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The Walking Dead Series Review

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Written by : published Saturday 23rd April 2011

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When I sit down to write these reviews there is a lot of preperation and pressure involved I have to sit down infront of a computer with a can of high-sugar pop and think up stupid analogies and metaphors. Occasionally however writing reviews poses problems, do I watch something I know I will hate to make sure I have something to write about or do I watch something I like so I actually enjoy watching it?  Usually I try to watch something I have never seen. This brings me neatly to “The Walking Dead."

I watched this for two of the reasons I mentioned before. One because its new and I thought I could whirl with the British perspective, the male perspective and of course the sarcastic jaded arse perspective and two because I thought I could get my teeth so deep into hating this series that I would ejaculate tiny zombies in amusement. It would appear by law that everything has something to do with zombies tucked away somewhere and I expected this to be a cash in of the success of games like Red Dead Redemption:Undead Nightmare and Call of Duty: Black-ops which had zombies doing what zombies do, eating people and being shot.

I was expecting the same old tired zombie cliches with bad-ass talking muscle men that shoot first and get eaten later and have a wise crack for every zombie related incident. God how I was wrong the first episode felt like an age before any sound let alone speech started. In a world where we are constantly barraged by overly dramatic music for a man making a sandwich its very jarring and then when the first zombie was a small child and you see our man hero trying to save the child before remorsefully blowing their brains out makes me actually care about the character. Usually you can replace the main character in these things with a slab of steak with googly eyes or two mellons on a stick if the character is of the female persuasion but no I actually feel tension for these people.

That's what this programme does, it takes the zombie survival scenario and it makes it about people. That's how it should be really we look at a zombie apocolypse and the question is always bandied about on internet forums, what weapon would you use but never how would you cope. So this focuses on the emotions, the lonleiness of those last surviors and by jove it works. Right, as part of the human species with testicles, violence and guns and zombies certianly flicks the mindless violence switch but if you watch "The Walking Dead"  you get all that and you get just something more something compelling, people. If you don't like people and you can't wait to see them turn into the slavering beasts you know the human race is and then watch them be shot in the face by so called civilisation then can I first say well done you cynical human hating beasts and also that there is definitely something here for you even if all you want to do is kill, kill, kill.

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