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The Cape Premier and Pilot review

The Cape (2010) poster

Written by : published Sunday 23rd January 2011

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A Gotham-type urban town, "Palm City", struggles under the weight of a crime wave. Officer Faraday is one of many concerned both for their job and public safety. The mayor (a black woman) tells the new chief  Ross that she needs an affirmative statement about police commitment to public safety. The new chief is killed after a speech by L-9 a lethal canister of gas.

Two police officers, Faraday and Muddy, discuss employment opportunities beyond police work. Faraday is shown to be idealistic and honest, a rarity in the corrupt Palm City. Marty is more worldly. Faraday’s wife Dana and his son Tripp are his entire life. But the villain Chess threatens the peace.

His friend officer Marty introduces him to an important businessman, British Mr. Fleming(James Frain). Fleming is a corporate type whose ARK corporation is a private security firm that wants to hire him. Fleming is wealthy and influential and claims to need good cops on his private detail. Later Pete and Frain talk more candidly about a specific job that needs doing. Fleming’s goal is the Palm City security contract from the Mayor.

Later a mysterious computer force called Orwell occupies the police blotter as a weird online entity in the crime-policing Palm City continuum. Nobody knows who Orwell is but the distinctive screen image is shown.

Faraday goes home to his beloved young wife and son. He and his son Tripp share a particularly close relationship. They read a specific comic book together, about a caped crusader called  "the Cape". The son discusses the crime figure Chess in the context of the father's work. To Faraday, the gap between the comic book police force and the harsh reality is a secret he hides from his young impressionable son. He speaks of this conflict to his wife, and they ponder a future without his police job.

Later that night Faraday sits at his computer and a private transmission from Orwell  appears. Faraday is startled yet intrigued. Orwell claims Faraday is honest but not many are. Orwell challenges Faraday to act to reveal the corruption in Palm City, which extends much farther then people guess. Faraday is directed by Orwell to a train yard, where he is surprised in a train car by pete. The train car is full of dolls. Suspicious of each other, these partners circle each other and ask what each is doing there.

Faraday pulls the head off a doll to find a smuggled weapon. He claims every doll on the train has a similar cargo. Fines agrees to help him get to the bottom of it and then Vince Fleming steps in, as the real Chess. Marty is in on it and they tie him up and shove him out the train car door.

When the police chief makes a speech, he is sucked into a limousine with the noted criminal the Chess. Grinny evilly, Chess watches outside the glass a the chief struggles to get out of the locked limo with the body of the dead politican in back. A gas canister is released, and every other person around flees, except Faraday. The chief ordered everyone back for safety, says one cop. Faraday doesn't believe it and rushes the limo. Desperate to save the chief, he is near the car when it explodes. Only Faraday sees the Chess on the other side of the car.

Faraday runs with his hands tied, a mask over his head, and when he gets outside the cargo container, he is in a railroad yard with a helicopter flying overhead. The helicopter belongs to the police, who believe he is the masked Chess responsible for the chief's death. Faraday tries running. He is dazed but understands a chase when he sees one. His hands and arms are bound so he can't take off the mask, which floats off partway and his face can be seen and the roar of the helicopter prevents him from being heard.

The TV chase is being televised. At home, Vince Faraday's son watches him fleeing, knowing at once his father on television. His mother, is distracted and finally hears the announcer saying they have identified the Chess as Officer Faraday and have him on the run. His wife is horrified and scared. They both watch in disbelief as police gun the "Chess" under a train car. Unseen by the police or the TV (or his family) he accesses an underground hatch. The car is bombed and it explodes.

The officer wakes to see a black man and a dwarf boxing in a ring. His arms are still bound and the mask is still on his head. The dwarf Rollo starts beating Faraday up at the black man's command. The black man guesses his weight, a carny trick of old. They believe he is the Chess and they want money. As he denies the story and tries to tell the struth, various carnival folk mock him. He has ended up somehow in a circus troupe. Rollo keeps beating him up until he passes out. Except Faraday bargaisn with his master security key. The carny folk rob all the banks using the card key, as Ark watches on private ecurity cameras.

One of the trained raccoons from the circus walks down a hallway with a briefcase, to which Fleming/Chess replies, “Do we think the raccoon acted alone?”. Chess threaten’s marty’s family if he doesn’t catch the carnies. Vince calls his wife but hangs up when she answers. Faraday is told by the carnival leader if he robs Fleming he’ll help him get his family back. but if he calls them and gets back on the radar they’re dead.

Ex sergeant Vince Faraday lives with the carnival people now, punching the bag and living in the tents. Max, the carny leader, Max Maline, specializes in the impossible. Vince finds an old cape in Max’s trunks. But then Max finds a special cape. The 38 vanishing illusions can serve him well. Max promises to teach him. The dwarf Rollo wrestles against him, and the hypnotist teaches him a few tricks. Finally Max announces he’s ready.

Fleming’s smuggling man Scales appears to supervise a shipment. Faraday whips the cape around but gets caught by the vicious thug. Vince gets wrapped in chains and thrown into the sea. Orwell shows up, taking pictures. Vince gets her running and they trade identity secrets. Max gets stolen by Chess and Fleming interrogates Max disappears in a puff of smoke, stating “Doesn’t anyone value showmanship any more?’ but Scales shoots him fleeing. Rollo calls Vince.


In a old WW2 cruise ship Max is straggling to the deck. Rollo sams Scales ith a red wrench as they trade Oz jokes. Vince finds max as he lays dying. Max states that one man making a difference inspired him to survive. Max comes around as Chess tries to set the L-9 shipment afire. Vince stops them all, and Chess escapes to avoid detection as ARK helicopters close in. Vince visits his son, promising him in apuff of smoke that his father will see him again one day soon.


Two thugs rob a weapons shop, as Faraday cruises the back aisles. He turns into the Cape before amazed villains. Then he tries to rob Fleming at night but gets shot by a lethal assassin. Orwell saves him and brings him to Max. Flashback to a time when Dana discovered her husband’s medals in a jar. We see that Vince has a dark side and a past. Vince’s skills seem to expand under threat.

ARK security wants the prisons ecurity contract but the secretary says no. Flemig hires Cain, a poisoner, to kill him. Fleming eyes his virtual security syste and taps a file titled “Siren”. When Fleming becomes Chess his eyes become reptilian in coloration.  Max keeps the actual cape from Faraday’s using it. Vince builds a secret intel lab under the pier carousel. Dana struggle to get a job despite her tainted name.

Cain, who mixed a lethal poison for the politician, poses as a janitor and pulls a knife on the secretary. But the woman who is Orwell jumps in the way. But she sees the Tower Tarot tattoo on the poisoner. Orwell has limitless resources at her disposal including expensive cars and technology. Cape hunts down a trio of thugs. When they meet later all the men in the bar die of gas poisoning. Faraday alerts Secretary Portman who is amazed at the idea of “the Cape”.

Max finds the intel lab and give Vince back the cape, urging him not to forget who he is. Orwell dientifies Cain as a chef who killed his young wives then went to prison. She says Cain is part of the Tarot a league of killers. Their danger is palpable. Fleming has lunch with Portman. Orwell recognizes Cain as the chef and impersonates a food blogger to get a table. Cain attacks her, but the Cape has achieved real skill avoiding knives.

Max offers Vince fake IDs and money to escape with the wife and son. Dana Faraday catches her son waiting for the Cape again on the fire escape. She arm wrestles the D. A. into a job, and tells her son to not imagine anything but remember the man his father was. Tripp nods as the Cape listens nearby and vanishes. Max claims that they are in danger as long as he is the Cape. But Vince knows they are his strength.

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