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Law & Order Los Angeles - East Pasadena-Silver Lake recap

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Written by : published Thursday 21st April 2011

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A car moves through a parking garage but the police only find a dead girl, Amanda, inside stone cold. She has been strangled. They trace the woman as a Marine now working in East Pasadena as an accountant. Her apartment is a bloody mess.  The parents identify the boyfriend as Dave Harlan now living with her. He is matching the description given by a cop near the garage. They give the LAPD a snapshot of the boyfriend with a graffitti artist friend.

The parents are very upset. They say it's terrible she survived Afghanistan but got killed in Pasadena. She said someone was following her and that she didn't like her job. The detectives visit the artist's studio they find from the  picture and graffitti bust. The artist says the boyfriend hasn't been around since she got back from Afganistan. He lies to them, the man is hiding in the back room. They find his welding equipment still warm. They realize this and run into the stairwell to find him.

TJ shackles the artist in handcuffs to his own art. They runs to the roof, but as TJ and Morales get there he is ready to jump. He says he did a terrible thing.  TJ says not to jump off but Morales say it's not high enough to kill him and he'll just spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. He steps down. He says he loved Amanda so much. They had a fight about him hiring someone to follow her.
In police interrogation he confesses his girlfriend thought someone was following her. Something was going on at her job she asked him if he need to get a welder's permit for the City of East Pasadena. He only needed a state permit. He went home drunk with his friend. The artist friend says he carried him in passed out and that the bedroom door was closed. The boyfriend says he woke up found her dead and drove her away in a drunken state of trying to help. He blacked out and artist says the light was screwed out at his place.

TJ and Morales visit the woman's old boss, Controller Don Wheeler, at the woman's job at City Hall. His boss said she was smart. He doesn't know anything about her obsession with permits. They find her desk cleaned out, the hard drive missing and an unanswered questions about why she didn't want the job anymore. The boyfriend says her Marine buddies loved her and no other enemies. She couldn't wait to get out of her City hall contract. They had a weird way of doing things.

Other vendors find a civil compromise from the Southeast Pasadena Superior Court. Morales and TJ set up a sting posing as contractors. The cop calls a wrecker before the ticket. A cop writes them up for not having an East Pasadena permit and license and impounds their vehicle, turning down a bribe. They go to the East Pasadena City Hall and a long line of people are paying the same fines. The clerks shakes them down for money and they arrest her in plain clothes the next day. Her husband comes running out yelling she did nothing wrong.

Under questioning they find out the City Hall officials and a Lt. Petrocelli are giving the orders. Petrocelli pressures the officers to keep up ticket quotas. They have legal documents to execute the scam. They find out the officer made a cellphone call in the area of Amanda's apartment. They warrant up and go to the City Hall where the officers concerned are in a City Council meeting. Women screaming come running out. There is a man with a gun. Morales and TJ draw arms but TJ doesn't come in for some time. Morales keeps waiting and calling TJs name into the cellphone.

The man with the gun, Mike Foreman, is the arrested woman's husband. The City Council men and The Mayor are excited. Foreman is shouting at them about the scam. The City Council is under the gun. Mike says Susan told them about Amanda and now she is taking the fall for them and they are thugs and crooks. The Mayor says she was strangled in her bed by the boyfriend. TJ finally comes through the door, just as officers burst in over Morales' shoulder. They shoot immediately, killing Don Wheeler too, and one of them is Lt. Petrocelli. He snarls at the detectives that they won't need that search warrant now.

The Mayor denies any of the conversation took place. He says Mike Foreman was still angry at being fired for cause. Foreman worked 22 years for the Parks Department. Mayor Velman took over and pressured Foreman to hire his friends. Mrs. Foreman says Mike quit due to corruption in a playground project. The East Pasadena, Treasurer, Ava Ruiz, says she accepted 40% of the budget as a permit payment. She says she gets over $200,000 as a treasurer.

The shooting report shows line-of-fire deaths, but Morales says Petrocelli shot Wheeler on purpose to shut him up. Gonzales and Morales eye each other. Morales reminds the LAPD that the men were discussing details of the crime only the killer would have known.  The other City Council members refuse to corroborate. When they trace Petrocelli's call the janitor says the call went to the main City Council chamber. The fix was in. Decker tells Morales his testimony will be tested severely.

Dekker fights getting the psychiatric report on Morales after the shooting. All the incriinating statements are only heard by Morales. The police union says there will always be a question mark over his name if he doesn't allow the psychiatric statement into evidence. Morales say there is no guarantee the report won't make it online. There is an old shooting from when Morales was on the force in the report. Gonzalez reiterates that she wanted to hire Morales against department advice.

But Morales says to TJ that what's in the report is about him. Morales says the shrink and he explored a lot of ground. One thing was that maybe because of Rex Winters' violent death TJ didn't want to come through the door because he didn't want to widow the family again. Morales says he won't sign the consent form unless TJ is Ok with that coming out. Later TJ brings him the form to sign. Dekker is upset Morales signed the consent without discusssion of it with him first and Morales says he talked to who he needed to talk to.

During the City Hall crooks trial it is also Morales who is put on trial. He gets hammered by the defense attorney. The psychiatrist report says he felt guilty and the lawyer suggests Morales made up memories to defend his actions. Morales waives his right not to answer and says that he wouldn't feel better about it because after 12 years as a Deputy Prosecutor he would feel worse about committing perjury and lying about it on the stand. Dekker closes in his summation by saying the City Hall crooks want to use Morales' conscience against him.

The police officer Petrocelli gets 25 to life. The officials also get guilty verdicts. Back in the precinct TJ asks Morles what he would have done if he didn't agree on the consent, and Morales says with a straight face he never considerd the possibility.

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