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The Good Wife- Wrongful Termination-recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 6th April 2011

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Alicia talks to Mr. Stern, the founding member of Lockhart Gardner on a current case. A videotape shows a man worker in a cubicle strangling himself. Alicia's new toughness is commented upon, as is her rising value as the wife of the State's Attorney. Stern says Alicia is about to become a hot commodity. But when Diane, Will, and Alicia discuss the case they don't hear from Stern. This is because when Stern's secretary wakes him up next morning, he's dead on the office sofa. Will says ending up a Wikipedia entry doesn't pay.

Florrick is up three points and Eli tells all his campaign workers to do nothing, and say nothing. A reporter alerts Eli to a lack of residency status lawsuit. This makes Wendy Scott-Carr look sympathethic. Eli almost strangles the DCC chairman. Eli says they've positioned themselves as apart from the machine, and the chairman gave Wendy an issue to fight. Eli says he can't stand dealing with a novice amateur.

Will's girlfriend Tammy has a sister named Helena that used to be with Will. The girlfriend gets an offer to go to London and warm up coverage for the 2012 Olympics. Will is supporting Tammy leaving for London and the woman is caught off guard. She later confronts Alicia about being the "other woman" Will broke up with Helena for. Alicia says she was but the thing is over. The girlfriend isn't quite so sure.

Florrick's campaign is in trouble when the press reporter gets hold of a rumor about Florrick having another Blake's leaked testimony that Peter Florrick has "bimbo issues". Eli freaks out. The Democratic National Convention is using Wendy Scott Carr for a lawsuit because her husband is not an Illinois resident. Eli is astonished Florrick's own party is causing trouble for him by the time they've finally gotten Childs out of the race.

Diane and Will feel horrible but start counting old clients they lost and want to canvas back. Then Will and Diane sit down to discuss what an era has passed. When Diane, Will, and Alicia go to the shiva sitting, they see an old client they want to harness back. Will learns that Stern was selling his firm. Who should show up at the shiva but former nemesis  Louis Canning (In a black skullcap) to speak to Alicia. Canning is the attorney (played Michael J. Fox) who bought Stern's firm with all the clients and cases.
Canning says he bought Jonas Stern's firm and thus has the entire client list lost by Diane and Will. Alicia has a twinge of uneasiness about Canning. The current case is taken over in court with Abernathy the individualist judge. The witnesses tell how the company created abusive working conditions and a hostile working environment. Abernathy tells the lawyers to sit down and not to lean forward, and makes them take deep cleansing breaths.

Canning blames the suicide on the videotape on the antidepressants the man was taking. The wife says she had a one nighter but they were working through the problems. Will is outraged because this is the pharmaceutical drug involved in the case last year against Alicia. Canning even produces video of rats from the former case which was contributed by Lockhart Gardner. Canning fakes a sick driver and gets a ride home from Alicia. He offers Alicia a job working for him. He says he's not a bad guy but his morality at work is to win. He says she feels bad but that she's the one who beat him in court.

Andrew Wylie the investigator, questions Cary about the missing pages of Blake's interview with Mattan. His wife's diagrams for a space vehicle for Virgin Galactic are on the wall. Wylie accuses Cary of protecting Kalinda. Wylie tries to catch Cary in a lie and then Wylie puts Childs on speakerphone. He says Mattan is trying to pad his resume and for Cary and Wylie to get to the bottom of it. Cary has no choice but to promise to solve it.

(Mattan has made a deal with Florrick). Cary meets with States' Attorney Assistant Mattan, who evades Cary's questions about the missing pages. Mattan pointedly tells Cary it's notes about personal details Blake told, about Kalinda, but Childs will use it to smear Peter Florrick. Eli has to come to Alicia to get a quote for the reporter. Alicia was supposed to be kept out of the campaign, but Eli says they are so close. Alicia says she'll think about it.

The jury is shown the tape of the man hanging himself. The wrongful termination case evolves into a pointed finger at the man's drug taking. In discussion of the drug's admissibility, Canning produces the agreements concerning evidence in the drug case. Canning accuses Lockhart Gardner of knowing Stern was ill and exploiting him. Alicia is questioned about whether she knew if Stern was ill. She claims privilege which holds even after his death.

Kalinda plays a tape of the CEO humiliating the workers. The witness coldly claims this was done to keep jobs in the USA. Then Kalinda says where is the Karen woman  addressed on the tape. Kalinda visits Karen at home but sees that she doesn't want to testify. Karen says she gave the suicide man articles about the side efects and he didn't take the drugs. Karen Jennings has a Mercedes in the driveway and a nice house when all the other employees are without work.

But Kalinda finds that the pension fund was looted to keep the company in the black and that Karen the benefits person found out about it. Gardner calls Karen Jennings to the stand. The CEO panics. Canning calls for a recess to make a settlement. The $35 million is a RICO case but Will and Diane know the Fed will seize the company and its assets. Will knows this is what Canning will care about.

Alicia and Will get a lot of twisty turns before Kalinda's forensic accounting skills lead to the hidden jackpot settlement. The company buried a huge payment to a human resources consultant. The evidence is found documenting how employees were being abused. The CEO Kim Palmieri paid the analyst Karen to keep mum about the payments. Kalinda gets the evidence.
Eli shows the reporter Wendy Scott-Carr's summer home in the state. Eli is stunned when the reporter says Florrick is under the gun for bimbo issues. Petra Moritz gets a phone interview with Alicia Florrick, but the questions turn personal. Eli says to keep his cool. Alicia says last minute rumors win races because they sway voters before investigations can happen. The reporter says verifiable sources have come forward.

But the reporter asks if Peter Florrick has sworn to her that he never slept with anyone else, then Alicia backs off. The reporter says does she believe there should be a public life and a private life, and then the reporter asks if she ever had an AIDS test, and Eli tells her off and slams down the phone. Alicia mulls over Canning's offer.

Cary sees Kalinda after speaking with Mattan, on the street, and tells her Mattan knows (about her and Florrick)  and so does Andrew Wylie. But at his house, Wylie asks why Cary is protecting Kalinda. (He has followed Cary). Cary asks Wylie why is he following him, and Wylie says he's doing his job, why isn't Cary doing his.
Canning leaves Lockhart Gardner, saying to Alicia that double her salary is a good offer. He says Lockhart Gardner keeps a lawyer weak.
Alicia says "Yet we beat you again", and Canning says "Do I look like a beaten man?" This is shades of his "loss" in the pharmaceutical case, which Alicia found out later was really an effort to negligible settle a wrongful termination. Was Canning hired by the CEO to finalize liability?

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