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Grey's Anatomy -This How We Do It-Recap

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Written by : published Saturday 26th March 2011

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Karev sets up a trailer in the hospital parking lot of Seattle Grace Mercy West because he is trying to get the head attending job. Bailey notes as he brushes his teeth in front of her he is parked on her space (as well as two others). She throws him her keys and says to move his trailer, and to move her car as well.
Avery and Lexie get romantic in the laundry room, and a prudish April gets fed up they are "doing it everywhere". Yang tries to get Weber's attention but he flees the residents. Instead Yang then tries to get her husband to make it work. He says she's beautiful but he can't do it.
Richard Weber has Derek consult with Adele, who wants to know when Derek and Meredith will have a real church wedding, but Richard for a moment thinks her Alzheimers is kicking in and that she doesn't remember they are married. Adele says she was a nurse for decades and she does not have Alzheimer's. Derek says her test shows early onset Alzheimer's.
Richard insists Derek put Adele into his Alzheimers experimental drug trial, but Derek says they need her permission, even though the trial is full and there is a waiting list. Adele insist she does not have it. Meredith says patients need time to get into acceptance of Alzheimers'. Richard says to Derek that he knows Derek will do whatever he has to do to get her into that study.

Sloan pushes for Callie and Arizona to know the gender of the baby. Callie says her blood pressure is high because at 1 pm the fourth floor doctor's lounger is Callie's baby shower. She says she's given gifts at a baby shower to every nurse in the hospital and now it's her turn. Mark knows about how being a Catholic single mother goes against Callie's programming. Callie and Mark argue about the scrapbook station and onesie games. Meredith says she can't believe Mark knows what a onesie is. Callie comes in and totally agrees with Mark. Arizona hates 'Baby Shower Mark". She says a baby shower for a gay woman is like being a bridesmaid at wedding too many times nevr being the bride.

Derek starts another trial patient, Sonia. Her gay son says she does not remember certain things. Meredith executes the memory tests. Sonia is British and the son, Tariq, still lives in London. Meredith says that he needs to be a full time resident of Washington and a full time caretaker. She hears him on his cellphone tell his boyfried he'll be "home" soon. Meredith reviews the criteria with Tariq, but the son says he'll do whatever it takes and that he is committed to stay.

Bailey and Avery treat a very ill diabetic patient. The husband freaks when Avery tries to report the tumor removal recovery. Bailey tries to calm Sean down. But the nurse El,i who is sleeping with Bailey, interrupts both Bailey and Avery to calm the patient's husband down. Eli later reminds these same patients of the risk of the implant. Bailey is not pleased by this. She reminds him of the physician/nurse protocol in the hospital and suggests Eli follow it.
Karev is not allowed to help the pediatrics doctor, Stark. Karev wants the top resident position, and he accuses April of screwing her way to the top. She says they are just hanging out. Later Stark pushes for dinner at his place with April to watch "From Here to Eternity". But she says her patient load will keep her late. Karev is then allowed to help April finish the patients. Karev says the only way she'll be watching that movie is if it's on Stark's bedroom ceiling.
Weber gets the trial funding notification for the hospital and the entire staff is tracking him to find out what patients will get funding. They wait outside the bathroom for him. He feels like he is being stalked. Bailey tells Richard he needs to let someone else make the chief resident decision, with Adele and the trials he has enough on his hands. He tries to give to it Bailey but she  says no, because "I raised those babies".

Altman's husband is brought into the hospital in an emergency situation because he was jogging. Weber reminds Altman she might want to be removed from the case. She says the thing is a business arrangement. Henry is on drugs and saying romantic things to her while the entire surgical team overhears this in the next room. He says her dates never work out because he is the one she wants. Altman says that it's not personal but Weber wants to take her off the surgery. Yang jumps at the opportunity to operate.

Henry is upset Altman can't do the surgery. Yang insists that Weber was going to take her out of the OR entirely. During the surgery, a crisis occurs and Yang has to act fast. Altman gets excited and flips out and Yang says to shut up, that she's acting like a scared wife. Altman calms down and Yang saves the surgery. When Cristina apologizes, Altman says it's nothing. Dr. Altman says later to Henry that their marriage, and a possible relationship, it's a cute story but she's not in love with him. He says what's wrong with a cute story?

Karev steals a ton of food from the baby shower table. He gets into it with the Ob-Gyn, who  mocks him. She nabs the pigs in  blanket. She later asks  Meredith what is she missing from Karev's neanderthal act. She says there must be something there because they're friends. She learns about his past. Clearly Karev's history with women has made him gun-shy. Meredith says it's an act, but a very good one.
At Callie's baby shower, Sloan sees Lexie. He says he appreciates her coming, it must be hard for her. But Lexie is cool. Sloan is floored that Lexie is seeing someone. She walks away when he says "Is it someone I know?" Callie gets T-shirts that say "I love my Mommies". The residents give April a hard time about Robert Stark the pediatrics surgeon and how she will be a virgin no more after 'From Here to Eternity" plays. April makes a crack when Avery takes Lexie away. A furious Sloan watches.

Weber wants help getting an emergency waiver for the diabetic patient implant. Weber says there are always ways around the system. Derek says pulling a patient off the waiting list could get the study and them blacklisted. Weber loses his temper but Bailey interrupts, overhearing what is being discussed. Meanwhile Karev really stresses that Stark wants a sexual relationship with April. She temporizes when Stark suggests they do dinner at his house.

The diabetic patient goes flatline from not getting enough sugar to the brain. The husband flips out. Bailey gets Weber. Although the waiver has not come through from the FDA, Weber insists the surgery go through. When Weber orders them into surgery without approval, Bailey mentions is it possible that Weber is trying to prove a point to Shepherd. Weber shrugs off the constraint and does it anyway.
Sonia, the British patient, then refuses to do the Alzheimer's trial. She picked up her son's phone and realized her son was breaking up with his boyfriend because she got on the trial. She tells Derek and Meredith she won't do the trial so Tariq can be in London with Gavin. Derek informs Weber of the new slot. (Derek is breaking protocol, there is an existing waiting list). Weber twists Adele's arm to get her to undergo testing.

Derek denies Adele into the trial based on one point in the qualifying test. But Meredith outlines how she is a developing Alzheimer's patient from her responses. Weber says she just hasn't progressed enough yet to qualify into the trial. Adele is angry because Weber and she are finally happy the way they should be, after all these years, and she'll be sick. Derek and Meredith see a mirror of their own future. Adele is thrilled she won't have to be in the trial but Richard sees Ellis Gray happening all over again.

The ob-gyn sees Karev in the parking lot, at his trailer, who offers her only cupcakes and hor d'ouvres on a TV tray because she ate all the pigs in a blanket from the baby shower. She gives him the once over, considering what Meredith had said. She realizes Karev is too intimidated by her to make a move, and say she'll just have to make it herself. They kiss, and it looks like Karev's luck with women might be changing.

Eli is waiting for Miranda Bailey when she leaves the hospital.  He says he was right and has had to look out for patients before when doctors make promises. When she tries to correct him he says they are not inside the hospital now and he is the man. He says for her to meet him at his place in fifteen minutes. She gives him a long look then  gives in.

When Major Hunt gets home, Cristina is shaking Parmesan cheese over a pizza and claiming to have dinner ready. A wary Hunt walks in and sits down with some bad news. He says Weber is having him decide who gets Chief Resident. Cristina is thrilled because he can pick her. But then she says this is terrible because he can't pick her.

Callie gets Arizona a weekend at a romantic Bed & Breakfast as a reward for being a good sport with the baby shower. But once they are on the road, Mark texts Callie because he has found out Lexie and Avery are sleeping together. Arizona is driving and  throws the phone in the backseat, angry they can't get ten minutes without Mark Sloan. Callie tells Arizona to stop being jealous. Arizona says she wants to get married, she wants rings and a commitment.

There is a pause and Arizona is watching to see what Callie will or won't say, just as they both turn to see the road. There is a flash, and they both scream.

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