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Bones-The Finder- Recap

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Written by : published Friday 22nd April 2011

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Find the map, Find the murderer. All-star episode starring Michael Clarke Duncan (Oscar nominated actor for The Third Mile), Danny Trejo, and Saffron Burrows.

Bones and Booth discover a chewed body in the Florida swamps and Booth wants badly to get back to civilization. The bones are crawling with pests and leeches. There is scoring from human teeth, which rattles Booth. The local sherriff says that feral hogs got "people teeth" and Floridians make their dentures that way. The body has no clothes, to which the sherriff's reply is that when you're disposing of a body "don't want nothing between you and the meat".

The victim's glass eye has a serial number which makes him easy to find. He was a museum guard and video shows him making off with a scrap of an ancient treasure map from 1774. This was a recent acquisition. The Museum curator says that this map fragment was supposedly from a wreck  of the Spanish ship Santa Esperanza that sank. Historical maritime items were what Sam guarded. In the video he goes through an exhibition case and the leaves.

As they drive, Booth says he knows a man who can divine where the map is. Booth says the S.O.B. has the finder power. They go to a place in the swamp where three people sit in a bar. Walter is the man in the chair. Ike (Saffron Burrows) is the bartender and Leo (Michael Clarke Duncan) is the legal counsel. Walter asks for their identification and he takes Temperance's. As Booth and Walter wrestle and fight Ike offers Temperance a beer.

Walter goes to the dead man's apartment and they suss it out. Leo will not take part in the break-in but Ike says he was living within his means and the rent is about $600 a month. As Walter breaks in Ike and Leo debate the fact that Walter is a rogue, an accident waiting to happen with bigger issues at stake. Ike suggests that he is crazy but Leo says Walter has jarna houla, the second sight. Ike says he is an enabler but pronounces it "enabalilizer". Walter finds a pawn ticket in a book unlike the rest the dead man had.

Walter only takes the case when Bones speaks disparagingly of his gift. Booth challenges Temperance to give Walter a thing to find to prove his talent. She says she lost a science fair medal in the third grade. Then while Walter checks out the dead man's apartment Bones calls him to say the victim was tortured and was already dying, deduced from pictures of pyramids on his bedroom ceiling.

Walter's job is to find the map. Bones thinks the victim resisted unto death telling the murder where it was, but Ike assesses the clean apartment and says since it wasn't tossed the murderer knew where to go. The three go to the pawnshop and exchange knowledge of the police surveillance outside and inside for the ukulele.  The pawnshop owner hints that someone else came first, a girl who got a piece of paper out of it. Ike reminds Walter these are vicious criminals who torture people. Leo quotes literature.

They find the girl who got the piece of paper out of the ukulele is Britney Stevenson. She had "Do Not Resuscitate" tattooed across her chest. The meth dealers in the tattoo parlor know her. Walter finds the girl in a biker bar and follows her to her boat.

Walter sees a 300 year old sextant on her boat but she doesn't know what it is is. She says she has to go work for a client and leaves, saying if that day works out she won't ever see him again. He says he'll find her, and she says in her experience nobody tries that hard. He says he's a whole new experience in finding. She kisses him goodbye to get rid of him.

Walter comes to the FBI lab and gives Bones the first place science medal she lost in grade school, complete with a picture of her and her mother. Temperance is amazed. She gets the FBI lab to recreate the map using security video. Walter sees that the translation of the map legend gives a clue to its real orientation for longitude. Walter thinks because the girl kissed him goodbye she isn't that bad, and that someone was on the boat so she had to get rid of him. Anytime someone voices an objection, Walter says "I'll risk it".

Then Walter goes with Ike to see a priest at the church (Danny Trejo!!!) He demands the treasure go back to the church. The Priest says that secret jesuits were outlawed in the time of the ship's sinking. But the Holy father also wants to discuss Walter's brain damage from two tours in the armed forces, which Walter does not want to discuss. The three from the bar go out to sea, with Ike and Leo standing guard while Walter dives. He finds a dead Britney Stevenson floating underwater at those coordinates.

The lab performs the autopsy and fishes the map out of her mouth. Walter observes this and sees the finger of the murderer come out of her throat.  When the bloody map is extricated from the dead woman her blood reveals a hidden crossed set of bones on the map indicating a secret Jesuit origin point. Walter hands in his invoice and receipts and leaves. Saroyan objects but he says finding her in the middle of the Gulf was the amazing part. Brennan agrees.

Walter uses the new information to find the treasure. Only body chemicals could activate that hidden bit of Jesuit symbol on the map. What Britney didn't know was this hidden bit of Jesuit trivia. So the killer thought she had tricked him and killed her, stuffing the map down her throat. Dying, she bit off his finger. The lab also confirms Walter's math, where he lines up the layers of the currents and connects them with where the treasure really is.

The problem with Britney's location was she used the wrong origin reference. This is properly the Copernican monastery at the top of the hills in Rome, not Greenwich mean time or the Vatican for the Pope. The final piece of the puzzle is that the map maker must have used a starting point for latitude and longitude and this is referenced in code. But Britney couldn't read Latin and understand that Jesuits had secrets and misunderstood the historical significance.

Booth tells Bones about how he went AWOL in the  Army to see the birth of his first child. He has a grudge against Walter because he found him and arrested him with his newborn still in his arms. Bones correctly points out that Walter gave him enough time to do that before turning him in. Booth says sometimes they look the other way when told it was Walter's job to find him.

Ike and Leo observe how highly paranoid Walter is. Ike says that Walter fears if he gets his brain damage fixed he'll lose his finding mojo. Walter makes it clear to Ike that his connection to the finding is too valuable to lose. Ike points to Walter's head and says that is more valuable.

But the finger found in the dead girl's mouth, the skeleton, and the map says that the killer is still at large.

Leo and Walter meet with the museum curator at the Museum map room. They make a deal, pointing out where the treasure is and showing him a Madonna from the Spanish 1774 period intact salvaged from the wreck. They notice the museum director can't shake their hand because his hand is heavily bandaged. Walter punches the guy out for killing Britney Stevenson.

Leo and Ike pull a van over to where Booth and Bones walk on the street. They dump a box onto the sidewalk that sounds like a person is inside. Booth says he can arrest them for finding the treasure and kidnapping. Ike says they notified the Church of the treasure find and this is a citizen's arrest. But they say Walter isn't guilty because he turned in his bill before he found the treasure. Booth wants to nab them but Temperance pulls on his sleeve, reminding him that sometimes "We look the other way".

They open the box to find the Museum Director bundled inside, gagged with a note pinned on that reads "I murdered Britney Stevenson". Booth suggests they have a finger to try on if he's missing one.

Last call at the bar, Leo reads when Ike says to Walter (Geoff Stults) that he can find everything but lasting love, and Walter says that Dr. Brennan could be the one.....


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