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CSI New York Food For Thought- recap

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Written by : published Saturday 9th April 2011

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Hawkes and the former kidnap victim Camille enjoy a gourmet food truck festival. She says how glad she is they could get together like this. Hawks tastes a weird dish made of foie gras gravy and fried food. Around them delicious foods are being tasted and served. A man mixes a bomb offscreen. Then as they find a seat, a man in brown rushes past them. Minutes later the truck blows up. Hawks and the girl pick themselves up as ambulances arrive. They help others away from the burning trucks.

The police arrive. Jo observes that Hawks called in sick. Examination of the evidence puzzles the CSI team. Mac finds triazetone triperoxide, which is a powerful explosive made from household chemicals. Danville counsels Hawks to get a clean bill of health before returning to work. Mac charges the lab to test the shrapnel from the blast. Danville comments that the propane tank is a bomb waiting to happen. The lab needs to reassemble the fragments.

Sid looks over the toasted body of the food truck cook in rigor mortis. The lining of the chef's apron protected a painful contusion suggesting the victim may have had an altercation the same day he died. The CSI lab is under pressure to get results and find the murderer. Camille calls Hawks and begs him to come to her party, celebrating their survival of the blast. Glue residue is found on the underside of the propane tank, which may have been used to glue the bomb on.


Hawks comes to Camille's party, but sees some people passing marijuana in a back room and they offer him some. He is a NYPD cop and moves away and leaves. Camille says she's never tried it. Hawks doesn't make it a big deal, but Camille wants to try it. She asks Hawks to try smoking the weed with him. Next thing he knows he's waking up at ten a.m. (in bed with Camille) when he should have been at work an hour before. He jumps out of bed and rushes to work.
Chinese cave swallow saliva is found on the shirt fabric of the victim. The saliva stain lines up with the odd abrasion. The number three special on the menu is not found in any of the debris. Derby Chasen, the young truck owner, has many complaints. The man Gonzalez, who filed all of the complaints, is about 55 and runs a hot dog cart. Flack and Danville visit him. Gonzalez says Chasen didn't pay fees or meters but scammed his lunch crowd just by driving up. Gonzalez is surprised to learn Chasen is dead and is cleared because he has a clean record.
When Hawks gets back to work in the lab, Messer says he made subway excuses for his lateness. Then a random drug test squad arrives. Hawks is irritated and there is a flashback to the night before. He goes for the drug test. Then he examines traces of a imprint from a styrofoam container in the lab and finds an address. Mac is irritated they can't find the killer.

Sid finds that the odd wound impression was caused by a potato ricer, used to express moisture. Every chef has one. Bird's nest soup was the number three special on the truck but the CSI lab can't find the food traces. The saliva makes the gelatinous blob which the soup delicacy features. It would have been from a recipe from where Chasen trained. The menu featured many items from Bistro Zhaizhong, Chasen's former employer. This is one of very few restaurants serving bird's nest soups.

Mac and Danville go to check it out. The irate chef is holding a potato ricer. He has a foul temper and berates everyone. He says he taught Chasen everything he knows and found him moonlighting on a food truck using his recipes. He confronted him and threatened him. Mac and Danville say he turned  up the heat too high and take him in. The chef lawyers up and has an alibi. Mac is really frustrated.
Hawks finds the box address is a room in the the Hotel Hyperion. The hotel has a registered guest with the name of Gus. Flack wonders why he knows the name. They do a records search. He's a known pimp who owns 50% of the truck Chasen drove. He also owns six other trucks. Flack goes to one of them and orders the number three special. The man says it's $5 and Flack hands him $500. The chef writes the address of the hotel on an empty food box and gives it to him. Flack uses the styrofoam container address to see a girl in a hotel room with the same data, this is the number three special.

Gus and the girl are brought in. Chasen was collecting for the sex ring but then said he wanted just to sell food. The hooker tells Danville the johns were better than the street crowd. Gus says it was a sweet organized rap, why would he blow it up? Derby Chasen collected the insurance on the truck and had a sex ring, but has an alibi. The CSI lab finds a trace print on the ceramic bonding adhesive and it matches Olan Gonzalez, just not the one they questioned. Mac, Flack, and Hawks go to the restaurant supply place and the hidden man pushes a ton of dishes on Flack and runs out the back. Hawks tackles the man in the back alley, and recognizes him from the night of the bomb blast.

This is Olan Gonzalex Junior, who thought his father was being unfairly pushed out of business. He said there was no other way, and his past had arson charges from a pipe bomb. His father is shocked to discover he is responsible for the death of an innocent man. Junior says he wasn't so innocent. He watched the people on the truck line and noticed people paying $500 for a food truck dinner. He had grabbed one of the discarded styrofoams and went to the hotel room, and saw the hooker answering the door. He knew there would be no other way to get him off his father's sidewalk stand perch.

Hawks comes to Mac's office to discuss the results of the drug test. Mac says it was not enough for termination. Sheldon swears it was second hand and purely incidental, he wasn't using. Mac reminds him about calling in "sick". Hawks he says it seems like they do good work on the job but that's all they have. He says this is the first time he's had a relationship outside the office worth getting into trouble for. Mac tells him that responsibility and good choices outside the office come with the job and doesn't Camille understand that. Mac says for Hawks to go home and get some sleep and come in the next day in the frame of mind to do the job he swore an oath to do.

Hawks gets home and bolts the door behind him, sinking back against the door in relief. Seconds later there is aknock on the door. It's Camille, and Hawks says he's really tired and has to get some sleep. She says Ok but is he sure? Then she takes off her trench coat and she's not wearing anything. Hawks is about to turn her down then the elevator door rings, he grabs her and rushes her inside.

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