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‘Survivor: Blood vs Water’ Episode 13 – Who will be crowned Sole Survivor?

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Written by : published Thursday 12th December 2013

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The last regular episode of “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” is in the books.  We are now down to seven remaining players, four in the game (Ciera, Tyson, Gervase and Monica) and three on Redemption Island (Tina, Laura Morett and now Hayden).  So who will be crowned Sole Survivor this Sunday night following the two-hour Season Finale?

In case you missed the episode, be sure to get caught up by watching Survivor: Blood vs. Water Episode 13 , and then be sure to read my weekly Episode Recap before continuing on to this “Bonus Analysis” coverage.

So there was bound to be a classic Survivor “fake-out” episode at some point.  The writing was on the wall that either Ciera or Hayden was going to go home and that was indeed what happened.  Man has this mix of people made for some good Tribal Councils though.  It has been fun to watch such gamers go toe-to-toe, but in the end you can’t really blame Monica for sticking to her guns.

Yes Monica was the ultimate swing vote tonight, but did she make the right decision?  The answer is, she probably can’t win against any of the remaining players, so from her point of view, there was no reason to really flip.  Her move might have delighted the jury, but would it have put Monica above Hayden and/or Ciera in their eyes?  Highly unlikely.  She seems destined to make the Final Three and did play one heck of a game, mostly from a physical standpoint but also strategically.  Still, her constant paranoia has made her an annoyance and hasn’t won her many friends on the eventual jury.

The stage for the Finale is now set, with Monica having ultimately chosen her side.  With four left in the game, we will see one more Duel, with the winner re-entering the game.  The way things have played out though, it doesn’t even matter at this point who returns.  Think about it.  Right now Ciera is the sole minority player in the game.  Hayden, Laura and Tina are all loyal to Ciera’s side of things more than Tyson’s.  When one of them re-enter, they are still entering into the clear minority.  Tyson will have to play his Idol at the next Tribal Council (or it becomes obsolete) but regardless, they will be able to pick off either Ciera or Hayden/Tina/Laura, even if one of them wins Immunity.

The whole game then, comes down to that last Immunity Challenge when there are four.  If Ciera/Hayden/Tina/Laura were to win that all-important challenge, that is the only scenario where we would see something other than a Tyson-Gervase-Monica Final 3.  Right?  Is there any other possible outcome now that Monica has picked a side?

It is possible that Monica still could try to turn things on either Tyson or Gervase even at this late time in the game…heck, Ciera saw the light way after she should have, so anything is possible.  But the odds say that Tyson, Gervase and Monica will be sitting together heading into the Final Tribal Council.

So the question then becomes:  Who will win?  All signs point to Tyson becoming this season’s Sole Survivor.  Gervase doesn’t seem to have the respect (notice all of the jury eye rolls whenever he speaks) and Monica is now officially perceived as Tyson’s lap dog.  Many on the jury, like Hayden (if he ends up there) will still probably reward gameplay over a bitter personal agenda.  It’s impossible not to see Tyson’s game as the best of those remaining.

So while Monica now has a solid alliance heading into the Finale, it will take a major move against Tyson in order to prevent him from winning.  That Idol in his pocket is the key, since he is guaranteed Final 4.  He would have to lose that last challenge and then be outnumbered 3-1 in order to go home.  I just don’t see a scenario where that is likely.

In any case, the Finale should be awesome and you won’t want to miss it.  Let’s check back in afterwards to discuss if any of these theories ended up ringing true.

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