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The Good Wife Episode 10 "Breaking Up"

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Written by : published Sunday 26th February 2012

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Alicia returns to her office to find her brother waiting. he has taken a call form Diane, which he forgets to tell her about. He meets Will Gardner. Owen has broken up with his boyfriend and brings Alicia a Botswana headdress for a gift. His welcome by Alicia's mother-in-law to the home for an overnight visit is a cold one.

Diana and her black partner are looking at office space. Will doesn't yet know of the plan to split the firm. They both want Alicia because she can bring Peter's manager's business. Murphy Gomez is another client they want, which case Alicia is pursuing. Alicia still does not know about the impending professional splits between the partners.Meanwhile Kalinda and Alicia converge on a Chicago precinct where the son of a prominent client. Jonathan Murphy (Zac Efram)  and his girlfriend Alexis (Leelee Sobieski) say they are in the library when the pharmacist is killed.

The former ASA cons Alicia and Kalinda into further questioning, where he questions them about there whereabouts during the murder. They are then arrested, as Kalinda detects the gang ruse Carey used is fake. Alicia can't get them to agree who bought the under the counter drugs or why.

Police searched Murphy's campus room because they didn't need a warrant. The gang figure Bishop, whom Kalinda has been seen to follow, is behind it all. The pharmacist is a member of Bishop's crew. Carey wants one of the young people to confess guilt, Alexis or Thomas. They tell Alicia they both want to go to law school. The young lovers are in trouble because they went looking for stimulants before finals to study with. But the library printout says the young people were not in the library for the past week.
Will's girlfriend introduces him to Derek Rose, a prominent baseball player. Will talks to the man as though he were a potential client, but she does not notice someone taking pictures of the meet. Jon Murphy wants his girlfriend free but does not want to confess. Carey offer a burglary charge to one witness and a murder charge for the second. Will indicates Diane and Alicia should work the clients but refuse to let Carey get an arrest without making a case.
Alicia's mother in law asks Owen why he is gay. He states biological predetermination, she says if being gay is Ok why do gays have to prove it is forced upon them. Alicia's mother then tells Owen she saw Alicia's daughter kissing a girl after a sleepover, on her bed in the bedroom. Owen returns her troubled glance.

Kalinda questions police at the scene and the campus police. The Campus police say that they unzipped a closed gym bag on the floor and found the drugs. Kalinda says the search just became illegal. The mother of the girl arrested comes to the courthouse where Lockhart Gardner lawyers question her. The cop on the scene realizes their arrest just went South and calls Carey.
Carey accuses Alicia of using tricks. Carey then tells the mother of the daughter that they have a deal on the table so she'll coerce the girl to rat on the boyfriend. Carey implies Lockhart  Gardner will save the client's son at the daughter's expense. The lawyer who punched Will out during the former episode arrives at the station to represent the Murphy girlfriend, Alexis. Carey leaves, saying it's 8 months for whomever rats the other one out first. The deal on the table was down to three months before that.
Alicia comes home to find her mother in law wearing the Botswanan wig. She talks to Owen, guessing that he was the one unfaithful and that's why the brother broke up with him. Will returns to the girlfriend, who says as she sleeps that his firm is breaking up and the rumours are why the sports star doesn't come over as a client. A stunned Will watches Diane the next day.
The next day the Murphy boy confesses under pressure that Alexis' friend was in trouble and they went to get her. She had a gun. Jennifer Salerno must have killed the pharmacist. Murphy touched the gun. Alexis breaks at the same time, telling the same story. The gun that killed the pharmacist will end the mystery and decide which student ends up in jail for murder.
Blake breaks into the Salerno home just as Kalinda looks up from inside it talking to the owner. Will and Alicia then go to the crime scene, where they see the gun with a bloodstain in plain view. Will and Alicia consider what to do.

Will can't touch the gun but tells a drug seller nearby he might want to check it out. Kalinda and Blake find out that John Murphy was protected from death by Alexis with the gun. Will decides to get them to turn on each other. The big client, Murphy, shows up at the station house. He speaks with Diane but Will has the guts to break the kids up with phone bills.
Will puts the pressure on but the kid doesn't break. Alexis hangs tough but Kalinda infers she is pregnant. Alicia watches as Murphy eggs his son on to turn on the girlfriend, knowing she is pregnant as that incarceration while pregnant will have devastating effects. But she keeps silent.

Carey enters the room as young Murphy says he wants to confess. The son confesses, earning the sentence for the baby they expect. the emotional scene in the precinct as the young man is led away while the hall echoes with the girl's agonized screams.
Owen is home eating candy as Alicia comes home. Owen decides he will go back to his boyfriend but tells Alicia he got cut down trying. He says Alicia should be put in a museum for her commitment to Peter. He says everything is going to be just fine.
Diane later at work gets a call from Murphy saying he wants his son's appeal to have other representation.

 Will and Diana have it out, and he says he will call the equity partners and lock her out. Diane says he already was doing that. Will says she has been paranoid and made her concerns real. Will stalks out and Diane drinks her wine. Neither realize their third partner has broken them up.


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