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OMG with Peaches Geldof. OMG this is garbage.

OMG with Peaches Geldof poster

Written by : published Thursday 21st April 2011

OMG with Peaches Geldof. OMG this is garbage. main image

ITV 2 is usually a very good judge of decent TV programmes. Love it or loath it The Only Way Is Essex is a prime example. The show is a huge success being both hated and loved. A marmite programme to coin the phrase. But what about OMG with Peaches Geldof?

Well, whoever commissioned the car-crash, which is OMG with Peaches Geldof. Needs their contract reviewing. Not only is the format dull and predictable but it is presented by a person with such a lack of charisma and charm that it’s actually painful viewing. I felt embarrassed for her. The name appears to have been created by a 12 year old using their mobile. Maybe that’s who ITV were trying to attract? This ‘Be down with the kids’ approach hasn’t worked. I’m only 18 and in theory this show should’ve appealed to me, but no.

The show opens with Peaches stood cross-legged like she’s waiting for a bus or in pain. Reeling off a list of ‘OMG’ reasons to watch. She boasts about how the show is all about those ‘OMG’ moments. (None of which are exciting or particularly persuading.) The whole staging of the show feels cheap. A cavernous studio, which looks more like an old warehouse ITV had going spare. A few clusters of audience members are used to break up this acreage with little effect.

I’m not particularly comfortable with the whole premise on which the show is created either. The stories and guests are meant to shock, hence the title ‘OMG’ but it just has an a ir of the school playground to it. The guests are thrown into the middle and the audience mocks and generally disapproves about who and what they are.  It feels like the ‘popular kids’ are taking charge. An example of this is a person who enjoys dressing up as a vampire. And no before you ask it didn’t make me go OMG. It made me ask myself why is this clogging up my Sky+ Box?

I have to admit after 5 minutes I was already bored. Fed up of Peache’s smug grin and her lounging on the sofa like she’s at home. But alas I soldiered on and I’m pleased to report the rest of the programme is just as dire. No real beginning, middle and end. There is Just a lot of horrible jokes, not very nice people and a large dollop of very long and very expensive adverts.

I’m also shocked that Aled Haydn Jones has lowered himself to appear as a second presenter in this show. His fame comes from being a member of the Chris Moyles Breakfast Show team on BBC Radio 1. I suppose his reasoning for appearing was to start a career in TV, but oh dear. I think it’s coming to an end fast.

Hopefully ITV will end this trash TV sooner rather than later. Sorry Peache’s but I think your ‘OMG’ moment will come when your shown the exit by the big bosses at ITV.

Watch OMG with Peaches Geldof here.

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