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CSI Miami -About Face- recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 29th March 2011

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Horatio and Tripp stand over a dead body, the beating recognizable as the ritual killings from the Patrick Clarkson style. Horatio says "This is us Frank. This is all on us". he was behind bars, but the prison break last October let him on the loose. Natalia gives  a college lecture in Dade State University about the anonymity of the internet for a stalker. The dead body killed in the style of the recent victim years before was found there.

Carol Andrea the victim has a site on her computer called barter party(much like Craigslist).The CSI team starts their analysis. A witness has said Clarkson was seen at the apartment that night.

The students are sort of interested. Natalia sees one man leave but continues the lecture, warning students to be vigilant smart and safe. She is watched on her way to the car but then jumped and kidnapped.

Walter interacts with the coroner who identifies the same style of killing as the escaped con Clarkson but much more vicious. The arm is broken in three places, and rape with an object is suspected. Female DNA is found leading them to suspect female involvement this time. A witness swears he saw Clarkson outside the victim's apartment and asks about the $50,000 reward money.

Ryan comes in on his day off and helps Erik Delko look a the victim's computer. Horatio scans her apartment and Ryan and Walter talk to the girl's ex-roommate. She was using Barter Party to hook up with men online to pay bills and the roommate moved out. Molly the new lab tech hits on Ryan. They talk about meeting people from online.

Meanwhile Natalia is waking up in the back of the moving car with Clarkson driving. He says he didn't do the killings and he needs her to talk to him and prove he didn't. Clarkson says that he was watching his son open birthday presents instead. But he won't go to authorities because he won't go back inside. Natalia breaks free, attacks the driver, and wakes up with Horatio calling her name as fire department uses the jaws of life to get her out. Horatio says she needs medical attention but she proceeds on.

Natalia gets to the ex-wife, who tells her story. But Natalia sees the catchers mitt the Clarkson saw him open. Delko questions her sanity as she re-examines the former Clarkson case evidence. Latex was found on the bottle used for the rape. Walter questions the nurse again. She lawyers up. Natalia discovers the original case rape weapon was not DNA processed. She uses it to begin again. Clarkson calls but Callie and Natalia can't get the wires connected fast enough to trace the call.

Natalia identifies the chemical evidence as medical dyes formerly used in sonogram testing. She decides the actual rape weapon was a sonogram scopetube whose use was discontinued due to the dye used. Natalia works the original case again. The picture of the refrigerator the original victim was selling is full in the crime scene picture taken. Tripp questions the husband, who was pimping his wife for mortgage money. He saw Clarkson looking for his dog and this evidence convicted Clarkson at trial because the bottle had his prints on it.

Patrick's former wife says the evidence at the trial convinced her but she originally couldn't believe he was guilty. Their son doesn't know that he belongs to another man than his stepfather. His wife Lila has been through too much to deal with Clarkson again. Natalia and Ryan go see the witness, who changes his mind when they say Clarkson had an alibi.

Natalia does a Google search on the man trying to get the reward and he has a lot of complaints of abuse and assault and lost his medical license. He now deals in medical equipment (such as the sonogram tube). Horatio and Natalia pay him a visit.

The man who phoned in about the reward confesses it all. He followed Clarkson home years ago and used his unsecured wi-fi to send a "Barter Party" email. The man says the women selling themselves online were living dirty lives and he purified them. Horatio says that what the killer really wanted was attention. Natalia meets and arrests Clarkson for kidnapping, hinting that he might not go back to jail because time served for his false arrest might be enough to have them let him go.

Horatio announces to Ryan they are going on a manhunt for the other two men free from the prison break.

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