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Bones-Truth behind the Myth- Recap

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Written by : published Friday 15th April 2011

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Two people on a Internet date are checking out rare butterflies in a West Virginia forest. They discover something decidedly unromantic- a corpse. A man's body is found in the forest with a tied up goat and strange sulfurous smell. The heart is missing and the ribs are broken. The goat has nothing to say. The butterflies were crowding the corpse looking for nourishment.

The heart-sucking of the victim and the presence of the goat, along with the smell of sulfur are the "trademarks" of the Chupacabra lore.

The victim was a famous TV show host of a program that debunked myths as frauds.  Brennan and Booth then investigate the background of the TV host. Booth says Lee Coleman is from the "Kill the Myth" TV show. Brennan does have a TV but keeps it in the closet. She has a pet iguana.

They narrow down the marks on the bones and the aperture of the bit marks on the rib bones. It's the deadly Chupacabra. The lab team knows this is a CRYPTID, a creature yet unrecognized by scientists. The bite marks were not made by a human. A steel pin is found in the ankle bone of the victim. His outdoor clothes are fairly new. Booth says no real hunter buys new clothes to go hunting in.

The forensic team analyze the remains. They find snake skins, bird feathers and human tissue together that suggests an eerie creature of myth. Temperance Brennan needs to be brought up to speed on this because she believes in no myths and says everything can be explained. They investigate why the death can't be natural causes.

Booth tells Temperance about when he saw a Yeti stationed abroad in Nepal. He can tell she doesn't believe him. But then she does research and tells him what he saw was a polar bear of that region somewhat darker in color standing on its hind legs. Temperance makes several poor jokes which Booth pretends not to laugh at because he says doesn't want to crash the car in his hilarity. They check out the Pine Tree manor where Randy Shepherd owns the place. The rates are $59 a night.

Brennan points out to an ungrateful trio that the Pine Tree Inn should be called the Cedar Siding Inn. Melissa the activities coordinator  at Pine Tree Manor says Lee was very busy there before he disappeared. He was shooting an episode of "Kill the Myth" about the Chupacabra. Brennan learns that quills, dermal cells, and hair belonging to  a weird hybrid human-python-bird were found by the lab in the ribs bite area on the corpse. She is stumped because that animal does not exist.

The British assistant Vincent who won on "Jeopardy" makes a great to-do about following up his alcohol addictiveness recovery by apologizing to the team about things he did or said while drunk. He tells Dr. Saroyan he stole her coupons. But other lies include telling the darts team he slept with several of the women. Most of the things went completely unnoticed anyway. The bone damage on the corpse is not normal because the dental marks are not typical.

Sweets questions the TV producer of Lee Coleman's. She says a pet psychic had a dog attack him due to a previous show debunking her talents. Lee made sure the show aired again right before he disappeared. Sweets questions the psychic, who was whispering to a troubled horse on the weekend in question. The lab says the bristles were from a wild boar and other natural scavengers. The lab finds that the body was hung upside down and drained.

Vincent shows that the bite marks came from a Chupacabra type animal. A special triangular bite looks odd. He confesses to Brennan that he told friends they were torrid lovers. She laughs in his face at the absurdity of this. She says his friends must be very gullible. He says that he been told he's a  good lover and that he wore her iguana as a hat at a party. This does impress Brennan  and he mumbles that he's clever with ribbons.

Booth has a visitor who says if Lee was murdered she might be next. The producer worked for "Seeing is believing" a cryptozoology, hidden animals. She shows Booth the threatening email she received. Meanwhile Brennan debunks Booth's statement that he saw a Yeti. Meanwhile the team find cameras that show the goat heard something before Coleman snapped the camera off. The EQ visualizer shows the sounds caught on the camera are of a deer and some other animal.

Booth and Bones visit the TV producer, who invites Brennan to do an interview. She starts cutting him down to size as soon as cameras start to roll. Brennan then informs him he is a suspect in Lee Coleman's murder, on the show. He turns to the camera and says "We'll be right back". Sweets then interrogates him at the station. Sweets pretends to be sympathetic to get him to talk. He says the Chupacabra beat him to it. He says that he sent the email out of anger but no real evil intent is present.

The bite marks were of a black bear, used to imitate the Chupacabra. The chemical compound found in the wound was "Jaw jelly", used by taxidermists. Booth says he knows where a stuffed bear is. They go to the Pine Manor Inn, where rates are now $159 a night. Booth finds rope burns on the owner's hands.  Sweets questions the Inn owner. He says the lodge was in debt, and when he found Coleman he drained the blood and made the bite marks, but he mentions a shot. Sweets says nobody mentioned a shot and that he knew  because he knew the killer. Randy keeps his mouth shut.

The lab finds that the mating all of the deer was on the camera. They also decipher another sound like an all-terrain vehicle like those at the lodge. The team converges on Melissa, the Inn activities assistant. Turns out she shot Coleman while out hunting because he didn't have an orange vest on. When she told the Inn owner, he mangled the body to attract business. Then Booth makes a point of getting Brennan confused about what she rationalizes and what he said he saw.

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