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Hawaii Five-0 Ma Ke Kahakai -Recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 12th April 2011

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Steve and Danny go hiking discussing another postcard he got on his doorstep. Danny suggests that Wo Fat might be luring him into a trap. Agent Kaye thinks the same thing. McGarrett says that he'll find out about the last case his father worked no matter what. Steve says he wants to bring his sister up to the summit but Williams says she'd rather have a manicure. Danny finds out Steve has never been to a professonal baseball game.

They hike up tracing the green mountain ravine trail McGarrett and his father used to climb. The interior Hawaiian green mountains are unspoilt. Steve sees a body and climbs down to examine it. The man is dead, shot. When climbing back up he falls and injures his arm. Danny climbs to the summit to call the 5-0 unit. He calls the 5-0 squad HQ then hauls Steve back up using the rope. Chin Ho calls the Army evac helicopter.

Kona gets a call from her and Chin Ho's uncle. Their aunt is dying. They are demanded to show up to see her that night. Their Uncle Kaiko is also a police officer. They start to examine evidence of Jack Leung the dead man, a fisherman. Kona visits his son, whose tells that the father is dead. The body was dead of a bullet wound with fish scales in it. The older man has a slip in Honolulu harbor. The dead man was booked because of a fight three days ago with Sal, another boat captain.

Williams and Chin Ho call out to the Sal, arriving boat captain, who sees their badges and then runs his boat out to sea. Williams and Chin Ho run and jump into the boat, doing the good/cop bad/cop thing. Chin Ho finds the crystal meth bag and the gun. He says the dealers were angry Leung wasn't onboard with transporting the drugs. Leung didn't want his son involved using the fishing boats for drugs smuggling. His web browser shows the Jordan Rutherford case, a Spring Break girl murder suspect who disappeared.

Ahu fish are the scales from the bullet wound, one load was sold to a restaurant Orimoto. Kono gets a call about her aunt and Chin Ho and she visit the ailing woman at the family home. Their uncle greets them and they visit her. Then Chin Ho goes into another room and starts arguing with the uncle. The dying woman tells Kono she has to make the men have peace, she knows her kidney transplant and the scandal that got Chin Ho fired are related.

Shave Ice picks up Steve at the hospital. Steve and Williams interrupt the karaoke practice and Danny examines the fish. They find a bullet wound and a bullet in one of them as the amazed cooks look on. It gets sent to the lab. Steve says he can't check the fish because of his cast. They find jet fuel on the victim's skin as well. The special fuel is only used by one place on the island Blue Jet Charters.

On the drive back to the HQ, Kono guesses that the Uncle was the one who took the assets from the forfeiture locker. Chin Ho took the fall. Finally Chin Ho confesses that he took the blame because their uncle needed the money for an illegal organ transplant from China.

Kono is very upset because now she knows why Chin Ho got kicked off the force. Chin Ho says their Aunt didn't get on the waiting list for a kidney. They got her a black market organ. He couldn't tell Internal Affairs or the uncle would have gone to jail. He says he promised their uncle their aunt would be shielded from the whole thing. Kono demands Chin Ho admit what really happened when their Aunt dies.

At Blue Jet Charters the boss says Leung was a  hard worker, always talking about his son. The dead man wanted to use the computer in the office. His locker has a stolen flight manifest. Chin Ho says that Lotus Leaf Holding Company is primarily held by Donald Rutherford. He is the father of the Spring Break murder suspect. The .38 bullet pulled from the fish was owned by Donald Rutherford. Steve figures that Jordan escaped from the island. Leung saw the man and that the father killed the fisherman to keep the secret.

Steve and Danny go in bulletproof vests and guns to the Rutherford estate lanai. Rutherford hides but Steve has night vision goggles and sees him walking in an underground chamber. They bust into a hiding place where Jordan was hidden all this time. The father was hiding the son in the basement and got him on a plane to Hong Kong. But even though he says Jordan is all he has, Williams points out he strangled the girl for not going up to his hotel room. The father was guilty of murdering Jack Leung.

The fishing boat man didn't even know his father had a second job. Kono tells the grandson that his grandfather was a hero. She points out that without the evidence they could never have extradited the son. As McGarrett and Williams look on, the parents of the strangled girl watch at the airport as Jordan Rutherford is escorted off a plane is orange coveralls. Later at a bar as they all celebrate, Chin Ho gets a call that the aunt has passed away.

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