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The Cape Episode "Kozmo" Reviewed

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Written by : published Sunday 23rd January 2011

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Gregor Moltov escapes Russian jail custody and a death bullet. He arrives at the Max Melini circus. He wants his cape back. Gregor escaped amid a sea of bodies writing “Kozmo” on the wall. We see that Gregor took the Kosmo persona from Max. Meanwhile an ex army buddy from the war, Philips, that Vince knew, works for ARK and runs onto a bridge at night. The Cape taunts him, captures and angles him off a bridge. Orwell says he goes too far. She gets busted when Fleming retasks military satellites to find her crib. She goes to the carousel house to stay.

Fleming gets nervous about Orwell and the media byte she has been putting on him. Marty is putting pressure on Dana to believe Vince was guilty while stepping up efforts for Fleming. We see Fleming is missing a daughter who has vanished. Dana sees at work that ARK security has hammered the city with litigiousness but keeps the streets safe. Gregor prowls for the cape at the circus pier camp while Tripp Faraday reads the comic book. Marty and his wife visit Dana, and he tries to make Dana feel like Vince was guilty. Tripp starts wearing his father’s army jacket with medals at home.

Kosmo shakes the Cape as a tail wandering around and then wins at poker. He questions the underworld poker players about the Cape. Then he kills each poker player with a flip of the card. Gregor reads “Julia” Orwell’s fortune. No one will miss her when she’s dead, and she’s been in prison. Dana interrogates a man arrested at the yard where ‘Chess" died. The witness says all the  train yard guys saw the frame up. When Gregor threatens Vince, Orwell realizes his family in in danger. Tripp meanwhile is being taunted in school. He is called the son of Chess. He fights. Vince learns this when Dana talks with her boss in the parking garage.

Dana confronts Marty with the evidence the yard people saw. maybe Vince was innocent. They saw Vince get a needle put in him. Dana rushes the story to Marty, Fleming’s man. At the circus, Gregor has them on edge. Gregor says Vince is just like him with a badge. Vince fingers Gregor for the poker murders. But Max and the circus troupe are against Max and he doesn’t get the cape back. Vince attends the evening circus act, hosted by Gregor in Max’s uniform. Gregor puts Max in a tank and the circus folk behind a tiger. The crowd oohs and aaahs.

But the tableau isn’t for show. Max is trapped in chains in a tan of water. The others are bound onto a bulls-eye in front of the knife throwing machine. Vince saves the crew and uses the cape against Gregor, who causes it to constrict around his body when Vince grabs it. The crowd flees.  The circus folk send Gregor to prison. But they know he’ll get out. Meanwhile Marty raids the train yards with ARK security, roping in every eyewitness to the trap. Marty calls Dana and says it was a false lead. but an envelope pushed under her door shows the train yard raid and ARK security. Marty lied.

Max asks Orwell what skills she has the circus might use. Rollo takes a shine to her as well. Orwell admires the strap dancer, a blonde who poses in the air like a gymnast. Vince as the Cape shows up on the terrace to talk to his son. Tripp takes some good advice as the Cape moves off. meanwhile in his skyscraper penthouse Fleming opens a music box. Orwell tries her hand at the balancing act on the ropes, as a white ballerina dances in Fleming’s music box. (She’s his missing daughter).

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