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Burn Notice glances over an 'Exit Plan'

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Written by : published Wednesday 17th July 2013

The final season of Burn Notice ticks closer to the end. In "Exit Plan", Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) joins up with a former operative from Russia working in Burke's Organization so he can try to escape Cuba. Meanwhile Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) is advised by Andrew Strong (Jack Coleman) to help Michael.


the trio goes hunting for wabbit... er Sonya.Burn Notice is like a rabbit hole of a whodunit; each time a new piece of brought on the board, they are instantly removed just as soon they get on the board.   Like Burke, with a great performance by Adrian Pasdar, almost as soon as he is introduced and his character becomes more than just a shadowy figure, Burn Notice is quick to remove him.  Especially this late in the game when Burn Notice is doing nothing but a long-arc for the entire season which also happens to be its last, it is a bit disappointing that Burn Notice is still sinning the way it has previously done.  With that said, a new piece is on the board now, one rescued by Burke and by Michael, the piece that Burke sacrificed himself for. 


That piece is an individual named Sonya. (Alona Tal) Sonya was supposedly so deep into cover, she turned on both Russia and the States. So when Michael and Burke broke Sonya out, rest assure that the Russians are quick to send back-up.  


The back-up is that of Colonel Oksana (Marina Benedict), yet another new piece on the board. She is quick on obtaining Sonya into her care. Apparently Oksana has been after her for years. It does beg the question then, did Oksana bag Sonya and the Russians kept her and tortured her in Cuba or did someone else within the Russian government bag and tag Sonya, hid her in Cuba and tortured her for her crimes leaving the rest of the world to wonder where she is. 


But "Exit Plan" continue to showcases the many things that Burn Notice has done correct since it has moved to the longer-arcs. The wonderful cat and mouse between Oksana and Michael is quite interesting. It was fun to showcase when Michael and his crew actually are having a tough go at it.  While this does feel a bit reminiscent of Olivia Riley, who hunted after Michael and company.  "Exit Plan" also brings to the surface that extent of the deal that Michael Westen made with the CIA and Strong to someone like Fiona. At first it felt like Burn Notice was struggling to keep Fiona and company into the plot of this season, but "Exit Plan" feels like it has paid off, and organic. Again, the beauty in waiting for the 'slow burn' when it comes to long-form storytelling; featuring parts equal to a whole that is more satisfying. 

 Sonya finds Michael Westen..


There is a bit of tv-logic that comes into play with Fiona telling her boyfriend about how the CIA got her out of jail. The logic being she doesn't say why she has to help Michael, that the CIA, Strong are blackmailing her, because part of Michael's deal is that if he fails in his mission, she goes back to jail anyway.  The logic is of course flawed but then again, it is tv-logic and thus, propels a bit more drama for Fiona. 


With Michael, Jessie (Coby Bell), Sam (Bruce Campbell) and Sonya back in the states by the end of the episode, it does beg the question where Burn Notice will go next in the final episodes. There are hints that Michael and Fiona will still end together there are other hints that they might not. There is Michael's mom, and of course Sam, and Jessie in what their end game is. If Burn Notice keeps up the surprises and intensity like they did in "Exit Plan", rest be assured the final season will be memorable.

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