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The Event-You Bury Other Things Too -Recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 6th April 2011

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Sophia's bus teleports through the air to the Arizona town, where they are safe. Agent Lee watches the piles of bodies of his people on the TV screen, unable to give the game away. The President and Blake Sterling tip off Simon Lee so he runs to contact Sophia. Lee hides in his office but a scrambler phone lights up under his desk. He is guided out of the white House by blank spots in the security cameras, as Elias Martinez and Blake  watch. He took the bait but the hiddne phone guided him out.

Simon makes it to Arizona, but is shocked to see a change in Sophia. She now wants to obliterate the human race to make room for the billions coming from their dying star. Laila was on the second bus and realizes she is an effective prisoner of the sleepers now, with her father's approval. Security guards and cameras are everywhere. Laila is told she has no reason to leave. Sophia  tells her inner circle she no longer considers Earth civilizations benevolent. The mandate not to harm humans is no longer binding. Simon is shocked. Michael is also in on this.

The bodies on the bus are identified and top level defense employees, and the extent f the deaths is grisly. Blake informs the President they are infitrated at the highest level. The public is told that an elevated threat from extremist terrorists is responsible. President Martinez (Blair Underwood) is now actively involved in a plan to rout out the sleepers once and for all. The President gives a press conference warning any group that opposes American rights to be advised of the dangers.

Walker and Victoria prepare for a raid on Dempsey's castle haunt in Morez, France.  Victoria is watchful. They get detailed information about the chateau from her contact Henri. Victoria challenges that Walker can get justice from the French authorities from Dempsey. He's a nobody and Dempsey is a billionaire. She says she's worked for Dempsey and only his death will work. Sean Walker de-activates the online bug that would have alerted the sleepers where her son is.

Dempsey gets expert analysis on the excavation decoding. It's an item belonging to a race of watchers or guardians. Dempsey touches the surface of the limestone and is told by the archeologist to stop, that he might contaminate it. Dempsey then shoots the man and looks over the dig find. The surface of the stone has raised markings and grooves, with little stones like dominoes arranged on it. He looks intently on the meanings and examines the writings.

Victoria tries to prepare Walker for killing. She says you lose your nerves but you bury other things too. (This explains her decreased sensibilities on the cruise). They arrive at night and Victoria hides in the trees. Cars come but it's a trap, vehicles arrive with guns blazing. Victoria fights and shoots and so does Walker. Then she shouts for Walker to run, and he evades a vehicle by jumping off into a ravine and the Hummer wrecks itself. Victoria is captured.

President Elias Martinez takes a meeting with Blake Sterling and Senator Catherine Lewis (Virginia Madsen). They cook up a plan to test the DNA of every American. Since Lewis used to be a doctor, she says the CDC should broadcast there is an outbreak of a drug resistant strain of disease and only testing and DNA evaluation can prevent it getting spread. Martinez gives Lewis authority over the project, to Blake's obvious discomfort.

President Elias is called to the side to speak with his wife. She wants to know about the DNA test. He tells her everything. As his wife she has White House clearance and access to everything and is included in the group. She is immediately defensive and angry, refusing to go along with the plan. The stunned President watches as his wife becomes angry, and refuses to support his decision as his wife or as an American citizen. With Lee's escape, the Vice-President's sleeper cooperation, and untold defections of loyalty, this looks bad.

Laila is very upset with her father and argues with him about staying in the homestead town. She says it's creepy but he says these are Sophia's orders. A menacing shadow appears in the doorway. Michael is interrupted by an upset Simon Lee, who discusses Sophia's plan. Michael says he has to respect Sophia's orders. He asks Michael what kind of world does he want Laila to live in? Michael pauses, agrees and then agrees to meet him in the morning.

Dempsey is in the long line of people sent as guardians or sentinels to secure "us" against "them". He says "them" and looks up. Dempsey says they are on the same side. Victoria won't tell Dempsey anything. He wants to know about Walker.What connections does he have, and why does he evade all Dempsey's plots to get him? Victoria won't say anything. It's all part of the tapestry, most curious, Dempsey says, and orders Victoria killed. Then he turns back to his manuscript.

Walker waits inside Henri's French place and knocks him out cold with a shovel. When he says they were ambushed, Henri claims his innocence. When Henri wakes up Walker has tied him to a chair, duct taped his ankles, and starts beating him with blows. Henri claims he was the one who was deceived. Sean (Jason Ritter) starts hammering the Frenchman's hands. Henri says he would never hurt Victoria, to let him go and they can go together to save her.

Michael (in Arizona) meets Simon packing the car, and Lee asks where Laila is. Michale reveals he has betrayed Simon, as Sophia comes into the area. She says she is adapting to changing circumstances, this is how a species survives. Lee says she is talking about killing hundreds of millions of innocent people. If he isn't with them he's against them. He says he will never go along with genocide. Sophia says then today she has lost a second son. She orders Simon's death, and then tells Michael he did the right thing. Simon is killed.

Immediately after this, Dempsey walks over to the limestone artifact and tosses a piece on the top into the fire. Perhaps Lee was a guardian.

Back at the villa, Walker suffers from his natural sensitivities, while Henri pleads for his life. Walker says he's doesn't have time for this, and as Henri begs he starts hammering his hands flat. Walker says for Henri to squeal. He smashes his hands again, asking for the information. As Walker lifts his arms for one last blow, Henri confesses Vicki is in the Morez chateau and gives him the address. Vicki is then shown tied to a fireplace as Dempsey's minions dump fuel everywhere and light a fire throughout.

Senator Lewis tells the President that his wife refused to take the DNA test. Martinez orders Lewis to take his wife's name off that list. She says he ordered her to clean house, and that's what she's doing. He says for her to let it go. She leaves, and President Martinez walks down the hall and sees his wife ordering dinner setting arrangements with ne of the staff. he givers a smile and she smiles back, but he is clearly shaken. After he passes, she throws a worried look in his direction. As the President walks down the hall, he looks fearful, confused, and unhappy. Catherine Lewis might be right.

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