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CSI Miami-Caged -Recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 12th April 2011

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Tripp holds a press conference alerting the public to the manhunt for Dante Kroll. One of the escaped prisoners, Kroll was a highly skilled star in mixed martial arts.  He was a competitive fighter. Delko busts a gym where a tip says Dante was at, and Frank sees through the personal video camera that Dante's brand of cigarettes is on the table. Ryan spies the accomplice and tackles him, chasing Mike Darrow down an alley. Tripp ordered Ryan to get a lead on the hideout. Darrow doesn't talk.

But meanwhile a young girl sees a police officer flash a badge and pull over a civilian, and when the man steps out of the car the officer kicks him using martial arts until bones crack. The man takes the gym bag and runs away from the car.
Across town, Horatio greets Logan Shepherd giving a TV interview. Logan testified in the trial that put Dante away for a bar fight. Horatio hugs Logan and gets introduced to the wife. They discuss postponing the big fight. Logan says no but the wife Brook isn't so sure. Logan was the witness in the bar fight that got Dante put away, but the big fight tonight cements his championship. It's the first time Logan has been in Miami since the escape.

Ryan's girl in the lab finds dirt from Lewisite chemical weapons in the victim's hair, which was used in WWII. Ryan finds out because Darrow made bail. This was uncovered in the ground in a local area some years ago. Ryan invites the lab tech to go into the field with him and makes sure she has her target practice up to par. The search the area of the dump site with drawn guns. They find Dante's lair, a warehouse with his boxing gloves there.
Tripp hunts down the identity of the kicked-to-death victim. Tim Garrigan's wife shows up at the lab when Tripp is calling the shop to get the license plate of his car. Garrigan was working the night shift and never came home. Tripp gives her the bad news. He was a security guard at the Arena where the fight is taking place. She details what he carried with him in his bag. Natalia Boa Vista realizes the security pass Dante took can get him into the fight.

At the fight, Horatio and Delko talk to the fight organizer. According the computer "Garrigan" is in the buildling. The promoter refuses to shut down the fight. He says under no circumstances will he stop it and he's invested a fortune getting people to see the fight. Boa Vista tells Logan she can't protect him if he goes into the arena. Logan goes into the cage with his opponent and starts the fight. Eric Delko and Horatio look for a high place in the boxing arena for Dante to shoot from and split the team into quadrants for a search. Logan starts wining the fight.

They scan the crowd. Walter and Eric find a photographer with a tripod. They clear him and tell him to leave. Through the second round of the fight. Kroll doesn't appear. Back at the lab, Frank digs through Logan's phone records and finds five anonymous local calls to Logan's cell from a payphone inbound. He realizes it's a heist. Tripp says a video message came in from Kroll to Logan takes a fall in the third, and Horatio sees the plan.

Back at the lair, Moly says that Inks contain metals impervious to sunlight. Molly mixes glycerin and chemicals to bring out the map details. The blue print is of the arena where the fight is happening. Wolfe texts the blueprint to Horation. Dante's goal isn't the cage, it's the vault. As Dante robs the vault, Horatio goes running. He says "There's no way out" and Eric and he start shooting, Dante jumps past their gunshots into the elevator.

Logan is rushed to an ambulance and Horatio call it as a diversion. Horatio and the group shoot at the armored car, futilely. When Logan sits up in the ambulance, the driver (Dante) says "Nice work, bro". But then later Dante shoots Logan as payback. Horatio is disappointed that Logan was in on the heist. Horatio says "Logan, you looked me in the eye and I believed in you". Logan shows Horatio a video of Dante holding Shepherd's wife Brooke as hostage. Horatio sees Darrow in a reflection in the video.

Ryan and Delko shake down Darrow at the CSI lab. Kroll dropped off his cut and said he needed his gloves. Horatio gets notified. Delko finds Brooke in the fence cage  where she was hidden, and Dante scoops up everything. Dante won't leaveswithout his gloves, and soon many offices having trained on the Horato shots him, after he tries to take a shot. Dantes that this is how it feels to take a fall. He sneers at H and takes a shot but he gets shot by others when he falls to the floor. Dante says Logan put him away because he was a better fighter.

Horatio reunites Logan with the wife and wishes him well in the future.

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