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The Event- A Message back-recap

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Written by : published Thursday 24th March 2011

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A satellite signals bounces off a satellite stations, and an exncrypted series of signals is recorded. The technican excitedly says they have to call NORAD or NASA or somewhere, but gets shot before he can relay the message. The man doing the shooting then calls Thomas, who is very sobered when he hears the news. He is visibly upset and says something terrible has happened back home. Thomas says to wipe the hard drives clean and get out of there, and via text orders them all to meet at his coordinates.

Sean is all over Victoria, and his desperation is starting to show. He says the people she worked for must get taken down. He says somebody has to stop them. Victoria's mother calls her using the same cellphone, that's how he tracked her down. Victoria mocks him and tries to get away from him, but Sean has changed. She refuses to help him. He is now a desperate man. He says that unless he keys a code into his cellphone every two hours, her mother's address where her son lives will go online for the alien community to find.
If he gets killed her family is in danger.

Victoria caves. She says billionaire James Dempsey is the man behind it all. But now he's missing, nobody knows where he is. He was involved in the assassination attempt on the President. Walker is bemused to learn Vice President Jarvis is in on the whole thing. Victoria talks about the experiments on the girls and how Dempsey tried to cover it up. Martinez' going public would have wrecked his secret experiments exploiting alien abilities of unknown alien sleepers.

At this very moment Dempsey and his minion sit in a park where children play.  He points out one of the children and says he wants her in their possession by the time he leaves. He says she is one of the special ones. The assistant says they will have some of the extract waiting for him. Dr. Dempsey sort of shows signs of dementia/old age. He says it's more important than ever, now, that he be in good health.
President Martinez is is concerned about the missing uranium rods. He is startled to see the Vice President walks into the Oval office. When they are alone he says he doesn't want him there. The Vice -president insinuates he can do whatever he wants because nobody knows anything and he can always disclose the facts that Martinez has been trying to hide. Jarvis sounds weirdly psychotic as he says he ran on the ticket to protect the country. Martinez tells him not to get in his way. Of course Blake interrupts this scene.

 The VP says according to the outside world he hasn't done anything wrong and the President has to follow procedure. He doesn't trust him and almost physically throws him out.

Victoria and Sean hit the road. Sean Walker points out when they stop at a wi-fi outlet that the Vice President being back to work means they can get at him. Victoria says she can't get them in to the White House. Sean shows her the report of the VP attending a reception. Victoria's knowledge of how to get around security will be needed. Sean's target is Dempsey (Hal Holbrook) the aged man who plans and plots everything. But they'll have to use Jarvis to do it.

Victoria tells Sean to hack the guest list. Sean hacked the Pentagon while a junior in high school. She says they'll be people who have already been cleared. Two people getting ready for the party in a  hotel room get infiltrated by them as they change their ID papers to match their own pictures. The invitations and Identification documents are forged to match them and phony fingerprint wax for their fingertips are made. The couple watch this wide-eyed. Sean says they won't get hurt if they cooperate.

Victoria makes fake documents and passports using Sean and her faces but the names of the couple bound and gagged on the floor. Victoria goes to shoot them, because they've seen their faces. Sean stops her. He stuns each one on the back of the head with a gun. They proceed to the party, where Sean is very nervous.

Sophia is startled to get a call from Thomas, but listens to him say they must meet in person. This is the phone which was tapped and the White House tracks her. The President reiterates his order to get Sophia not necessarily alive. They order Special Forces in violation of a existing policy in Federal Law. Martinez says when Congress passed posse comitatus against ordering war on United States soil they couldn't anticipate the threat of Thomas and his people.

The President ponders the threats. The security advisor Blake comes back later to talk. He says overturning posse comitatus was like him. Blake is probing the Predident's plans. But Eli indicates not going according to plan is the way to go. Blake says he doesnt understand. President Martinez says not to interrupt him again unless he has news on Sophia. 
Victoria gets past heavy security but the tech working the screen notices the scars on her inside wrists. Sean's wax fingertip almost doesn't work. Victoria assembles a gun in the bathroom. But they get to the Vice President in the receiving line. He is stunned when he recognizes Victoria. They make him go to a separate room, waving off security details.

Sophia feels discredited. Thomas now has enough energy to power the portal. She says in Martinez' eyes she is now part of the enemy. Her ultraprivate phone line rings. Michael is shocked, asking who has that number? Thomas is on the line, and Sophia is angry and shocked. Thomas says they can't afford to be divided any longer. Thomas indicates the response to the message he sent home.
Thomas  says everyone is gathering and the future of their race hangs in the balance.

Michael says it could be a trap but Sophia says he can't afford to alienate any of their people by harming her. Michael suggests speaking to President Martinez but Sophia realizes her currency is used up. The forces close in on her. As Sophia leaves the cameras show President Martinez watching her on the screen. Martinez realizes they were all told where to go. He orders Sophia followed on a hunch.

Laila hears Carlos argue with his wife when they receive the message. They both agree to go, because Sophia might be there. Laila demands to go too. She knows her father will be there and is tired of being kept in the dark.
President Martinez learns over 200 messages just got sent out encrypted. He sees Michael, the pilot of the plane, emerge with her. He says for the general to tail her, he wants to know where they are going. Blake is upset, he says this is the President's chance to get her.
Victoria and Sean question the Vice President. He doesn't tell them anything but tells them why, his whole family is under threat.

Sean loses it and grabs the gun, holding it to the Vice President's head. He says he has lost everything and has nothing to lose by shooting him. He says he'll put  a bullet in him if he doesn't talk. Then Jarvis admits Dempsey is flew out of the country to France that morning. The Geraux mountains is where Dempsey is.

When the man in the hotel room gets loose, a maid calls 911. The gala event is alerted and the security forces close around the Vice President in the separate room. They break in but the Sean and Victoria are gone. An angry Vice President waves the security people out the doors to the right. "They went that way".

The team of Sophia and Michael (and all the sleeper aliens) go to St. Andrew's cathedral, an abandoned Los Angeles church. The aliens gather there and the President looks on under security cameras. Satellite infrared sees 200 heat signatures. They see from photographs that Thomas went into the church. (SWAT teams gather in the background and around the church).

The forces surround the church unknown to the people inside. Thomas announces there has been a catastrophe back home, the sun is ending, and gamme rays will be arriving to kill the people there, the place will become uninhabitable in a year. To save their civilization they must now migrate to Earth. His plan to bring thousands is obsolete.

Sophia and many others are saddened. The crowd barely has time to react when Michael is informed by a lookout that sniper scopes are trained on the place. When he steps forward to go outside, Sophia asks Thomas what is going on. He says that the government is here.


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