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Desperate Housewives -The Lies Ill Concealed- Recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 26th April 2011

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Carlos keeps up his forbidding Gaby to see Bree. The women have trouble with this but Bree says to respect Carlo's wishes. Gaby tries to sneak out but Carlos reiterates his mandate she has nothing to do with Bree. Gaby wants her poker, shopping and lunches. Tom Scavo gets an invitation to an exclusive leadership conference and Lynnette is excited about the speakers. Bree house-sits for Paige and Gaby and Bree meet for illicit friendship visits.


Bree and Gaby make plans to attend a spa together next weekend.
The Weissman Leadership Conference starts. But when they get there Lynette learns she is not a participant but a plus-one. Bob and Lee are there amid Senators and Forbes cover personalities. Lee is aso there in this capacity and adores the bonzai trimming and plant arranging and spa treatments, Lynette not so much. She tries to start a plus-one insurrection but this is stalled by the serving of copious amounts of cocktails. Lynnette gives up tries to rouse the mob.

Lynnette overhears a power participant having an argument on the phone. Meg Butler the President of Amtech, this woman was nice to Lynette before she realized she was a "plus-one". Butler says "some of us" spent our lives working their way up the corporate ladder and some women just married well. Lynette is furious. She compares getting stuck in the gilded cage with wearing a burka. Lynnette is bitter about her backseat role in Tom's new life. Lynnette tries to get into the keynote speech but Tom asks and is denied.
There is a speaker whose book Lynette loves and she steals the woman's clothes while she is in the spa to go to the speech. But her lanyard has the other woman's name on it and she is escorted to a set up front. When the emcee presents the speaker Lynnette's alter ego is announced to give the presentation remarks.
Lynette tries to give the speech about Chris Kavanaugh and human nature and creativity but gets to a point where the woman in the spa springs into the conference room in her bathrobe and screams in front of everyone at Lynnette. She calls Lynnette a bitch who stole her lanyard and her clothes. Tom is humiliated.
Susan has erotic dreams about Paul. She and Mike are almost at the end of their no-sex period following her surgery. Their old house is looking neglected and Susan goes to talk to Paul about it. Mike cautions Susan about not trusting Paul even though Beth gave her the kidney. Susan has a fantasy about Paul Young in the shower that turns out to be another sex dream. Is it common for recipients of organs to have erotic dreams about the donor's husbands. She talks to her doctor about it who says "I did not see that coming". The doctor says the dreams mean Susan wants to help Paul.
Susan befriends Paul Young, to Mike's frustration. Susan goes over to his house and makes soup for him, remembering the times when he was a good neighbor and a friend to the family. She says she misses that man and mentions her dreams about them are fully clothed. When Mike comes to pick up MJ at Karen McCluskey's, he sees Susan having lunch inside their house with Paul Young. Mike goes rushing over to yank Susan away.

Mike tells Susan not to pay any more attention to Young but Susan stands her ground.  (That night Susan and Mike will end their drought). Paul is behind in the chores and depressed. Paul is intrigued to find out she is having dreams about them. He is out of sorts and she suggests she make soup. He asks is that what they were doing in the dream. She says no and goes to wash her hands. As they eat soup Susan remarks that the last time they ate together Mary Alice was alive.

Bree and Gaby continue the illicit thrill of their stolen afternoons together, their language imitating lovers having a forbidden affair. Bree spills about her torried affair with Susan's ex-husband Karl. Gaby is delighted. Bree makes a delicious pineapple upside down cake and Gaby brings some home. When Carlos comes home, the slice of cake leaves her making excuses. Carlos remembers Bree making a cake like that.
Mrs. McCluskey is upset to learn Felicia is her new neighbor, is out of prison, on humanitarian release. Felicia reminds her of their guilty secret. In a flash Felicity years ago leaves the scene of the Paul frame-up but Mrs. McCluskey sees her. Knowing all, they kept it mum she survived Paul's "attack", the one he went to jail for. Karen says that Paul tricked Beth and rejected her after they got married. Felicia tells Karen she wants to watch Paul and make sure he doesn't destroy another woman. Felicia says she is lucky to have a friend like Karen.

McCluskey is stunned to learn that Beth was Felicity's daughter and Felicity tells her all about Beth Young telling her to "keep it quiet". The McCluskey is known for spilling the story. Karen says that she will help Felicia keep an eye on Paul and is she needs anything to call on her. Felicia says she is lucky to have a friend like her.

Carlos smells a rat and demands Gaby make another pineaple upside down cake like the one he just ate. Gaby runs in the pantry and calls Bree. Carlo says she is the woman who ordered in Chinese food for Christmas.  Gaby is wearing a cordless earphone and Bree starts making the cake, talking Gaby through each step. Carlos watches her every move.
Carlos asks who Gaby is talking to and Gaby says her grandmother, and Carlos looks mystified. Gaby's cake is a mess and when Carlos comes in he smells the cake but Gaby hides the mess under a cloth to cool off. Bree runs out of the house at high speed and exchanges the one on the window sill for hers. Gaby shoves the pineapple cake under Carlo's nose. She says it is all a matter of trust. Then later she announces her spa weekend.

But when she comes downstairs Gaby's new trenchcoat Carlos finds a red hair on it and dumps her suitcase out. The bikinis don't look like what she would wear to another models funeral. Carlos says once again she is forbidden to see Bree. Carlos says that ever since they moved onto the block she has been obsessed with the Wisteria Lane housewives. Carlos says he feels like she puts them first and challenges her to prove it. He asks who does she want in her life, him or Bree?

Renee walks in when Tom and Lynette are having it out about the conference. Tom says that after all those years that he supported her and took a back seat other career she couldn't do the same thing for him. Renee tells Lynnette the reality now is that she is just a wife. Renee says after her years of being Mrs. "third baseman" that you can be a wife or a first wife. As Lynette unpacks her suitcase from the conference to see her lanyard and looks up to see Tom staring at her.

Susan and Mike make up, because he says she is the kind of woman who makes him pull over to the side of the road to save a sick raccoon. Mike drives Susan over to Paul's with some food, while Karen helps Felicia decorate the fireplace mantel where Beth's ashes lie.
Bree answers the door to see  Gaby there, telling her Carlos knows about their trysts. Bree says of course she can stay. Then Gaby ushers in the girls.

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