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CSI New York Episode 12 "Holding Cell"

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Written by : published Saturday 22nd January 2011

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A masked man walks through a dim nightclub, turning on a gas over the dance floor. The frenzy starts. They dance in ecstasy its clearly some effect. A cute young man in suit smilingly steps onto the dance floor. The party scene is happening.  After this the women fall on him. Flash forward to a dead body on the floor.


Hector Vargas of Barcelona police stands over the body, taking notes into a recorder intently. Mac stands by watching as Danville walks in. Danville, who has worked in Madrid police, recognises the officer Vargas saying the dead body is his nephew. The girlfriend discovered the body. She has called the mother, who is in diplomatic foreign affairs in Spain. But they waited ten hours until the body was found to notify Mac.


Mac demands the uncle narrow the scope of his participation in the investigation. Miguel's father was killed twelve years ago. Mac Taylor tells him to distance himself from the crime scene and not contaminate the evidence further. No sign of a murder weapon. Neighbors say the girlfriend and the dead man were having problems. Bloody shoeprints of the victim are found all over the apartment. A puzzling piece of crystal is also found in the apartment near the victim.


Natalia Sanchez, the girlfriend, is at the Spanish Consulate. Mac accuses the uncle of hiding facts from him. Danville reminds him of the treaty accord that allows United States and Spain crime solving facts sharing. But Natalia says she found the body at the man's apartment. Natalia says they had been fighting but in love. The uncle interferes repeatedly in the investigation. Three puncture wounds to the abdomen killed the victim, but the third was different.


Danville asks why Natalia went to the Spanish Embassy. Mac asks why she didn't call 911. Natalia says the victim's mother said it would be better for her to go to the embassy. The mother instructed the girlfriend to leave the crime scene. An empty wallet on the floor points to robbery. Sulfuric acid and another substance like reagent testing is found on the lab. The analyst assumes Mac made a mistake. Clonezepam was in the body with alcohol.  Marquis reagent is used for drug testing.


The forensics team examine the body and find weird evidence of past bedsores and unexplained burns and abrasion scarring. The dead victim was an aristocrat expat nightclub promoter, whose lifestyle does not accord with these items. Mac argues with the Spanish police officer that he isn't sure this was a homicide. The inverted knife and blood patter indicate no struggle. The medical history of the victim is clear of issues.


Mac and Danville discover the club Mystify, whose "Mist cube" sprinkles misted alcohol onto the dancers. The cube is administered by gas masked employees who can't breathe the mist. The lab finds the crystaline particles came from photovoltaic cells used in solar panels, which were nowhere in the apartment. The victim's mother arrives from Spain, refusing to turn over the body from the embalmers. Hammerback is distressed. The Spanish officer, her brother, argues it's better for all of them if she approves the process.


Messer and Flack case the club. The CSI NY officers corner a man called Leo who had an argument with Miguel Martinez. The man Leo is shocked to learn Miguel is dead. Danville finds out Leo has a safe drugs website. He sells real drugs in place of fake stuff. Miguel told him to leave. They got into a fight. Danville points out that the eye drops bottle Leo is carrying has Marquis reagent in it instead of eye wash. Natalia is under suspicion but she knows nothing of the strangulation marks from the week prior.


A knife is found from a dumpster near the crime scene. The serrated blade is consistent with Miguel's injuries. A vagrant stealing solar panels is targeted after a microscopic bloodstain is found on the crystal. The vagrant is interviewed but confesses he was paid to strangle the victim. He backed off when the life drained out of the victim. In light of this, the uncle says his brother in laws' death was very similar.



Half a gravitational bloodstain from the knife is found on the floor of the victim's apartment. But Mac can't figure out how the suicide was done with an attacker present and striking the victim. Mac and the uncle work up the event. Mac postulates that the Clonezepam mixed with the alcohol mist turned his body chemistry psychiatrically unstable. Then Mac asks if suicide was the case, why did the knife end up ten blocks away in a dumpster?


Mac questions the girlfriend. The self medicating drugs kept the young man depressed constantly and days in bed. To escape his family he came to America. The girlfriend says he pleaded for help. She agreed to cover up but changed her mind and came running. So then she took the knife, staged the robbery and left. Natalie says that his mother wouldn't help, and that as a young child Miguel found his father strangled by his own belt in his closet. His mother covered it up. This episode stresses the severity of depression.


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