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NCIS LA -The Job - Recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 30th March 2011

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Three masked men break into a high tech building. This burglary of a military depot goes wrong when one thief knocks over the crate. The NCIS LA episode "the Job" is written by "Frank Military". The one burglar is shot, and when the other man gets outside to a  waiting car the driver says where is Asher. The white Mercedes moves off.
The office is flattered when Kenzi arrives with shopping bags. Deaks says she broke up with the guy and stopped doing crunches and eating tofu scrambles, she he knows she broke up. Kenzi gets Hanna a knife and Callen supplies but Deaks gets SPF 70 sunblock and chapstick and a seafoam green slanket. Kenzi says everybody knows Deaks is delicate. Eric's new airhorn calls them to work.
Hetty says the inventory list for the Camp Pendleton navy depot was accessed. Video shows night vision goggles and a portable ID card reader, they came prepared. Callen says this was more than just stealing weapons. But the guy shot in the leg, Bobby, can't stop talking. The Marines couldn't wait to turn him over.  Deaks scoffs as once again Callen Kenzi and Hanna exchange code words.  "Kumani" is today's word.

The NCIS crew bring in Hanna in a suit,(LL Cool J) calling him "Kumani" the Nigerian ambassador. Callen is dressed like a fed and starts to sign Bobby over to Kumani's authority, nervously hinting at capital punishment in Nigerian justice. Kumani is very stern with Bobby. Clutching his dominant hand protectively, Bobby leaps to name names.

The name of the ringleader is Stan King, born into a wealthy family, went to Berkeley, and majored in art history. The FBI wants Stan too. Numerous fine  art robberies can be laid at his door. His is the Thomas Crown type of felon.

Flawless in execution, King is wealthy and has a beautiful Malibu house. Deaks says King has his own Hobbit shire.  Kenzi breaks into it and he stops her robbing his safe. Deaks is nervous as she talks her way out of it. King is charmed by Kenzi's knowledge of his antique rug. Bobby  pretends he knows Lisa when they visit him at the NCIS mansion setup. But King shoots Bobby right in front of Kenzi, as Callen and Hanna hear the shot out front.

A shocked Kenzi is caught off guard, and Deaks stays with her while Callen and Han track King to a coffee shop. King breaks out a laptop and has a meeting with a redhead. Eric and Nell alert Hetty that King is checking through  Kenzi's fake identity at a rapid rate. Her legend only goes back 8 years. Hetty orders Callen and Hanna to stop it because he is overtaking their abiity to make up her false backstopping. Deaks and a calmed down Kenzi arrive at the coffee shop. Callen and Hanna pretend to fight and dump a coffee on King's computer.

Deaks calls Hetty about Kenzi, and Hetty says to keep an eye on her. When the girl leaves King Hetty orders Deaks on her. Deaks fakes a knee injury then brings her in. The redhead Miss Dunn works at an auction house. She says she changed provenances, falsified insurance claims, and changing manifests. King romanced her for her authority at the auction house.
She says he needed help smuggling something out of the country. The empty bill of lading was passed over but King didn't need it. Kenzi interviews Patrica Dunn about her involvement with King. She says King said this was going to be his last job and he'd celebrate and take her to the Caribbean. Dunn is then taken by LAPD.

The NCIS LA staff then survey King's modus operandi, he seems to kill his partners in crime after the jobs. Kenzi is now the one he wants as a partner for the one last job. He told Kenzi to take care of Asher's body.

Kenzi gets a call to meet King at his mansion, which Deaks calls his own "Shire". He asks her if she wants a drink and she says she saw him kill his last partner. Deaks look significantly at Hetty. Callen and Hanna are surveilling the Malibu house when they see two cars go up the private hill. Eric looks up the license plates the cars belong to former crime job associates of King's. But inside the house Miss Dunn is brought in, where Kenzi is. The NCIS LA office watches using Kenzi's personal video recorder.

The redhead is delivered by two ex-associates known for working with King. Patricia Dunn was handed over to LAPD but somehow got free. Callen and Hanna speculate about whether Kenzi is cool but Deaks says the mission is blown. King tells the people by the pool with Kenzi to go inside he'll explain everything. He dials a code on his phone and grabs Kenzi and pushes her into the water. The NCIS crew see the screens go black and Callen says "abort mission".

Callen and Hanna jump up n the Malibu Hills and Deaks watches in horror as the bomb blows the place sky high. They find bodies in the house but not Kenzi's or King's. Nell says there are fire roads tracing back down the hill out of view. Kenzi is missing with a killer without backup. The Chinese dignitary had a connection to stole defense technology and China is growing a Stealth program.

Deaks recognize Miss Dunn's body by her bracelets. Eric works on the motherboard which is deep fried. But he finds an email from a Chinese official who was deported. The forensic review of the Chinese dignitary's property is scheduled soon, this is what must go out of the country. The image of a jade Chinese vase is there. The dragon statue may have something inside it, Hetty says.

At the military depot, at night Kenzi and King get the jade statue. King puts it in his backpack. Inside the depot, Callen and Hanna appear and pull guns on King and Kenzi. Callen says "Better now Kenz' and King says "oh man" realizing he's been tricked. King hits Kenzi in the jaw, and Kenzi says "Will one of you shoot this guy". Deaks comes from behind and decks King, saying "that's for hitting my partner".

The government found the hidden intel and are arresting the Arlington stealth leak. Mr. Tan's belongings will be returned with doctored technology, and Hetty tells them all to go home. Callen pops for dinner, and Hanna starts talking truffles and bone-in steaks. Callen says the ground rules are no fancy fungi, no eggs from anything other than chicken, and no scotch older than  they are. Hanna says he can still order a seafood tower. Deaks ask Kenzi if she is all right, she says yes and leaves.
Later Deaks shows up at Kenzi's place with burgers and beers for him and a smoothie for her, and Kenzi grabs the beer. They sit on the sofa to watch "America's Top Model". Deaks asks Kenzi to open his beer for him. They clink beer bottles to celebrate "the job".
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