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House - Dig-- recap

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Written by : published Thursday 21st April 2011

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House picks up 13 (Olivia Wilde) at the New Jersey prison gate and gives her a martini. She gets in the car and they drive as the hospital doctors on his speaker phone get a text that House will be out for the next 3 days. He wants to know why she was inside. She says it was excessive prescription writing. He says that what she plead down to but she must have done something worse. House does not let on 13 is in the car.

13 is amazed to find House is married. He says well, since she was gone so long....He says it is a green card thing and his wife is out of town with her boyfriend. 13 enjoys the fresh air and tries to tell House where her turnoff is but he bypasses it. They are going on a  road trip.

The new patient is a gym teacher with a  weird infection that makes him cough blood. They investigate the apartment of the gym teacher. It's filled of piles of garbage. Trash and molding food, junk and broken stuff everywhere. They can't believe the mess and the stench. They don't stay long because it smells so bad. It's cold and rotting food gives off gases they decide caused the infections.

The patient is angry they went to his home and broke in. They say that they slowly pushed into his home. They found a compost heap in his home. They asks how he survives. He says he uses bottled water and flashlights. They want a psych consult. He says he is not a hoarder. They note he saves ear wax. That clinches the hoarding. The psych consult comes back clean. they cant understand why staying in the hospital make him worse.

House takes 13 shopping for clothes and says she was junior high school science fair champion. He says they are going to the Chili cookoff and he loves a spud gun battle and has lost to a man named Howard 6 times. She stops off at a hardware store to get PVC pipe and change the gun specs to improve performance. She buys rhubarb pies to get the pie tin metal to make circles. These will be used as disks to help launch the potatoes.

Over lunch House tries to find out what 13 did to get in jail. She wonders that she is not worth bribing a court official. She learns he was with Cuddy and asks if he is OK. He plays off that he is fine. House guesses what she did wrong and she says she killed a man. 13 wants to make a personal stop before they go on to the spud guns championship. Hosue speculates on who the man is inside the houe with the white picket fence.

Chase and Masters investigate the apartment. Chase can't stand it. Master says the place is an interactive history. Chase wants to leave but Masters digs deeper. Masters freaks out when she sees a pair of feet coming from under a blue tarp. They find a woman crouched under the tarp wearing only  flannel shirt. Raccoon feces have Q fever. But that isn't all. Masters digs deep down under the trash and finds baby clothes.

He's hoarding books on hoarding. The water is off. The fridge is on hooked up to a neighbor.  The wife is admitted and has a heart attack. Talbert insists they get an MIR on the wife. It comes back clean. Masters and Chase check out the apartment again and Masters finds the eyarbok of the wife. She was a gregarious cheerleader in high school. Masters find a trunk buried deep down and there is a baby outfit in it. She confronts the couple who say they tried to have children.

House wakes up from a nap to find 13 shooting his spud gun into the river. She says his gun sucks. House meets his nemesis Howard in a corral shootout. He likes 13 but she accidentally shoot out a truck window with the gun. They stay in the same hotel room and House turns over in the night to hear her crying.

13 the physics whiz spells out the guns specsand distance and pressure on his souped up gun. But Howad has an unbelievable sized gun. When 13 slips up House realizes her sibling was important. House knows her mother was advanced Huntington's so he guesses she euthanized her brother. She says "Congratulations". She walks off.

Hosue runs off into the wods to find House. Then 13 talks about her brother and how was rarely lucid. He turned to her and said 'it's time". She wore gloves so the police couldn't prove who pushed the plunger. 13 describes the death of her brother to House. 13 says when she gets that sick there will be nobody there to give her the same treatment. House looks on sympathetically although clearly 13 need support. She is upset that House can't even connect at that moment and says no wonder Cuddy broke up with him.

House walks back to the spud guns range concealing strong emotion and loads up for some firing. A voice from behind mocks him. Harold the wonder champ asks if he can hit on 13 since she is clearly done with him and dumped him in the woods. With a loaded gun in hand House turns on Harold who says 'You wouldn't dare". Next thing House is walking out of the local jail and 13 is handing him a drink. He says that Harold felt up the Sherriff's daughter the night before. So he was feeling magnanimous.

The doctors are still freaking out. 13 speaks up when House can't guess the real reason for the fertility issues. The ntire hospital staff jumps up at the sound of her voice. The wife had three miscarriages he never told her husband about. The husband is stunned and leaves the room. Later he comes back as she slowly improves.

When they arrive at 13's place she doesn't want to get out. House says 'I'll kill you". When the time comes and 13 is incapacitated he says he will kil her. 13 accepts the gesture and goes in the house.

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