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Law & Order: Los Angeles episode 10 Silver Lake recap

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Written by : published Thursday 14th April 2011

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Morales (Albert Molina) brings his box of desk stuff to the precinct, and a grimly accepting TJ (Corey Stoll)  welcomes him there. (He has resigned after the Cesar murders as Chief Prosecutor).
A man returns home with his son unexpectedly from a trip to Big Bear, and his wife Mrs. Alvin says she'll run a bath for the sick child. The house is in Silver Lake.The father mentions he threw up three times on the road. Later that night the husband is tied up on the bathroom floor as flashes of light comes from the rest of the house. The killer is at work.

There are footprints and the underwear is bloody. But the man says even without glasses he saw the man was nude but he had a smudge on his thigh.  The crime scene is toured by Morales and TJ. The coroner directs them to the dead mother's body, which was  raped repeatedly, and the body of the young son who died defending her. The police looks for other similar crimes in the area with the same modus operandi. Lots of women's underwear is involved.
They realize the homes had one thing in common, a man called Nolan organizing home audio visual systems. One of the competitors details why they have to look over the whole house. All of the systems were installed by a man whose cased the house but set a bid too high. Nolan Sound did the bids by email. Greg Nolan of Nolan Sound has been dead for years. This is a false identity. The emails were sent from behind a half dozen proxys.
They set up Lt. Gonzalez as a housewife to get the man to admit his interest. She plays with the laundry. Then she says her husband will be away for the weekend and she wants it to be a surprise. He acts weird then police close in and arrest him.

But he says a man called and told him to the job, claiming to be her husband. Then when she said it was a surprise for the husband he knew something was wrong. The man is a fake, and the police realized they've been punked. But now the police know the M. O. of the killer and look for other rape reports. They find the cellphone used for Nolan Sound and trace other calls.

They find other cases in Ventura and Orange County. One of the women was just abducted 5 days ago and could still be alive. One of the women raped gives an interview saying how people at her work were suspected of identity theft. The FBI got called in. The Secret Service Digital Crimes Division. This rings a bell with the police officers, who realize the interviewer would have known a lot about the woman and where she lived. They find the FBI investigative team who performed the identity theft. Raymond Garson is the suspect.

Morales and TJ visit the FBI. The lead man is gone out in the field, and they find his other territories had reports of the same kind of incident. The man's colleague has a picture on the desk of him running in a  marathon, with a scar on his left leg. The questions they ask put the man in the multiple cases at the right time. He would have had the knowledge of identity theft to find out about his victims. The man is a career agent with a Secret Service background.
Annette Kay is the missing Ventura waitress. The SUV track in the road from the latest victim suggests a new car not used by her friends. She worked near a motel in Ventura where the FBI man Garson stayed during a recent case.  The police find surveillance video of the the FBI man leaving the hotel and getting into an SUV the night of the killing. This the make of the car that left the track in the victim's driveway. They decide to move carefully.

Morales asks the superior to get the man to come to their precinct for questioning. He misses his window but the man might still get there.  TJ says he won't show up but Morales says a career Secret Service man understands chain of command and not showing up raises the question of why. Gonzalez can't believe that a man who guarded two Presidents an foruteen heads of state is guilty of "underwear" killings. After six o'clock the man shows up in their office. Ricardo Morales says "This should be interesting".

Connie Rubirosa (Alana de la Garza )and Deputy D. A. Dekker(Terence Howard) watch through a hidden window. Morales calmly leads the FBI man through all the evidence. He says that the surviving rape victim was identifying a scar on the leg of the man who raped her. The photo on the FBI man's desk shows a deep scar on the man's left leg.  The circumstantial evidence and lack of an alibi make some questions that he must answer.

Morales say the Nolan sound man was a jury member on acase Garson investigated back in the day. The Secret Service man thinks fast and says the women were having consensual rough sex with him. He tells Morales he had a pregnant wife he couldn't have sex with and needed extra money and did the electronics work on the side. But while this happens court ordered searchs of his house find photographs of him in the stolen women's underwear. He says this was just experimentation with sexual events.

The prosecutors watching from behind the glass are trumped. They say they needed to get that body of the woman from Ventura. They find the missing woman's home had traces of onion skins on the floor. Morales says there are onion skins all around the fields in Ventura County. Morales drives the Secret Service man past the onion fields next day where huge teams of searchers are looking for the body. The man Garson shows where the body is buried.
But the FBI man lawyers up and gets the onion field testimony out of court because the suspect wasn't under Miranda advisory when driving through the fields in the car. Since Morales is a former prosecutor he can't get benefit of the doubt.  The second woman won't testify in court due to stress of relieving the rape. That leaves only the count of murder and rape from the man with the sick son. The trial begins. The defending attorney is very slick.

The opposing counsel watches the man break down emotionally in court. After the session, they find he has been receiving emails taunting him about the murder and his inability to defend his son. One says that the child did a better job defending the mother (after throwing up three times) than the man. The emails contain such things only the killer would have known. Dekker conducts a search of the prisoner's cell and finds a cellphone hidden in his shoe with the emails in it. He says to bug the phone and leave it there.

Later in court the prosecutor Dekker asks the career agent if during interrogations he understands how information only known to the killer reveals guilt. The man assents and then Prosecution admits the emails and the bug inside the accused man's phone. The bug shows when the phone was used, corresponding to the times when the emails were sent. The testimony is admitted and the man can't come up with an alibi fast enough.


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