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Necessary Roughness gets rough in third new season

Necessary Roughness poster

Written by : published Wednesday 17th July 2013

USA Network's series Necesarry Roughness which enters its third season continues along with the new re-tooled, or should I say, new flight path it has for itself. In the latest episode "Snap Out of It", Dr. Dani Santino (Callie Thorne) meets a self-help guru named who is skeptical about talk therapy while T.K. (Mehcad Brooks) meets his match romantically. Meanwhile, Nico (Scott Cohen) continues to dig up information on V3.  


For those unawares, Necessary Roughness had a tiny retooling. And by tiny, that doesn't really cover it.  They completely sidelined Marc Blucas’s character from the series, her kids are all but absent from the series, and on the out-set, all the wonderful cast of Hawk characters, such as the quarterback, the coach, and everyone leading up to TK himself, seemed all but doomed to be left behind. Sadly the show still seems hung up on the whole case of the week format with Dr. Dani magically fixes a patient a week. Luckily by the first episode of the new season's end, it made it very clear that we wouldn't necessarily stop seeing T.K. or Rex (the quarterback of the Hawks) as the show continued on. But V3 is the group that Nico was sent to investigate. The owner of V3, Connor McClane (John Stamos) and his right-hand man and partner Troy Cutler (David Anders). With Dani now hired by V3 full-time, will Nico take Dani down in flames as the government closes in or?


It is an interesting step to see the series take, but a somewhat sad one.  I honestly preferred the drama in the locker-room with Rex, and T.K. and all the other players, than to see her step away. I also prefer seeing more reoccurring patients. While I can't fault the show for actually trying this year: the series more than a few episodes in has continued to reference the fact that one movie-starlet, former teen-star turned film actress is still seeing Dr. Santino and things are going well. It's downright refreshing, but a shame that the writers aren't intrigued on seeing Dani balance multiple patients at a time. And again, with star talent* they have, or actors who, would be, at least to me, not someone to do fun long arcs with but have proven themselves with (like Travis Smith’s turn as Rex, etc)


(*) - I want to be very clear here: this is NOT a slam at Smith's career; it is a known fact that most television series, and even studio films, always try to give parts to name actors. Smith sadly isn't a name actor, but his performance in last season was remarkable and really grounded the T.K. storyline and added depth that I always felt was needed on the series. While it is clear that she can retain anyone she had before as long as they only work or are repp’d at V3, like T.K. and Rex who are now represented by them, to see them deal with further issues whether it be previous problems or new ones, would be refreshing. Or again, let us say, seeing someone else's problems besides T.K.'s would be refreshing as an on-going character.


And this is really just me beating a dead horse on this, as Necessary Roughness has never done well with getting outside of the case of the week stuff but last season was a step in the right direction. And this season feels even more to a step in the right direction.  But it is baby steps. Baby steps in the right direction but it feels perhaps like it might be too little, too late.  Or maybe not.  Personally, I've enjoyed the series up to this point, and think there is fun but serious drama that could be mined from the adventures of Dr. Dani,  but we're on the wrong side of the mountain.   We know there's gold in there hills, we get glimpses of the shiny, but nothing substantial.

Why is it that T.K. is the only character we follow? While I enjoy Brooks' turn on the troubled athlete dealing with fame, success and life with sobriety, it would be nice to follow other individuals some more too. Again, characters like Rex spring to mind, and with wonderful actors like Ioan Gruffudd, who starred as the self-help guru Nolan Powers, it would be great to see them return outside of one episode. 

A guy who doesn't dig therapy. Go fig. 

In particular, "Snap Out of It", did deliver some also wonderful performances from Stamos, who sometimes I think is not given a fair shake. He is no Laurence Olivier, but the dude can work well with the right material, making me realize that he is a great addition to the Necessary Roughness line-up. 


We could continue to go over pro's and con's of the series but for the most part, all the pros and all the cons remain the same. Too many 'new' case of the weeks, not so much with reoccurring, and while there are interesting steps towards progress with Nico investigating the V3 storyline, which carries over to Dani and T.K., which is intriguing, the series still feels stuck in the middle between mediocre and greatness. It feels like such a unique show, one that could be must-see but instead feels more akin to 'I'll get to it when I get to it'.


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