vomit pouring out of them. They find  HazMat suits and put them on, exploring further. They find the clean room inside the plastic tent with a body on the table. it is the body of a frozen World War One soldier with his lungs medically removed.

Vicki and Sean move carefully through the ship, with nobody alive to tell them what happened. They find the captain who is hiding. He had asked for more money and came back after being sent out for cigarettes. All the men died of the Spanish 'flu on contact. He says the men that left took a flight for the United States bringing the infected tissue with him. Spanish Influenza was in his lungs, because the soldier was preserved in the ice. Sean and Vicki realize this is the weapon Sophia will use.

In Washington D.C., Vice President Jarvis puts the killer sweetener in President  Martinez' coffee at the briefing. Martinez goes down like ninepins. Blake smells a rat right away. At the hospital it looks like a stroke. Martinez summons strength to tell Blake it was Jarvis, he did something. Jarvis comforts Christina, the President's wife, calling Martinez a hero. But a gasping, failing Martinez tells Blake that Jarvis must never be allowed to take the oath.
The protocol requires the Veep be sworn in as President. Blake doesn't like any of it.


Sophia calls Jarvis to find out why the news hasn't announced his presidency. Meanwhile Sterling is trying to make the case against Jarvis. He confides in the Chief of Staff about Jarvis' history. They stall for time to get an airtight case. Meanwhile Sophia tells her associate that Jarvis will help her use the weapon on a  widespread scale. Sophia asks where Michael is.

Laila has gotten caught trying to escape by Michael, who is scared about what she told Sean. She says she told him everything about Sophia's plan. Michael says these are her people even if she doesn't realize it now. Laila refuses but the guard comes up to Michael. He takes his cellphone back and tells Michael about her 911 call. The guard is panicked because he doesn't know the GPS was deactivated on the phone when Laila called.

The guard says they have to report this to Sophia and Michael assents. Then he kills the guard from behind at his house and gets Laila to clean up the blood. Michael says he has to protect her from Sophia but if they know what happened and what she did they will both be dead. Sophia comes while they are doing this but Michael pretends he was asleep. Sophia says for Michael to find the missing security guard. Sophia has commented to her staff that she is using the Vice President and her negotiations are a ploy.

Blake is sure the Veep poisoned Martinez. They review security video and see the Veep put the sweetener in the coffee and take the packet away after Martinez goes down. But when they think to get to the coffee stain on the carpet, Jarvis has already talked with Sophia and cleaners are finishing the room. The FBO can't pull anything from the fibers. Sophia tells Jarvis the poison gets absorbed by the system naturally leaving no trace.

At the hospital, Martinez goes into crisis and the EEG registers flatline. Christina starts crying for help. The Chief of Staff can't hold off the proceeding any longer. The Cabinet and Executive committee vote to swear Jarvis in. Sterling goes to his office, scared and depressed, and notices his shirt cuff has a stain of the poisoned coffee from when he jumped after the President fainted.

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