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Kitchen Nightmares- Kingston cafe- recap

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Written by : published Monday 18th April 2011

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The temper of Gordon Ramsay has never been tested so hard. Dr. Eva Morris runs a bad restaurant and interrupts anything that works with changes and pointless redoing it. The owner admits absolutely nothing is wrong with this.  She is a radiologist whose son Keoni works as a manager. Morris brags that all her life she was able to accomplish the things she wanted to do. But her restaurant has barely five tables paying all day.

Keoni her son comments that his mother obsesses over tablecloths and plantain leaf edges. He says her implementation always goes against his. On a  scale of one to ten on toughness Keoni says his mother is a 35. Then she says in pidgin English "how come you don't set standard"(sic). Lots of chefs come in and quit after one day. The chef is barely able to work. The servers say it's very confusing. Dr. Morris insist on being called Dr. Morris in the restaurant by her kitchen staff.

Ramsay gets to the Kingston Cafe in Pasadena California, to a small house, which looks like a residence, he says. The hallway to the dining area of the restaurant is odd. Ramsay orders food that he can't take more than one bite of. The twenty dollar oxtail soup has too much cartilage and fat in it. He says the hot flashes are a joke. The sauce he orders taken away. Ramsay is really upset by how poor the food is. He gets even more upset when he realizes the owner insists on it tasting that bad.

If customers says the food is bad, she says they are not Jamaican. If a dish is ready she says she wants a different piece of chicken used. She serves salads in martini glasses. Ramsay can't believe it. If customer complain she ignores it. She says Ramsay doesn't understand Jamaican food. She says jerk chicken is served as dry as it is in the Kingston Cafe in Jamaica, possible more so. There is a justification or correction in everything she says.

Ramsay finds bags and bags of precooked food in the fridge. He finds cooked rice in bags. Nothing is cooked to order because Dr. Morris says that it isn't right. Ramsay is shocked. Ramsay says "I think the doctor needs a doctor". Morris says the restaurant needs her to do everything and that her son doesn't show up. He argues about everything she says.

Dr. Morris tells her son to be quiet. She watches Gordon and says to her son she might punch him out. She says "Jamaican food cannot be cooked fresh every day". Morris hangs around the restaurant in a dressy jacket giving orders nonstop.

Everything that comes out of Una Morris' mouth when managing the restaurant is time wasting, facetious, and incorrect. She is in debt and may lose the restaurant any day. She was in the Olympics three times and bought the restaurant herself. Then she talks about her mom dying when she was ten years old and she didn't have a mom when she grew up. Ramsay doesn't under stand then why she isn't motivated to change the way she handles the restaurant before she loses it.

Ramsay has a sitdown with Keoni. He says his mother is the most important thing to him. The Ramsay starts to make over the restaurant. The interior is redone and the place settings more casual. The sign is redone in yellow so people can see it. The menu includes the new patio barbecue food and the staff uniform is now a t-shirt that reads "The best jerk in Pasadena".

Then Ramsay sets up a patio barbecue for Keoni to manage while Morris does the kitchen. Lots of people order from the patio and love the buffet style menu. Ramsay's food tastes delicious, very colorful on the plate. Keoni gets the job done. Ramsay cooks a salmon because the kitchen chef can't defrost it fast enough. Ramsay finally persuades Morris to let Keoni step up to the plate. He also carts out a wheelbarrow full of bagged frozen food in front of Morris and the staff. Dr. Morris thinks about the money wasted, not conecting the tasteless former food to her empty restaurant.

The new relaunch starts off good but the chef gets behind and mixes up tables. Keoni steps into the crisis. Morris lets Keoni do the managing and greets customers at tables. At length it comes together. But as he goes away he tells Morris she needs to give Keoni ownership in the business or let him go onto another career. In a follow up it is learned Keoni went to finish his educational goals.

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