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America's Most Hated Family in Crisis

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Written by : published Wednesday 1st June 2011

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If you want to watch a documentary that makes you feel uncomfortable, then make sure you watch this. Louis Theoroux decides to revisit the most hated family in America. The documentary focuses on the lives of the small Westboro Baptist Church. The people who are part of the Church believe that Barack Obama is the Anti Christ and they also detest soldiers and gay people. AThe documentary, however uncomfortable it may be, certainly makes for compelling viewing. After previously visiting the Church in 2007, Louis Theroux is certainly not welcomed back with open arms. In the documentary he tried to discover why the family is in crisis, after a number of members have now left the controversial Church.

Louis Theroux visits one family, who openly discuss that they have removed any evidence of their daughter. The reason being because she lost faith in the beliefs of the controversial Church. It is quite distressing watching the father openly say that the family have removed any trace of their daughter, by removing her pictures off the wall. Another uncomfortable moment occurs when he states that he was relieved to let his daughter go.

The documentary focuses on the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church, who are well known for their antagonising picket lines. The family line the corners of streets with distressing placards such as: God Hates Fags, and other lurid slogans. What is even more absurd, is how the family have used modern pop songs to deliver their abusive messages. In the documentary you see the young girls of the family dancing to a Lady Gaga song, but instead they have altered the lyrics to suit their beliefs.

It is clear throughout the documentary that Louis Therouz is fascinated and shocked by the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church. He particularly finds it odd how the parents can dismiss their children from their families. One dismissed daughter tells Louis Theroux that she was thrown out of the family unit because she had worn a bakini on holiday.

The documentary is not for the faint hearted, or for those who are easily offended. However it does make for compelling viewing. The Westboro Baptist Church may appear delusional and absurd in their beliefs, but it is always interesting to find out the beliefs of others, even if those beliefs are taken to the extreme.

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