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The Lakes Episode 4 Review

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Written by : published Tuesday 12th April 2011

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I am very sorry for this late review but I recently found myself internet-less is my flat so as I return home I have regained my internet connection so my belated review of “The Lakes” can be given life.I absolutely adore the Lake District as a place. I lived near to the place and my childhood was spent swimming in lakes and climbing mountains its beauty never fails to astound and inspire me. So it was with a sense of childish nostalga that I entered into “The Lakes." Usually I wouldn't mind but the fact the episode I watched was showing me beautiful shots of the lake district then said "and now our first story is about a man swimming the chanel" No! I didn't tune in to watch something that has nothing to do with the programme! 

The problem with programmes like this is people generally are boring beasts. If you follow the average person their day consists of mind numbingly dull work followed by watching rubbish TV so inevitably the people that end up on the show are the creme de la creme of unaverage insanity. One man was a nature detective, ok you love animals I understand that but if you ever say the sentence "you sometimes don't see the animals, but if you're lucky you might see the scat." You need to be taken out of you're gimpsuit and given a nice cup of tea in a quiet room. I get slightly worried by the fact that the sight of an animals excrement should fill me with delight and excitment. is that what the producers of the lakes really think of us as its viewers? Fair play to them they did start to mock the man but it was to little to late he had already proclaimed we should be excited of faeces fondling this was enough for me to switch off altogether. 

Right there might be some good points to this programme it may be an excellent display of people instead of places but it does that in a cack handed manner that made me feel dirty then it told me to play with animal dung which didn't make the situation any better so my advice is if you like me love the lake district then go there and be one of the people, don't have a TV show tell you what it's like, experience it or on the otherhand you could take a leaf out of the shows book and dress up as a gimp and frollick round in your garden playing with badger crap.


Watch the Lakes with Rory McGrath here

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