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Written by : published Thursday 31st March 2011

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The other Olivia navigates her universe in conflict, pregnant with Peter's child. She says that she got drunk in a bar one night to explain the baby not being her husband's. Her mother goes with her to the ob-gyn to get tested for VPE. Secretary Bishop is pressured at the Department of Defense to experiment on children. He refuses(unlike the earth universe).

Meanwhile Fauxlivia is kidnapped. She wakes up in the hospital ward of a strange facility with anonymous doctors. They have mysterious syringes and ignore her. She slips her meds while they insert a strange device into her stomach area and the moving sonogram shows the baby's movement. But they keep giving her strong medication to put her out. She sees the baby growing under the sonogram while she lies on the table and it wrangles under her skin. A large full term baby bump forms.

The tracking device that was on on Olivia is found abandoned. The Fringe division alternate bureau finds a delivery type vehicle cruising her residence too much during the week. Lincoln finds the man and it's a black man reading comics in a cab.  The cabdriver talks about the other Olivia trying to get back to her own universe. He is confused when the Fringe agents don't know as much as he does. The agents put the cabdriver in a security van and mull the possibilities.

Walter has been told Agent Dunham is carrying his grandchild. Invaders from the other side may be working against them. Lincoln wants to know if otherverse Agent Dunham was replaced with theirs. The Fringe division was infiltrated. Lincoln is told a lot of details by Bishop. Olivia blatantly considers probable termination, because the baby isn't her husband's. Bishop ultimately uses his contacts to cement Olivia's commitment to have the baby. Olivia's mission grounds data is turned over.


But the ob-gyn calls Fauxlivia's mother and tells her the diagnosis for VPE is positive. Her mother goes to Olivia's Fringe office to see her about it. Lincoln tells the agent (the other universe' Astrid) to compile a list of agents with access to Level 10 clearance for Olivia's medical status. The Fringe division find how others could have gotten back to Olivia without their knowing. Marilyn arrives and talkes to Agent Lee about how Olivia's kidnapping and pregnancy are connected.

As the medical process continues, the doctors pump Fauxlivia full of drugs and accelerate the pregnancy to full terminus.  But when she goes to the bathroom the nurse listens to Fauxlivia tell her about the VPE likelihood. Fauxlivia escapes using a scalpel to loosen her bonds. She attacks the nurse. The labor is imminent.She gets to the street.  She calls Lincoln. The cabdriver comes and they find her in  Chinatown. Lincoln helps her through the delivery in a shop with the cabdriver.

The baby is delivered to the cabdriver, a boy. For one moment Lincoln thinks she is gone. Then the  watching crowd claps when the baby and mother come out fine. But the nurse angrily watches too. At the hospital Walter Bishop comes to see his grandchild with a large bouquet of flowers. The doctor from the rogue surgery take a blood sample from the baby's foot, which is passed onto a mysterious man in a trenchcoat and hat. It's the Observer. He makes a phone call, announcing "it's happening".

Lee and his subordinate agent Francis discuss how much else they don't know, and that doing the math means one of their agents must be "over there". Meanwhile Olivia asks Marilyn for help with the baby, because she was so scared of the VPE she didn't anticipate actual motherhood. The man Bishop was speaking with earlier comes to him outside Olivia's maternity room, and hands him the blood sample. (Bishop himself organized the kidnapping, pregnancy and early delivery).

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I like to watch TV shows from classic eras as well as contemporary drama and comedy. Science Fiction is fun, and shows like the Cape and Fringe keep hope alive that the medium that produced Space 1999 is alive. Comedy such as 30 Rock is usually, good, but not always. I like Survivor but it has so little to do with survivor skills I am disappointed. Appointment viewing is Grey's Anatomy, NCIS LA, The CSI series for New York and Las Vegas and Miami, with a special shout out for the new Hawaii Five O. Gordon Ramsay's Hells Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares are top of the line viewing for the drama comedy Gordon's character and the business lessons they teach.

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