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Hawaii Five-0 (2010)-Kai- e'e

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Written by : published Thursday 27th January 2011

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Williams takes surfing lessons from Kono but they never get off the bach, a blaring tsunami warning makes everyone leave and start to evacuate. Steve jumps out of bed with his aircraft carrier girlfriend and they head off to work. McGarrett meets Williams and hands Grace off to the shaved ice maker. McGarrett and Williams then talk to the tsunami warning center because their chief scientist has gone missing. The next in charge can't make the call on the expected wave of water because the data is fluctuating.

The scene of the scientists' house is a wreck. His daughter freaks out when she realize he has been kidnapped. They find a paint scrape on the premises from a vehicle. The crew think it's too much of a coincidence and head back to the tsunami center. Mcgarrett calls his girlfriend and asks for satellite signal extraneous to the tsunami center that is confusing its real readings. The entire island of Hawaii is locked down with streets bare and closed off, supermarkets emptied, freeways going out both sides of the highway away from the beach. She finds another signal, coming from a harbor boat, where one live body is on board. They race to the harbor through near empty land except for law enforcement.

The team decides the scientists is leaving them clues he is doing this against his will via the signals. The paint sample was from a civil vehicle, one of many now roaming almost unobserved islandwide. The next timed wave timecode is the missing man's password. They find a woman hacker on the boat, sending data she receives. From her they find out she was hired anonymously to confuse the satellite. McGarrett figures out that only criminals who need everybody away could be responsible. Using the technology in the 5-0 HQ, they isolate computer signal still in the city. They also identify they police safe central they robbed $10 million for the ransom of is the prime target.

They find the scientists tapping a keyboard with a pistol at his head. They shoot the man out of the window. But his identity is ex-Coast Guard, whose signifiant bust proceeds s are part of the crime safe locker. McGarrett and squad spend an anguished moment figuring out what to do. If they force a bust, the police will count the $28 million and come up $10 million short. But they go anyway to the police HQ, where they find a Coast Guard salt parked there who gave McGarrett a hard time earlier. He's got a paint scrape on his truck.

A nearby HPD officer tries to make sense of it. McGarrett rips the tarp off the cargo bed, expecting to see the safe house cash. The truck is empty but Kono fishes a sack out, like the ones used to pack sand. The crew feel through the packed bags layered to block the entrance and Steve knifes open a sack of cash. McGarrett orders the Coastie's arrest, who says his country owes him. McGarrett and crew hear the prisoner tell the officer that $28 million is in the sacks. Steve then goes into the governor's office, sure they will be fingered for the missing money. But he comes out and says she wanted to thank them.


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