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CHAOS- Song of the North- recap

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Written by : published Saturday 16th April 2011

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The UN Ambassador for North Korea falls asleep during the meeting on C-SPAN and wakes up to cheer his own governments' denunciation. This is a career breaker. The ODS is sent to get him before Lee Kwan Song goes back to a cold reception in North Korea. (death). Dorsey sends Martinez to the roof to get rid of him but there is the Ambassador Song trying to jump off the roof. Martinez can only get him back by promising to get his wife out of North Korea.

The Director Higgins tells Martinez it's his job because the White House and the press demand he keeps Yung as a defector. This can only happen with the wife's extraction. Martinez panics. With the ODS team they cook up a plan with documents and exit strategy and Martinez presents these to the Director, who has no option but to try it. Blank has track shoes for walkign the miles of hallway at the CIA.
Mrs. Song works in the North Korean Ministry of Culture. The CIA propaganda man in charges of movies checks out the angles. The Pyongyang international film festival is happening. The men take over an American entry into the Korean film festival about "American Totalitarianism" by changing their status and by throwing the producer Lars Glockner in jail. They make up a phony identity with passport for Carol Cho. Masey says if lackeys in totalitarian regimes could connect the dots they'd connect "starving" with "leader" and revolt.

The team go to picturesque PyongYang. They make contact with the Song's wife, who speaks for the People's Democratic Republic. She has no idea what happened with her husband and says to them "Your government lies to you". Dorsey sits next to her and shows her the C-SPAN video on a smartphone.  She flees in tears and reject their explanations. But next day at their screening she shows. Casey enjoys the only candy bar he smuggled in.
They plan to smuggle her out by plane but she shows up with her sister and their family. Impossibly she demands they bring them with her. The team scrambles as the plan keeps changing. Yung is brought in but panics when he learns about the change in plans. Back at the CIA things are happening. The attractive new deputy Director talks with the new Chairman of the Intelligence Committee while the Director is out. He does not relinquish his phone on the way in.

The team hide in the woods and camp out. Martinez discusses the woman he would have died for, and so does Casey. Dorsey volunteers no information. Nor does Billy.

As the team tries to get past border security into China, the new Congressonal chairperson tells the world on C-SPAN about the extraction. But they aren't safely on a plane. The Director is forced to let him make a phone call to his wife because he threatens to accuse the United States of kidnapping his wife. (The team would be in jeopardy). The wife argues if there is a hope of getting out they have to take it.
The security at the border goes on full alert but the Director gets an assurance of cooperation with China. They  use the tour bus and ram the gate. Casey goes haywire on the guards. As the team and refugees run across the bridge, one North Korean officer gets up and cracks a rifle. They turn to face death and capture, then the soldier throws down the rifle and holds up his hands in "surrender". Dorsey says "What's one more?" and the guard hurries across to defect as well.

Back at the CIA the Ambassador greets his wife unemotionally, as the team reflect on the experience. Billy shares his story of the fatal woman. Dorsey is quiet.

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