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The Good Wife -Killer Song -recap

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Written by : published Thursday 31st March 2011

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Blake told the State's Attorney Kalinda slept with Peter Florrick. Scared, she calls Alicia, trying to figure out if Alicia knows. Kalinda hides the truth from  Alicia. A worried Kalinda then calls Cary in his sleep, asking about what the Assistant State's Attorney was told by Blake. Cary says he will help. Kalinda says Blake might have something on her, and can he find out. Cary wants to know what that is.

Cary argues in court against a Mr. Bose, rapist. A convicted killer of Mallory Saroan is trying to get free, by having his plea of insanity dissolved after thirty years. Alicia and the victim's daughter Rhonda sit in court. Crime photos from the original murder are shown. Cary repeats that Bose tortured and killed the woman in the photographs. Cary then meets with Alicia and says he is out in a week. Cary says to Alicia that Kalinda doesn't have to worry.

Bose is getting rich. He penned some lyrics to a song climbing the  charts about his murder and his psychiatrist claims a different man committed those killings. Will is defending, and the opposing counsels makes distinctively personal overtures. Bose says he is sorry, very sorry. But he has $800,000 in back royalties coming from a song about the rape. The song is catchy and at No.3 on the charts.

Cary can't get a word out of the ASA at work, and tension over the office turnaround make chess players out of everyone. The ASA fences with Cary, who is known as Child's boy, and kicked out of Florrick's wife's law firm. Cary comments the office is like "Baghdad after Saddam". Childs is leaving and the State's attorney will be under Florrick or Wendy Scott Carr for such a case. Will Childs leak the information? The State's Attorney is black, and he might be a Wendy Scott-Carr fan. If Wendy loses and Florrick is in disgrace, Childs could come back.

At the campaign, Eli's daughter prods him about Natalie Flores, the cute young girl he was at dinner with when her picture comes across the news. She is now an Illinois flash point for illegal immigration. Eli says voters are like ameobas they suck and don't distinguish. He says America doesn't suck, people suck. She says Israel will suck different.  Eli is not happy about it, and his daughter doesn't buy his denials. (She later says his ex-wife commented on Eli's little post-season campaign crushes that hide what a double dealing person he is).

Eli says he has great control over his face. After she leaves, Eli turns on the TV sound and makes a call to Diane Lockhart. He then goes to the office to ask Diane about representing the former nanny to Wendy Scott Carr. Diane is surprised to learn about the case and about Eli's secrecy but wants his business and agrees. Eli (whose client may the next state's attorney) urges Diane to consider being a judge.

At Lockhart Gardner, Will and Diane are working through Bond's case load. They want a lot of the cases gone. The rap song is offensive, describing the blood drying and the woman not dying fast enough. Profit from crime is supposed to be illegal because the rape victim's daughter doesn't want Bose getting rich by rappers singing about the murder. Will says they probably won't use it but it research it just in case. Alicia sees Eli there and thinks this is about a congresswoman's wife in the news. But Eli is there for the illegal nanny.

Diane meets with Natalie Flores and calls Alicia into her office. Alicia talks about the Dream Act. Politicians are less willing to support the undocumented, and Natalie needs a long term resident to speak up for her. Her aunt filed a I8-64 form. Natalie now privately brokers stock and offers  fairly consistent 12% return. Diane says that should be fine. Natalie comments to Alicia if Eli is involved, why, and how odd it is and wonders if she is being used. Alicia says when people are trying to use you the best thing to do is use them right back.

Kalinda and Alicia work closely together, but Kalinda misses the boat on some details. Meanwhile Mr. Bose the murderer starts calling Alicia at work. He says he is a fan of hers from her husband's scandal.  Kalinda listens in for clues. Kalinda hides her anxiety from Alicia but asks her if she is happy. Alicia says she is. Kalinda investigates the song and the musician says the original verses were different. She checks out the crime scene with the original song lyrics in mind. Jarvis Bose's comments were strange.

Natalie Flores calls Eli (Alan Cumming) from the police station. She asks if he is the one who hired them, they aren't taking her calls and her father got arrested. He will be in the system as undocumented soon.  Eli calls and twists Diane's arm. He says he is happy at Lockhart Garner but he doesn't want to be unhappy. Lockhart then gets to the station but can't stop the flagging. Diane then gets the case to court and the judge recognizes her from the sensation teenager case the year before.
Since Mr. Flores was about 25 years older than the suspect range the judge finds it was profiling and releases him. Bond is approved. Diane gets the documentation clearing the charge but gets to the ICE transport too late. Natalie (America Ferrera) watches her father walking in chains onto a bus. The desk officer won't budge. He's in the system and it is now out of his hands.
Then Eli walks in and makes small talk with the desk officer, pulling  a favor. The man is impressed by Eli, a big wheel in local politics. He says Flores is his gardener. The "gesture would be appreciated". The freed man comments to Diane in the elevator that's he's almost all out of favors in that room. When Natalie turn around Eli is gone.

Kalinda gets completely caught up in worrying about her secret with Blake, grand jury subpoenas, and if the truth were to get out. Peter opens a scene with Kalinda saying it was one night, they agreed never to talk about it again so it couldn't get out. Kalinda explains about Blake telling the ADA. Peter says he finally has his life where he wants it and he has fallen in love with his wife again. He asks is this will break Alicia's heart. Would it "kill" her, and Kalinda nods yes.

Alicia has the victim's daughter listen to the old version of the song to see if she recognizes anything telltale. But Alicia tells Kalinda that Rhonda's support group had a woman killed in the manner described in the original Bose rap song lyrics. The killer was never found. Alicia alerts Cary, who wants to see Bose behind bars. Alicia asks Kalinda if she still thinks something bad is going to happen. Kalinda lies and says no. (Kalinda and Alicia are basically best friends at this point. )

Gardner (Josh Charles) uses Bond's old case about the lyrics to get admissable evidence about Bose's potential other murder into the record. In court, Will intentionally confuses Bose discussing why he changed the lyrics. Bose is cocky now in his new persona as a "sane man" and he references committing a murder involving a trunk and another detail specific to the Boyle murder and not the Saroan murder. Bose is crafty and stops short, but Cary is sitting in court, and has reviewed the file with Alicia and Kalinda. Cary gives Will a thumbs-up, which Will acknowledges.

The verdict regarding vacating the earlier plea is delivered in court, the man Bose will be freed. The evidence convinced the court. He triumphantly gets out of custody and leaves the defense table. He walks up to Alicia and says they have to talk about his royalties and the downloading case. She says she can talk when he gets out. Bose says with a confident smile "Haven't you heard, I'm out" . She says with a poker face  yes she had heard.

Alicia then stands aside to let approaching officers arrest him, with Cary reading charges from the Boyle woman's rape and murder. His face is a study in confused near triumph turned  to defeat. When he leaves the victim's daughter sits down in relief, thanking the attorneys. The glib way the man acted was creepy and Rhonda can be in peace. The congressman's wife  in the news has a memoirs book deal, hinting at such an opportunity for Alicia down the road.

Eli is talking in his office with his daughter and she mentions Natalie is outside. Eli goes running outside, and they have an awkward moment. She starts running away and he says hello. She says her boyfriend got back from Las Vegas, and he says he's too old anyway to want to do more than talk. She says she likes talking to him. She runs out the door and Eli is left standing there saying "OK".

Later Alicia is watching the kids play games and calls them to dinner. Peter is on the phone.Peter Florrick is talking to the Assistant State's Attorney who has Blake's interview files.  After Florrick's earlier scandal this would wreck his career. He says they always worked well together, if he is good to him then Peter will be good to him in return.  The (black) man Mattan says he has no problem with that, and the ASA ends the call saying emphatically "Beat Wendy, Peter."

Alicia and the kids discuss moving after Florrick wins the election. Florrick the walks into the dining room and Alicia notices his tense face and asks if anything is wrong. He says nothing that shouldn't be and they all sit down to have pizza.

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