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NCIS-Rocket Man -Recap

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Written by : published Thursday 14th April 2011

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A man inside a lab in a white chemical suit gets into a closed space with hig tech device. The door closes and the device activates. The man starts to call someone but melts as the device shakes back and forth. The man dies on the floor horribly burnt. The NCIS is notified because the rocket contains a satellite with classified technology. Hanna works as a UPS man undercover and hates it. Deaks has the 'Poker Dogs" painting in his place. Beale says "Houston we have a problem".

The dead man video is shown and Ollie Drewitt is dead. His company flies satelites into orbit for a fee. His daughter Ariel is chief of Operations. The company is co-owned by Holt. But the contract with US government precudes handing over technology to a third party. The full team deploys to the Lancaster rocket company. Holt the surviving partner is actively working with Turkish clients to launch the rocket. He doesn't care much his partner is dead.

Drewitt's daughter swears Holt is behind the death and was trying to sell the company. The staff arrive and question the people involved in the rocket takeoffs. They put Kenzi with the daughter for female bonding because they both lost their fathers young. They find a disgruntled employee Jeff Kinto making metal sculptures nearby.

One man angrily stares them down and leaves. Later they find him at a bar, but his story checks out. Another man was fired but might have a grudge. He says Drewiit found a cheaper way to buy the parts but then when they didn't work he got blamed. Holt's past has criminal sanctions against illegal arms technology dealing to foreign nations. Nell checks out the new clients whose rocket will go into orbit. One of them has a shaky back story. Nell is worried that a high tech agent will be hard to find on such short notice.

The NCIS group must now stop a rocket launch mere hours away. The threat is that United States classified technology could end up working for the wrong nation. Beale gets tapped to go into the field as a FAA inspector. He convinces the daughter and the lab tech who he is with Nell's help. But Beale gets trapped in the machine the same way Drewitt did. He starts to writhe in agony.

But Hetty calls Callen and they rescue Eric. Hanna opens the security camera, and finds a mini camera inside the lab security camera. They find Holt dead murdered at his house. If the murderer saw the person enter the lab by camera, they had to have been alerted by the phone calls. Then they realize the remote control murderer could have hacked the daughter's cellphone and checked the camera. Jeff Kinto is the hacker. They find he has a booth at the Saugus swap meet the next day.

Deaks is crestfallen to see that The "Poker Dogs" painting is only ten dollars. Kenzi wants to know how much he paid for it. Callen and Hanna track the man and Kenzi and Deaks track the dealers. The men run when they spot Kenzi and Deaks and then gunfire erupts. Deaks fire one of the buyers and Kenzi corners the other one. Then Beale celebrates his field job assignments by landing a remote rotary helicopter in the boat house.

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