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Brothers and Sisters-Father Unknown- recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 26th April 2011

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Sarah (Rachel Griffith) says she is pissed at Brody (Beau Bridges) and could kill him for hurting her mother. Sarah is overwhelmed by her wedding planning which Kevin was supposed to ake care of and her fiancee suggests her mother do the tasks. Sarah says she'll invite her mother over to help. Nora (Sally Field) may get spiritual enlightenment.

Justin stops by to see how Nora is progressing. Nora announces she will be progressing upstate, driving up the 5 Freeway to confront Brody in Fresno. She says his heart started beating faster when she came into a room there has to be a reason he left. Justin tells Nora about Brody leaving because of the blood test revelation. He says Brody does love her. Justin confronted him about the medical records.

Nora says then Brody could be Sarah's father. Nora is completely stunned. She says they have to find out. Nora says she'll do a covert DNA test from one of Brody's old baseball caps. They have to get some of Sarah's hair. Justin says he is out he is not going to be part of it. He says Brody swore him to secrecy.

Saul comes into Sarah's office with something for her. It's a "something blue" for the wedding. Saul got a dry cleaning ticket after William's death and they turned out to be blue handkerchiefs. Saul says they thought it was the most wonderful thing for her. Saul also wants to discuss business and urges Sarah to sign a pre-nuptial agreement with Luc. Sarah says she learned not to marry the wrong man. Sarah says there is not going to be a pre-nuptial agreement.

Kevin and Scotty meet with a detective. The gay couple investigate third party surrogate birth. The private detective says it will be expensive and in New York she'll have to hire someone. The police are not treating this  as a top priority. She is not genetically related to the baby in any way. The birth certificate says the boy's name is Daniel. The men are stunned, because they had wanted a boy.

Saul and Luc are working on music for the wedding when he decides to burst the topic of the pre-nuptial agreement. Luc doesn't want anything to do with it. Nora bursts in and says she needs a turtleneck. Saul asks why because it's seventy degrees out and Nora says it a fashion thing. Luc follows her into the bathroom before she can get any DNA.

Kevins says he thought he knew Michelle. Kevin says she should be in jail and turned into a monster. Justin avoids dealing with Nora by lying about being busy with Scotty. Saul comes over and talks to Nora who is trying to get the DNA and get to work. Nora is angry at Saul for mentioning the pre nuptial agreement. Saul says it is what William would have wanted but Nora says Saul is not her father. Saul has the song to give he should do that.

Kevin meets Saul and says he can't do the msic singing thing for the rehearsal or the wedding because something has come up but he can't say what it is. Justin goes to Nora's but Sarah is there packing a cruise suitcase for Nora. Sarah sees Brody's baseball cap in plastic and thinks Nora is pathetic. Sarah learns Saul is at the house and becomes angry Saul is pursuing the pre-nuptial agreement. Nora surreptitiously hands the bag with the cap to Justin.

Sarah is very outspoken against Brody, calling him a monster as Nora and Justin cringe. Sarah leaves when she learns Saul was at Kevin and Scotty's asking about a legal thing having to do with Luc. (He can't tell them about Michelle and the baby).

Scotty and Kevin gets text messages from the formerly illiterate Olivia while she's at camp. Scotty gets a text message he says is from Jeremy but really its from Michelle. He goes around the corner to a lunch place and Michelle is there. She says she was afraid they'd go to the police. Michelle says she can't bring Daniel unless she can trust him. He says it's pretty presumptuous her lecturing him about trust. Scotty says she has to let him and Kevin see Daniel.

Michelle says that she is his mother and he needs her. Scotty promises they wont take her away. Michelle says she doesn't want to keep looking over her shoulder and that she is safe. She implies if he doesn't play it her way she'll disappear. Meanwhile the detective tracks Michelle.

Kevin get into Sarah's place and is surprised that Luc is still there. He talks his way into using the upstairs bathroom. Saul gets there with the news that Kevin and Scotty can't do the music thing for the rehearsal or the wedding. Justin walks back in (With Sarah's DNA from the hairbrush) and says he has to leave. That leaves Saul and Luc, who don't like each other's music, and Luc says let's pick music that doesn't suck.

Kevin finds Sarah at the house nabbing Nora's passport and suitcase. He sees her feel sorry for Nora because the Brody baseball cap is in plastic. Sarah mocks Nora's feelings for Brody as pathetic. She thinks Nora is falling into a decline. She says if he tells Nora about the cruise she won't be his sister anymore and he says please don't say that. Then Nora comes in and Sarah says she needs paprika. Sarah runs out because she thinks Saul is getting Luc to sign the prenup. Justin is relieved.

When Sarah leaves Nora comes back with the paprika she says she'd thought she'd never leave and sends Justin to get the DNA test. (Justin is only a half brother). Nora asks does he know what to do and could they put a rush on it? Justin says ironically, yes he has done this before (with his own DNA) and they can just put it on their family account. Nora grimaces.

Sarah comes home and confronts Saul. Even though Luc asked her not to come home at lunchtime she blows up at Saul. She grabs the music scores and sees they are music and looks dumb. Saul is hurt and leaves. Luc sees yet another incident where Sarah's headstrong nature hurts people around her.

Justin runs the DNA`errand while Kevin gets Scotty's phone. Michelle is calling for Scotty but Kevin is angry to realize that she has been in contact and he does not know. Michelle gets leery as Kevin gets furious about Michelle's claims. He gets more furious when he discovers Scotty made a deal about Daniel. Both Kevin and Michelle panic about being lied to.

Kevin wants the know where Michelle is and the baby starts crying. As Kevin shouts at her Scotty comes in and grabs the phone. Michelle hangs up and Kevin demands to know why he wasn't told about Michelle and her "deal". Scotty is ashen because he had just arranged the safe meeting. He says because he was afraid Kevin would lose his temper and blow it like he just did.

The DNA match for Brody being Sarah's father comes back positive. Nora says she can keep the secret. Nora says she can't give this information about Sarah to her before her wedding but Justin says she can't keep it from Sarah. Then Justin blows up about the cruise Sarah is planning.  Kevin comes in to hear just enough to wonder what is going on. With Nora and Kevin both there neither can talk about the other's secret. Then Justin blurts out everything and leaves.

Justin goes to Scotty to see how he is doing just as Olivia arrives home. It's hard to talk about the baby (father unknown) with Olivia right there because she has voiced concerns before about being second choice for the men.

Kevin says he has spent three days anguishing about a child of his he may never see again. Nora later tells Sara about Brody being her father. At dinner Sarah says William is still her father and Brody is still some guy she barely knew. Later Saul finds Nora in a heap, torn between wanting to call Brody and Sarah's desire to keep the relationship the same. Saul points out that may not be what she needs.

Justin shows up at Scotty and Kevin's with the baby, which Michelle gave to Justin in a panic when he went home. Kevin and Scotty have barely three seconds before Olivia asks who's baby it is.

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