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CHAOS- Love and Rockets- recap

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Written by : published Saturday 16th April 2011

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The CHAOS division of ODS gets buttonholed in the CIA halls by Blank, the roamer without a job. He hands over detailed plans for bringing in known criminal Dratchov. This former Russian arms agent is actually a King of a small strip of Russia. The plans look good for them to pose as lawyers. Dratchov has asked for a team of immigration lawyers to advise him on expatriation to France. Blank is coming because he has a Yale law degree.

Transmystria is a far away place but the Director approves the mission when Casey proves he can stay in a tiny space for 12 hours. The Director Higgins drops a rat inside the space just to test Casey. Martinez tells his new blonde girlriend that they can associate but have to file paperwork. She asks if they are at the paperwork stage yet. He is not sure. She says his new mission carries risk.
Then men arrive in Transmystria and hide Casey in the area under the SUV back seat. Michael Dorsey, Billy, Blank, and Rick Martinez get to the mansion and meet Dratchov. He toys with them but the arrangement discussions move along. Then they get the bad news: he isn't the one being moves to the West. He wants safety for his daughters. Dorsey says the mission is still on.
Tatiana and Masha are the daughters. Martinez  couples up with the wild card Tatiana, while Billy gets to know the smart blonde, who wants to go to Oxford.  She asks him where he lived on campus. Billy talks in circles. Masha knows the security code to the house which actually helps keep troublemaker Tatiana inside. Tons of security shroud the mansion in tight defenses.

Halothane knocks the guards out. Casey Malick gets the exterior shots of the bomb. When they seem ready to go Martinez pauses and gets a shot of a visitor, an Iranian Colonel buying the nukes. The pictures go to HQ. They run the rockets through the ordnance database and identify them as Russian cloud seasoning agents turned into dirty bomb rocket weapons. "Milk the clouds to make it rain".
The ODS squad discuss arrangements with Dratchov for the daughters to live abroad. Martinez says "Your daughters will be safer than ever". The men learn that Dratchov had a son, Michael, who was lost partying abroad. Dratchov said he didn't know a man like him couldn't have children safe until too late. As Blank dithers over a pool shot Dratchov details his ultimate revenge on the men. This is a non-subtle warning.

Casey disarms the security system and the chopper is on the way. Billy infiltrates Tatiana's bedroom to get them out of the house but gets a pistol cracking instead. Tatiana is sleeping with one of the guards. Billy tries Masha the smart sister, who detects that he wants the alarm off, he didn't go to Oxford and isn't a lawyer. Billy says if she's so smart where does she think the money for the way she lives come from. He says they aren't there to hurt her father but innocent people will die if they don't get out.

Martinez drives the truck with the rockets to the LZ but the chopper can't take the weight. The pilot takes off and Casey hides in the woods. All the other men turn to face the onrushing guards and weaponry aimed at them. Dratchov take them to the mansion but hits the roof when he realizes Masha betrayed him. Dratchov knows they are CIA. The Director gets word the operatives aren't on the chopper and starts a meeting but gets a call from Dratchov. He says the CIA men will die unless the chopper comes back with his merchandise.

The Director makes excuses but Dratchov detects this. He sends a man outside with Blank to kill him. Casey calls Washington DC but the Director wants to send a rescue mission. The closest op group is in Rammstein. To mobilize an extraction will take too much time. The Director stalls on the phone to Dratchov, who doesn't buy it. He sends an assassin out to shoot Blank. But nothing more is heard from either of them.

Dratchov taunts the men in the study but they say their most dangerous operative is at work, a shadow of incredible power. Dratchov says the man who left the study was an idiot. Casey says he'll take care of it all himself. Casey rescues Blank and cuts down most of Dratchov's forces. Casey gets to the study just as Billy and Martinez tell Dratchov he can get what he really wants, safety for his daughters. Dratchov goes into the hallway and almost shoots Blank who is holding a pool cue. His daughters watch from upstairs, seeing him either kill Blank or give in. he decides to give in.

Back at the Agency, the Director tries to make nice with Mallick because of his incredible talents and gives him a bottle of cognac. The Director wants a show of mutual respect in front of the other operatives. All of the rockets are disposed of. Mallick says no thanks. The man Blank gets his own office with a desk, a special title, and a phone with a dial tone. Billy talks on the phone to Masha who is living in his flat in London.

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