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Celebrity Apprentice-Australian Gold

The Celebrity Apprentice poster

Written by : published Wednesday 13th April 2011

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Australian Gold is a tanning lotion that poses the next challenge. Suncare is a hot industry says Trump, even though it's 25 degrees. Steve and Tami Sue and Melinda ravis from that company need help marketing their sunscreens and body products. The teams must come up with a concept for a ten foot by ten foot glass box. There will be $40,000 for the inner's project manager's charity. But the men still have trouble with Gary Busey.

Marlee Matlin gives a million dollar check to the Starkey Hearing Foundation from the art challenge. This organization gives hearing aids to deaf children, Matlin's charity. John Rich and Marlee Matling both got the checks for their charities.  La Toya Jackson is chosen as the next project manager along with Mark McGrath. Matlin says she is trying to challange La Toya. But the women are critical of La Toya's babyish style. The Playboy model Hope is disappointed the are not using her as a model. Neni is verbal about Jackson's inability to perform.

The men come up with a pirate theme. John Rich is not sure it's good but the team is gung ho for it. Mark McGrath assigns Little Jon on "Gary Duty", babysitting Busey while the team gets work done. Team Backbone plans to feature pirates in the box with a shipswrecked mast and crows' nest. The graphic artists answers with a straight face 'Ok". The men assume they will be using the Playboy model for the feature. La Toya asks for palm trees and koala bears for the box decoration. Sydney the koala bear is the Australian Gold symbol.

The budget is $3500 for the printed box decoration. The women clash with La Toya's choices. La Toya wants banner decorations that cost $7200. But La Toya selects only two banners instead of twelve. She acknowledged to the camera the crew wants her gone to eliminate her. Matlin gets the koala bear suit at the costume shop. The the women are upset because La Toya makes unreasonable demands about the supplies needed.

Little Jon is challenged by doing the costume shop. Gary does various characters and acts out, and Little Jon is peeved about being on "Gary Duty". Later Gary Busey acts out more, testing the other players. They also must have an interactive experience with the company during the exhibit. Ivanka visits and McGrath jumps up, stressing the harmony. The men practice their pirates chant. Little Jon and Gary returns with the props.

Ivanka visits La Toya and sees her concept, living the gold life. Ivanka says the women's concept is literal and not very creative. La Toya answers by creating something different. She calls Hope and Nene for 125 bags of sand. That's 6,000 pounds. NeNe is intensely critical of the sand order. La Toya tries to get Star Jones to put gold in the backround of the graphic but she complains. Matlin and others dress in elaborate hairstyles in plastic worksuits and do manual labor to build the box.

Jackson comes up with a winter and snow element in the box display for sunscreen and lotion products. The women don't really hear what Jackson is thinking about because La Toya doesn't tell them about Ivanka's statements about originality. The omwne complain about doing anything physical other than stand around in trenchcoats. Meanwhile Gary Busey starts crashing axes into the boxes in the workroom, scaring the other men with his display of force and temper.

The men fall short of the labor process as well. Their vision of a grand shipwreck requires much more labor and time than they have. During the experience, Gary Busey leads the executives on his own bent and pitches himself as the spokesman for the company. This does not go down well and is criticized during the boardroom process. Meat Loaf and Little Jon and the models and the dwarf have a pirate chant.

Donald Junior visits the ASAP and La Toya acquits herself well. But NeNe trash talking the project before the public display gives Junior a bad vibe. Nene is dressed as a koala. The Australian Gold group visits the display an on the whole is pleased. The women executives are herded into a small group by Gary Busey. His promotional rants strike a false note.The men feel Gary Busey spends their currency hogging the spotlight. Finally McGrath extracts Busey and is allowed to decompress the female Australian Gold executives.

Trump question the Austraian Gold management and their feedback is good on both counts. They are disappointed Hope was not a model being Playmate of the year, to draw in the crowd. But the men's display did not match their koala logo symbol or their brand message and the women's ads did. Nene is excessively critical of La Toya. Ivanka points out how NeNe criticized La Toya in the past, and Junior mentions she did so on the task. Star does not back La Toya up when she says she needed the extra pair of hands to display the product.

Busey declaims that the theme was pirate and denies his sexual comments. McGrath expounds on the treasure idea. Donald Trump decides the women have won and dismisses them. But on the way back to the room Nene throws  a fit at La Toya Jackson, calling her "Casper" and saying she only won because of her last name. This rivals Meatloaf's 24-expletive rant at Gary Busey last week. (NeNe is from the Real Housewives of Atlanta).

Donald then questions Mark McGrath in the boardroom. The men answer Trump that Busey is a team liability. The Donald asks McGrath to chose two other team members and he will only choose one, Busey. The Donald orders the women's spycam turned off. Mark McGrath is voted off to the dismay of team Backbone.

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