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Desperate Housewives -Everything's Different, Northing's Changed Recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 5th April 2011

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As Susan gets a phone call alerting her that a kidney has been found, a smug Paul Young sits down to an Italian meal with wine alone. Susan is ecstatic to be told they have a kidney for her, but Young is shocked. He doesn't understand why they are still keeping her alive. Paul leaves for the hospital, annoyed, as Susan and Mike embrace joyfully and kiss.

Tom Sciavo gets a job proposal to be CEO of a hot company that is a competitor of Carlos. He promises a corporate jet and a cool lifestyle, and Lynette says she'll talk to him. Tom is hurt that Lynette believes he hasn't made anything of his life. She wants him to make his mark.
Bree comes to Mrs. McCluskey after a phone call saying Bree's son Andrew is passed out on her couch after breaking into the house. When Andrew is passed out on Bree's couch, Andrew's husband Alex talks about how bad his drinking is. Andrew's husband  lies about how he has to claim to work work long hours just to avoid coming home.

At the hospital Susan talks to Paul, who is in denial. He says Beth was not in her right mind to sign the organ away. Paul taunts Susan at how badly she treated Beth, and why should Susan benefit from Beth's death? (Bree hasn't told anybody else she is a match). Mike is livid and the hospital says they won't stand in the way of a lawsuit. Susan says Paul is right, it's his decision to make.
Lynette acts like a hot stewardess to get Tom interested in private jet lifestyles. He likes it until he realizes it's to get Tom to take the job. Then Tom becomes angry and says for her to drop it. But Tom does say he'll ask Carlos to match the number. Tom says this is the busy seaons and he can't leave Carlos in the lurch. When Tom approaches Carlos he asks for market value in compensation, and Carlos talks benefits and a better title and a profit sharing bonus.

Lynette used to work for Carlos and says there is no profit becase Carlos takes his bonus from any profit.  The title is fake and the benefits don't mean much. Lynette says he is 46 and has yet to establish himself. Tom is shocked Lynette thinks he hasn't accomplished much.
Next day Lynette talks a Lotus dealer into letting her take the new car, and she parks the fire engine red car in  Carlo's driveway. Tom is angry to see the car and reacts to take the job. Then Lynette confesses all so Tom won't wreck the car. Tom really likes driving the car and asks how late they can get it back.

All the housewives collect at the hospital to wish Susan well. But they are all shocked to hear the real story about how Beth Young came to the hospital with the transplant papers and then shot herself so Susan could get the kidney. She signed a living will. Mike is adamant that Susan not let her feelings for Paul get in the way. Renee jokes about not canceling her party Friday night.

Then Gaby finds it isn't a joke, Renee isn't canceling her party for the suicide death of a woman nobody liked. Gaby has a Versace dress and new shoes, and suggests a Beth tribute. Renee changes the champagne toast to mojitos and suggests they toast themselves instead. Later Gaby learns Renee's own mother commmitte suicide and she refuses to let the choices of the dead have command over her life.

Bree comes to see Andrew, and finds him drinking. She tricks him into going to an Alcoholics Annymous meeting. He claims deep anger at his mother and calls himself Elvis. Deep in denial, Andrew "shares" stories about how controlling and mean Bree was to him as a child. They called her Attila the Mom. Bree gets irked and ends their adventure.

Meanwhile Lynette and Tom argue about him being in need of being pushed by her to get anywhere. Lynette is cowed and must take the Lotus back. Angrily Tom tells her to get in the car, but after a moment hearing the engine he pauses. Then while driving the Lotus he's in love with it and starts to get used to the idea. Lynette smiles.

Gabrielle visits Renee to find she still is having the Spring Fling party. Persuaded by Renee, Gaby makes the rounds letting the neighbors know it's still on, and gets doors slammed in her face. When Gaby sees the party still on, she walks in, amazed at the full house. Then she says to Renee the gardeners and the trash men are the guests. Renee says Beth was a selfish bitch for checking out and passing all her pain onto someone else. But Gaby says it's not a lame ass party anymore because she is there.

Next time Bree visits she finds Andrew's husband has left him. After listening to Andrew make a pile of drinking cliche excuses, she leaves. Outside the on the porch she turns and walks back in. She says she just had a woman shoot herself on the Lane because nobody cared, and she did see something was wrong and let it go. She says she won't let that happen again. Andrew breaks down. He can't handle a meeting talking to strangers so Bree says they'll have a meeting right there.

Paul Young visits the prison chapel where Beth's mother is sitting. He says he knew he would find her there. She tells Paul they are both done using Beth, the two people she loved. She says she turned Beth away because she loved Paul, and Paul turned her away because he didn't care. Paul says maybe Beth isn't dead, she might get better.She tells him it's time to put beth to rest and give ehr peace.

Paul goes to Susan's and apoogizes, telling her she'll get the kidney and she doesn't want to take it. Paul realizes Beth is out of his hands and lets Susan have the benefit Beth herself wanted her to have. But back at the prison, after  Paul leaves and they have put an end to their feud, then the warden comes in and says she'll get parole for humanitarian reasons. Beth's mother smiles in anticipation.

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