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Written by : published Tuesday 26th April 2011

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Foster's friend Claire hires the firm to find out if her boss is being straight with her. She is on the cover of  magazine with the two other founders. She is one of three people who started a company that manufacture a small device that shows online profiles when held up to immediately visual range of people. Lightman identifies the CEO as a genius with no social skills.

Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) susses him out and determines the boy billionaire Zach has something to hide. They tell Claire but she says she can't sue Zach they are best friends. The staff ask Foster (Kelli Williams) is this a personal favor or a case? They haven't seen her contract. Later Cal comes to Claire's after a phone call and finds Foster covered in Claire's blood. The woman is  dead. Foster is traumatized. She has treated her since she was a little girl.

Lightman has the kid that stole his camera follow his daughter's personal trainer/study partner/boyfriend. He's clean but Lightman says he isn't sure. They have an ethical debate. The younger man says he has a daughter too and it's about trust. (This is the guy wanted by the gangs). Later Cal finds the daughter broke up with him because he wouldn't have premarital sex.

Claire's murder remains unsolved. Cal says that Zach did it. Hal is the third member of the startup SeekOut, a billion dollar company. Lightman determines that Hal was seeing her and that Claire was definitely worried. But Cal decides Zach was involved emotionally with Claire and couldn't have her so he killed her because he didn't want her to get away. Wallowski (Monique Gabriela Curnen) has to make an arrest but Cal asks for her help.

There is a warrant for Kyle Putnam's arrest. Walowski behaves with Zach as if his testimony that Caire and Zach were involved could put Hal away. But Lightman and Foster trap Zach in his office after the police question him. They push him until he snaps. He hacks into Claire's computer and produces the emails so to frame Hal for Claire's murder. But this proves he knew about the involvement and had a motivation for jealousy.

Kyle is spurred into sayng he has the best lawyers on the planet, unlimited funds , and that the truth doesn't matter. Foster tells him via his own device the speech just went viral. He is now the number one suspect. Later when in jail Cal visits Kyle and tells him he spoke to the judge and recommended a mental hospital. Kyle asks why he would do that for him. Cal says that in the mental hospital drugs will hold his mind hostage and his colleague Doctor Foster will make sure he is well medicated.

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