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Fringe - 6:02 am EST-Recap

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Written by : published Sunday 24th April 2011

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At the Otherverse, the baby gives them half of Peter's DNA. The machine can be activated using a version of the baby's DNA(which was why Bishop accelerated the pregnancy).
On Earth, The sheeps are acting strangely and a flock of birds attacks the truck as a farmer drives. The singularity of electricity breaks on the two men as they stand and watch the blue white streaks of electricity. The 500 sheep and two men disappear. Meanwhile Olivia finds a nude Walter moving around the house.

Don sees the bowling balls in a the bowling alley start to shudder and unlocks a secret room. He has a velium apparatus and after a moment the metal balls starts to lift and click in opposite complimentarily.
The team moves to the sheep site. Everyhthng is gone. Walter believes the vortex has been triggered. They find quartz in the skid mark. Walter thinks the universes are coming together.
Back at the Massive Dynamic lab, Nina  runs into the facility. The machine has come on at 6:03 that morning. She smartphones Broyles and Nina tells him that Walter has to know of it. Peter assumed the machine would never be activated without him starting it. Walter thinks the machine coming on started the vortex at the sheep farm. He also thinks the Other universe is conducting activities as well.

The typewriter that the other Olivia used caused a warp pattern is a reference Walter uses. Odd thermal patterns and radiation spikes are the way the other universe tracked events. Walter posits that phantom entanglement caused a sympathetic response in the machine here. Incidents involving bats, earthquakes, and fires. Organic life has been lost as a result as the machine works.
The Other Olivia is playing with her baby on the day off when she gets a page, there is a Fringe event on Liberty island. The Fringe division heads in a van to the event. But Francis gets a call from Walter and then they stand down the rescue. Olivia goes to see Walter to ask why a Level 10 power surge doesn't need an evacuation, and stalls her.

Olivia states Walter had her steal a piece of technology and what  she brought back might be what's activating the surge. Olivia asks what is going to happen to the people of the other world. Olivia says his son is over there. Walter Bishop is Secretary of State and says his son made his choice. And Secretary Bishop says he made choices so he made some too to have his grandson too.
Olivia ends a romantic night with Francis and leaves the baby with him. Francis wonders if Peter can really persuade Bishop to stop using the machine. She forces the guard to take her to the device and the same scientists that took the baby DNA to Bishop. But he says the machine's use is lethal.

She forces him to give her 2 aerosol flasks from a locked and hidden case. He says each canister will take her there and back, but she takes two canisters (one for Peter).  She runs out of the room after cold cocking him but soldiers come to find her. Next thing she knows she's trapped and flips the switch of one. The device turns on but it's a dud, and she curses. The device the guard gave her was a fake.

Walter facs the fact that Peter feels crossing to the other universe in the machine is what he feels he must do. He says the Observer was preparing him. Walter says he'll have to sacrifice Peter to fix the problems Bishop has created. Walter says because he was unable to let Peter go he can't let his feelings get in the way.

Meanwhile Olivia goes to see Nina about the defense protocols. The amber and materials will only contain under a dozen events. Olivis is stunned. Nina says it wasn't supposed to be this way, and Olivia questions her. Nina says she has it on good authority that as long as Olivia and Peter were together they would be OK.

Then Nina tells Olivia about Sam Weiss, the man who wrote "The First People" and the other books. Nina tells how Bell trusted him and he knows about everything. Olivia is angry to find this out so late. But he said if Nina informed the Fringe team he would disappear. Olivia runs out of the room to find him. She checks his apartment and finds it empty.

In the Other universe. Bishop goes the jail cell on the zeppelin and teases Olivia about being so committed to what she believed in she broke all the rules. He says they are more alike than she knows, but Olivia shows the faux-livia personality and says he has no clue.
Meanwhile in New York, a couple of teenagers making out see a light in the sky. It's another weird phenomenon sighted, shapes and colors in the sky and Sam is nearby with technical equipment and a cipher pad. He translates whatever is in the sky and looks grave.

Peter wants to close the circuit but Broyles sees that Walter is terrified. Peter says if it works and he saves both universes, he will be officially retired. Walter says a protracted and emotional goodbye and Peter steps to the machine. Peter touches the machine which charges him and with a shock he gets blown off the scaffold twenty feet and onto the floor at high speed. They rush him to the hospital. Walter is a mess.

Olivia goes to the hospital and sees Peter, while Bishop talks to God in the chapel. He says he's changed and that should count for something, that he is willing to sacrifice Peter instead of taking him like before.
Olivia leaves the hospital to see the setting sun, and runs into Sam. He says she has to trust him and that they don't have much time.

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