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Friday Night Lights -From the Outside In- Recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 26th April 2011

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Julie Tayor is bored in class and not entirely beloved by her college roommate. But she makes a connection to a teaching assistant Derek Bishop who asks her out for coffee. Julie corrects him on the game play. Julie's phone calls from mom come at an awkward time. But Tami isn't ready to turn Julie's room into an office yet. The baby wants mac and cheese for breakfast.

Tami Taylor continues her uphill slog getting the risky students to pay more attention to students. One student, Epic, has no parental interest in her studies and smokes in the bathroom where Tami find her. Tami tries to get the other teachers interested in afterschool extra tutoring but they are burned out. The teachers invite Tami to happy hour. Coach Taylor encourages her to go because they all talk when they drink.

Tami gets told by her new principal she should make some alliances before asking the other teachers for extra effort and contributions. Her afterschool tutoring is called the Homework Club around school. Epic smokes on school grounds and skips class. She says her foster parents don't care about the meetings. After constant pestering Epic finally shows up for her academic improvement meeting.

The football team holds their big football rally girl selection scene. Tinker gets Becky but Vince turns down Mara for his own girlfriend. Cafferty watches as Becky wears another player's jersey. Riggin's wife flips out because Becky is hanging out in skimpy clothing asking Billy's advice about baking cookies. Billy reminds her how his brother is in prison for them and Becky is Riggin's friend.

Leland gets told off by Taylor because he keeps rousing them over not getting ranked. But then the Croft game tackle play stirs up a controversy over unnecessary roughness. Taylor goes to see another league coach who says Leland was behind the flagged play. he says Taylor is now an outsider.  Jim Leland over at Croft nursed the grudge over losing the game. The players continue to obsess at not being ranked.

Vince watches the other players get porn and cookies, rally girl treats. He asks Becky if she forgot the combination to his locker. She says the Rally Girl thing is for her and he get one. Vince's letters stir congratulation but the new student rubs the other players wrong. Mr. Bob Short of the hardware store shows up at the cafe to shake Dev's hand and meet Luke Cafferty. He buys them dinner and say if they ever need anything to call him.

Buddy shows up to warn Taylor about playing golf with Hank Simmons the athletic administrator. Buddy says the caution about Cafferty's heavy tackle in the Croft game might get him suspended. Taylor is incensed. (The player ended up walking off the field).
Vince gets September 1 NCAA Letters of Intent from Miami, Michigan, ASU, University ofTexas, Ohio State, Alabama, Georgia, USC, and more. Coach Taylor underplays giving him the mail but he waits to show his mother the bonanza. When his mother gets home she talks about problems at work. Vince says he'll take care of her and shows her the letters. He asks her where does she want to live? The beach? The city?

Vince's Rally Girl Mara stops by to get his address for delivery of the pregame package. to the annoyance of his girlfriend. She asks her in the restroom why her underwear is in her boyfriend's locker. Becky starts a fight in the restroom when the girl threatens to take Vince away from her in two weeks. Tami says this is part of Texas football. She says she'll give her extracurriculur stuff to work fof the fight charges but the girl realizes she has little place in the football firmament now Vince has a real coach.

Riggin says the players are depressed because the rankings don't show East Dillon. At a party where the football teams gets drunk Becky watches as Cafferty tries to start a fight with Hastings. She draws him off and he thanks her when he gets home. He says he traded Tinker for her to be his rally girl. He says he traded his pet pig for her to be the rally girl for him.

Vince brings his mother to Short's hardware store for a job. The plyer say there is a conspiracy between the press and the safety issue of Cafferty in the Croft game. Cafferty is suspended from a game hit. Taylor argues at the athletic association at the meeting. But when Taylor sees the mood at the next pregame he understands why the players are so unhappy at not getting respect.

He writes one word on the whiteboard that gets the players riled and excited:

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