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Survivor: Redemption Island Episode 8: What goes around

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Written by : published Thursday 14th April 2011

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Survivor isn’t supposed to be so smooth.

Rob’s domination this season is truly commendable in a game that is one part luck and another part chance.  Matt found out the hard way that there is little room for “God’s Will” in the game of Survivor, much in the same way that pro athletes credit God for sinking the winning shot or making the final touchdown (they do realize that God doesn’t favor one team over the other, right?)

In case you missed, you can watch Episode 8 here, and then you don’t want to miss my full Episode 8 recap.

But what goes around in Survivor often comes back around.  Look at the bad karma that came back around to bite Zapatera in the infested armpit, after throwing a challenge to oust Russell only to lose a  bunch of challenges in a row.  Matt is currently experiencing the “what goes around” theory, as he finds himself right back on Redemption Island after fighting so valiantly to get back into the game.  So did Rob make the right move in targeting Matt yet again?

Rob’s game.  The short answer is yes.  Rob’s brilliance this season will go down in the Survivor history books as one of the best played games ever.  He’d have to majorly screw up down the stretch to take that away from him.  By gosh, he could actually win depending on what goes down, something that didn’t seem realistic when they announced his return to the game along with Russell.

By targeting Matt yet again, he has instantly rid himself of what was his biggest threat in the game:  Someone who had a reason to blindside him.  Even better in my opinion was his ability to have worked so well on Andrea that she actually voted alongside Rob to oust Matt, when she had felt so burned the first time.  What could top Rob’s decision to blindside Matt?  How about Ralph uselessly throwing away his Immunity Idol?  This Tribal couldn’t have gone better for Rob, which is something I believe I’ve said following every Tribal he’s appeared at.

Who’s in a good position?  Ralph may have thrown away an Idol, but that showed a lot of loyalty (or stupidity) to throw out an Idol for someone else.  In Mike’s case, he’s clearly the emerged leader of the former Zapatera tribe, which also puts an instant target on his back.  I’m surprised David didn’t work at separating himself from Zapatera…he seemed to be a very promising strategic player early on whom thus far hasn’t delivered many smart plays.

The current make-up of the new merged Tribe lends me to think that Grant and the girls (Natalie, Ashley, and Andrea) are in the best position for a Final 4.  They have numbers on Zapatera and as they get closer and closer to the end, Rob’s chances of outlasting the rest becomes smaller and smaller.

Wait, did I really just under-estimate Boston Rob?

And did I already discount Matt?  He is on Redemption again, but he is still in this game.   His next Duel will be his biggest, as he has to feel overly betrayed, unwanted, and defeated.  But one win at Redemption could turn around his spirits.

Plus, I’m not one to bet against God.

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