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Brothers and Sisters-Olivia's Choice recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 12th April 2011

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Nora (Sally Field) is taking care of Brody's dog, Lily, prompting limitless teasing from her sons and daughters about why. Brody (Beau Bridges) arrives and put s spin in Nora's step. His long drive and trip in RV put him in the shower, which discovery leaves the situation open to interpretation. They hear Brody ask for towels and guess Nora is doing his laundry too. Brody sets off on another trip, leaving Nora in charge of the dog.

Stephen gets irked their youngest brother Justin is turning 30. Nobody wants to give him what he wants, no party. Kevin dredges up a birthday list from when Justin was a kid. Scotty's mom is coming to visit and Luke wants out of the house. The sister Sarah is ducking the wedding planner and his planning his own show. She is too preoccupied to help. She flies out to see Kitty, whose health crisis has caused a split with Seth, her much younger boyfriend. She didn't even tell the family about the bone marrow.

But after Olivia gets a B on her spelling test, her long lost brother shows up. He says they can be a real family again. Bryan disapproves of the two men Kevin and Scotty living together. He has filed a suit with the court and wants full time custody. He has been in the Army and in Afghanistan. Incensed, the foster parents Scotty and Kevin find out from the court. He has letters from the landlord, employer, and commanding officer. He wants Olivia out of that environment.

Nora's is where they take Olivia, and soon Bryan and the couple are pulling at each side of Nora and Olivia to gain ground. Nora panics when the dog runs off. The court will hear the appeals and make a decision. Meanwhile Kitty must deal with the fact her inability to share her panic about her illness lost her the man she loved. She goes to see him and finds one of her former students, Berkelee,  shacked up with him. Kitty is abashed and runs away from a dinner invitation to join them at Felix when Berkelee drops hints about her age.

Sarah props her up. She challenges Kitty to win her man back. They all meet for dinner, Kitty in a killer short skirt and talking literature and politics. Her sister with the hot fiancee is across the room, and Sarah sets him to eyeing the Berkelee monster. The artist has instructions to go to the bar and act available.  Berkelee gets up to flirt with him at the bar, which Kitty directs her ex's attention to. Their ploy works but Seth intercepts a text and sends Kitty and Sarah home with their tails between their legs.

Olivia is conflicted. Nora and Olivia discuss the options. Olivia asks her brother if she can go hang around with Scotty and Luke when she lives with him and he says his religion doesn't support their lifestyle. The judge is aware that rejecting the custody based on antigay bias is illegal. But the family tie is compelling. The court will make a decision later. Nora invites Bryan to come over and get to know Olivia, prompting anger from the men.

Then Olivia asks to be taken to the group home because she is pulling everyone apart. Nora says she doesn't have to go, then Olivia hears Brody's dog Lily at the door. When the dog comes in he brings in a stray smaller dog. Olivia asks what happens if nobody comes looking for the dog, Nora says he'll have to like a house with a pool and delicious azaleas. Then Olivia asks to be brought to the court hearing.

The final discussion with the judge is underway. Nora and Olivia break in. Bryan's attorney tries to stop what he suspects is a coached speech. Olivia says that the Walkers are a family where even homeless dogs are welcome in the kitchen. She says she hopes her brother in time will consider Nora an honorary grandmother via connection to her, because she feels like part of the Walker family unconditionally. The judge awards custody to the male couple.

Nora goes running out the door and calls after Bryan. She asks is running out is the answer he has for everything. As she sees it he can come back in and be part of Olivia's life or disappear forever. But he better make up his mind soon because when you're 9 years old a day is forever. bryan comes around next for dinner, late but he does get there.

Sarah's fiancee gets his own Los Angeles show and says she can't avoid the wedding planner anymore. She says Ok but hides her real reaction.

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