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The Event-Cut the head Off -Recap

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Written by : published Thursday 21st April 2011

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A man works furiously in a freezing lab, with ice rods in scientific chambers all around him. He wears a parka in the lab and works on a  computer with a frenzy. Outside the FBI is closing in and a man returns from a reconnoiter to say there are no other defenses. The command is to take the man alive. The teams rush in and go up the stairwell. The man sees them in the security camera and he calls Sophia. His name in Herbert.
She says to upload the information and make sure they don't find out what he was working on. He begs but she says she is sorry but he knows what he has to do. The security alarm goes off and he frantically types into a laptop to start an upload. He sets a meltdown on the core samples and types to the last minute. The SWAT team bursts in and Herbert runs and throws himself out the window.
Sophia holds a meeting of the new elders. She talks about Herbert's discoveries. There are 2.5 billion people coming. Sophia says the native population will be winnowed substantially. The scientists looking for the new weapon has been checking out the core samples to find the minerals they need. For some reason the 7 billion humans have to die to make room for 2.5 billion nonterrestrials.
Laila purposely hurts herself cutting vegetables to make the guards take her to the hospital. She sees Simon Lee there tied up and laid out on a bed. The medic treats her and she asks to stay a bit. The she approaches Lee and asks why he is tied up. Leila says she was not involved in her father turning him in. Lee talks about the genocide Sophia plans. Simon says Sophia needs to wipe humans out. Thomas had maps of Murmansk and is looking for a weapon there from a woman called Irina Bogdanova. Lee tells her to get a cellphone from one of Sophia's guards and call the authorities.
One of the leadership group talking to Sophia panics and says how can they outrun the government when they came so close? She says they have to cut off the head.  Martinez must die. Sophia says the scientist will kill himself to make sure the government doesn't get the data. Sophia says she will take out Martinez to distract government forces from finding out what the are up to.
Blake tells the President about the ice core samples and the suicide scientist. Martinez holds a meeting about Sophia. He says that they are now at war with Sophia. One of the men suggest they ask for help from other governments. Then Martinez is told that Senator Lewis is waiting to see him. He takes the meeting to find her examining a picture of Martinez and his wife after Hurricane Katrina. Senator Lewis (Virginia Madsen) goes on to report that everyone who took the DNA test came back human. President Martinez says that rules out any threats in the White House.
She corrects him and says that his wife refused to take the test. He says he is comfortable with the First Lady's stand. Lewis says she took the liberty of digging into her background. Martinez is incensed. He says it makes no sense the sleepers would know he would be president someday.
Lewis produces a file and says there are discrepancies, but the President refuse to listen and tells her to get out. Lewis says didn't his wife encourage him and stay wth him every step of the way? Martinez says this is a fight she doesn't want to have. An attack on his wife is a atatck on him. Lewis leaves but says as she passes the photograph, Hurricane Katrina was six years ago but his wife hasn't aged a day.
Vice President Jarvis gets to his office to take a call from Sophia. He is shocked and resistant to talk to her. She says not to trace the call. He says she murdered innocent people. Sophia said it broke her heart to do so. Sophia says Martinez will cause more bloodshed if he continues down the road he's on. She says she wants to make him President and wants to meet face to face.
Sean rescues Victoria from the burning mansion. He drags her outside and gives her mouth to mouth resuscitation. She comes back to life and gasps for air. Dempsey walks up behind them as says to Sean "That's very impressive". Sean is shocked Dempsey is there because he saw all of them leave in cars. Dempsey tells Sean they are really on the same side, that he is  a long race of guardians set up to make sure people like Sophia don't threaten humanity. Dempsey seems to know to just what lengths of cunning Sophia has descended even if Sean doesn't.
Jarvis goes to a hotel room and fobs off security. Sophia is there wearing a black dress. Jarvis says she is a war criminal. he pulls a gun on her. She tells him her death would make her a martyr. Sophia outlines how they must get rid of some nations. Vice President Jarvis says they will not sit back and let them take over the world. Sophia says through cooperation and trust they can live side by side. Sophia tempts Jarvis seductively and speaks about his lifelong devotion to the country will find fruition in being President. He won't be compromised.

Meanwhile President Martinez enters his bedroom to find his wife still up. They discuss meeting in Belize. But she slips and says she'd seen all the sights before but he says how could she because she had never been there before that trip. Martinez's antenna go up. She isn't telling the truth. He asks about her family but they never saw them. She blows him off and says to go to sleep. Next day he gets the file from Senator Lewis.

The Vice-President comes into Blake's office. He tells Sterling that the President is compromising the people's good without diplomacy with Sophia. He suggests that maybe he can talk to her. He can negotiate and make an agreement. The future of the country hangs in the balance. He says maybe he can come up with a treaty for co-existence. Blake snarls at him that nobody trusts him and to keep his head down and let his term play out. Blake thinks that he should be in jail.

Herbert Mills was using soils analysis to isolate an area on the Dolgen Coast with the needed minerals. They are close to finding the weapon. Sophia's review of this is interrupted by a call from the Vice President. He says he is willing to do what it takes to preserve life as they know it. He says he can't live with blood on his hands and will work with her.  Sophia says to follow her instructions and by this time tomorrow Jarvis will be leader of the free world.

Laila invites her guard inside to have a drink with her. She takes his coat and gets him a drink, then takes his cellphone into the bathroom. Laila says to the 911 operator she is being held by the people that blew up the Washington Monument. The guard becomes wary and hears her talking. He realizes his cellphone was in his jacket. The operator says the GPS is deactivated and the operator of 911 can't  trace the call. The guard bursts in and he attackes her and they struggle. Leila somehow fights him off. She runs outside and makes a break for it.

Dempsey is still talking to a stunned Sean Walker. Victoria says that he's crazy and not to listen to him. The non-terrestrials have been coming for thousands of years. Then Dempsey says he is part of a a tribe of Sentinels who have been here just as long as the nonterrestrials. His tribe's job is to protect humanity from them. Sean defends Sophia. Dempsey says she may have been. But eventually extinction is her goal.

At the White House the president extracts a confession out of his wife. He says he didn't read the file but he needs to hear it from her. Her records don't add up because she is really an illegal alien from the Dominican Republic. Her parents went  to Cuba when she was little because only Cubans then were getting into the United States on the boats. Every time she wanted to tell him she backed off.

In France, Sean is still talking to Dempsey about Sophia's genocidal tendencies. Sean asks how can he know that. Dempsey says he can see the real tapestry of history. The sentinels have been there for 3,000 years. Someone outside of their group can stop Sophia. Dempsey points out that without resources Sean has evaded the government and tracked him to France and saved even Victoria. Walker has carved  a path nobody could see coming. This makes him the one to take Sophia down.

Sean says Dempsey is a monster and evil and crazy, and as long as Dempsey is alive he'll do whatever it takes to get him to justice. Then Dempsey says he understands and must act to turn him from that course he'll have to do something. He says the man will give him something that will help. Then Dempsey shoots himself in the head. Victoria and Sean are stunned. The guard sets downa  a bag. They flee the approaching sirens.

In another field the cellphone rings and Sean answers it. It's Laila, describing what she has seen and what she knows. He has to get to Murmansk. Then Michael finds her and she says she knows what Sophia is doing.

The VP then gets an acupuncture treatment and tells his Secret Service detail to wait outside. He gets dressed and finds a coffee sweetener packet inside a baggie in his suit. He gets to the Oval Office and gets the steward to leave and stirs the sweetener in the President's coffee. Martinez then comes in and the meeting starts. The coffee is right close to hand...

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