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Fringe - Lysergic Acid Diethylamide-Recap

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Written by : published Sunday 17th April 2011

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Leonard Nimoy stars as the voice of Bell who in this episode is his own character when Walter (John Noble) and Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) fall down the rabbit hole of an LSD trip. The crisis over Bell inhabiting Olivia's body is at hand. Signs of Olivia are now faint. Walter conceives of a plan with Bell to get Olivia (Anna Torv) to separate from her submergent self.
The experiment to switch Bell to the body of a dead man and re-awaken Olivia's consciousness does not work. Both Peter and Broyless want Olivia emergent, no matter what happens to Bell. In the next phase, Astrid puts Peter and Walter connected with electrodes under LSD to to let their minds find Olivia and transfer Bell to the computer.

Peter lands in a street scene from the otherverse and Walter is screaming for help on top of  moving bus. The clothing colors and gray surreal state suggests a weird landscape, which Walter comments on. One man looks familiar to Walter, a man who watches them from across the busy city street menacingly. Walter says this is Olivia's stepfather. Then every man woman on the street turns to stare at them and Walter shouts to run. Hundreds of people, eveyrbody in views runs at them suddenly. 

They lead a chase through the city into a familiar building where Nina (Blair Brown) greets them in the lobby. Walter babbles their dilemma. She says she can take them to where Bell is, and Peter observes she has a strange symbol on the pass card key that opens the special elevator. He realizes just in time that to Olivia she is a threat and dangerous, as Walter eagerly runs into the opening doors of the elevator. But the shaft is empty, and Peter barely grabs him. In the melee Nina is shoved down the elevator shaft.

They run into another elevator and Walter expresses his disbelief she tried to kill them. They find Bell in a surreal white level where he is shaped into a cartoon (Leonard Nimoy's appearance). When Walter asks why he is a cartoon, Peter and Walter realize they have been transformed into cartoons as well, animated to express the falsity of the perceptive medium of reality that are traveling through. Bell is a stranger in real life to Olivia and thus a cartoon figure to Olivia in her subconscious, and so their interaction must be.

The (cartoon) three men escape to the roof where a waiting helicopter can get them safely away. But several men in white lab coats with bloody stains down their clothing come out of the roof and attack. Peter turns to defend them. Bell and Bishop get on the helicopter but as the craft flies away only a trailing end of the rope ladder is left. Peter runs and makes a jump and catches it. They make their way to safety and discuss what is to be done.

In the cartoon world of Olivia's subconscious, Peter and Bell debate where Olivia would feel safe and go to hide.  They realize it's her old town and they must travel there. Bell says this means the zeppelin. They board it and start flying but Peter tracks a weird looking man into the apparatus part of the blimp. He has something bound around him like a bomb. Walter appears there having followed Peter. The strange man shoots a hole in the zeppelin skin and throws himself out of it. The air disturbance sucks Walter Bishop out as well.

Walter's cartoon character jerks out of the zeppelin and descends at high speed. He grabs onto the other man and releases his parachute. But Walter gets blown off and then falls at high speed toward a rocky landing. (In real life Walter wakes up as if avoiding near death). Bell tells Peter they have to continue. They get on a motorcycle, because Bell always wanted to ride one, and scan the houses where Olivia used to live. The hosues all look the same. But Peter knows how to find her. She had a red door because Olivia had trouble finding her way home.

They come up to the house with the red door. Peter comes inside the house and the cartoon transforms into a normal real world look. He sees a grown up normal Olivia, who is glad to see him. Behind her are a set of parents and a little girl having breakfast. After exchanging explanations, Peter looks into her eyes and says "It's not you". The little girl gets up from the table and comes to Peter saying "I knew you would know the real me". The adult Olivia was a decoy.

Then they run outside the building as cartoon reality takes over again. Large armed vehicles swarm up and Peter and the little girl run. Bell also runs. Peter is taken down and then the army pins Olivia against the vast forces while she is also protecting Dr. Bell. (Peter wakes up at the lab, extremely shaken). But then the cartoon little girl (in the subconscious zone) stands with a huge force marauding them. She changes to the adult Olivia and holds up her hand (Matrix-style) and stops the oncoming attack.

Bell observes the frozen attackers and says that Olivia was a bad choice for the transfer because she has never felt safe and submerging her consciousness left her estranged and with nowhere safe to go. He says she is her own worst enemy. Olivia feels like she is being pulled back but Bell turns away. He says it's not for him to go back. Cartoon Bell says to Olivia to tell Walter "this dog won't hunt".

The lab is excited to see Olivia wake up and Peter is very excited to see it's really Olivia. Astrid tries to assess how much of Bell went into the computer.  But Walter is stunned that Bell didn't come through the computer file. He's gone. Then Olivia repeats the message, and he nods. Walter says Bell hated goodbyes. (This was Bell's way of ending the Olivia episode).

At home, Peter says to Olivia that he recognized everyone in her subconscious except for the man on the zeppelin. Olivia drinks a cup of coffee and says calmly that this is the man who will kill her.

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